You Know Third Trimester Is Ending When… 


One thing that has characterised stories of third trimester I have heard or read is impatience at having to wait. You will literally be dreading labour and hoping it comes soon, all in one breath.

The third trimester that I fully experienced was very tiring. Everything was a pain in the neck, literally. I was still active but mehn, it was purely out of stubbornness and my mantra then; Pregnancy is not a disease. True, it is not, but it is one heck of a job carrying a fully formed human being around on the inside of you. I wish I had cut myself some slack, and just chilled and put my feet up, but for wia.

I asked a few mamas to share their third trimester “joys” and they did.

You know the third trimester is ending…when you don’t sleep at night again

Shade and I were pregnant at the same time, over five years ago, and attended the same antenatal clinic on the same day (Wednesdays), where one of her complaints as the end got closer was lack of sleep.

Her words;

I could control where and when I fell asleep for most of the pregnancy, but by the time I hit 33 weeks, I was a zombie. I slept any and everywhere the nap found me.

In contrast, I was not sleeping at night. Did you say pregnancy pillows? That didn’t work; I would toss from one side to another.

Sometimes, I felt like hitting my husband for being able to sleep when I couldn’t, and he got some kicks at times.

And it only grew worse as the weeks went by.

For my subsequent pregnancies, it was the same.


You know the third trimester is ending…when almost everyone is asking ‘When are you due?’ or if it’s twins?

My cousin recently told me about a pregnant neighbour of hers, whom her son had taken a liking to, so much so that he literally goes out of his way to check up on her and run errands for her.

When his mom told him to stop going to the neighbour’s house, the seven year old told his mom that she shouldn’t ask him to stop now, as their neighbour would soon give birth.

How did he know? “She’s big. She will soon give birth mommy.” He had said.

Out of the mouth of babes.  

And truthfully, this pregnant woman is in her third trimester.  


So, it is not only adults who ask the ever annoying question, “So when are you due?” or “Are they twins?”. Babies too ask, and they do in the most innocent way ever.

I got these questions, and since I wasn’t sharing neither of the information being sought, I smiled and kept walking. When you hear I have given birth, you will know it has happened. More so, if you hear it’s twins, then that’s exactly what happened then.


You know the third trimester is ending… when you no longer walk, you waddle

Who would have thought penguin walk was possible to be done by humans. Well, take a look at a number of pregnant moms in their third trimester and you will notice they got the penguin walk pat down.

New mom, Kenny, gives us a glimpse into the waddle world.

Anytime that I can get off my feet, I’m at peace with the world. Giving me my favourite snack (crisps) for whatever reasons, and hell could freeze over for all I care.

But please, don’t tell me to walk or move in the name of one exercise. Please don’t.

It was very embarrassing when I noticed how my two year old son was walking one day, and I pointed it out to my husband, “When did this boy start walking like this?”

My husband said, “Since the time his mother started walking like that.”

The smart man knew better than to stay close, as he literally took to his heels after saying that.

My son merely smiled cheekily, and continued his waddling when I asked him. See my life. But it all ended well. I no longer waddle and my son walks fine too.”


You know the third trimester is ending… when you can no longer wear your wedding rings 

Sharon, who is a mom of three, is a veteran when it comes to this.

“This is, perhaps, the most painful part, not just emotionally but physically too. No amount of oiling can ease the pain of removing your wedding rings from your swollen finger.

For my first pregnancy, I didn’t catch on fast but by the subsequent ones, once I hit 30 weeks, by myself, with no one urging me, I technically become a pregnant single woman. Before someone would now be pouring anointing oil on my swollen and bloodless ring finger.”


You know the third trimester is ending… when your nesting instincts kick in

It just seems paradoxical that the same pregnant woman who is so tired one moment, can be full of “cleaning” energy another time.

Titilope shares her experience; “By the 37th week, my baby was still a no-show, an

d I was tired of waiting. I woke up on morning and the arrangement of every single thing in my house irritated me. Everywhere I set my eyes, there as something to be cleaned there, thus began the cleaning spree that early morning.

My husband left the house, giving me a weird look, and I too wondered if he couldn’t see how everywhere was so dirty. I actually packed all the dirt that day in one bag to show him. Why? Blame it on pregnancy pettiness.

All the spots that, perhaps, I had not cleaned more than once in my house got cleaned. I went through the baby’s things again, changed mattresses, bedclothes and more.

It was only when I was truly satisfied that I took a break.

Mehn, was I tired? But I was also very happy.

I had my baby the next week, at exactly 38 weeks.”


Other signs you know third trimester is about to end is…

  • People look at your bump, before looking at your face
  • Your main hobby is going pee
  • You have become very friendly with hospital staff, as a result of spending plenty time there
  • Even your maternity clothes no longer fit, and your husband’s shirts have become your go to
  • Your other half looks afraid when you suggest an early night, and then relieved when you clarify that you don’t want him to join you

Mama, while you may be having some not so fun times as the pregnancy comes to an end, your heart will definitely be full of so many hopes and dreams for your new baby.

And at the end of the day, that’s all that counts.

Stay hopeful mamas.



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