Yayy!!! It’s A Positive: Anabel Shares Her Surrogacy BFP Story


The joy of getting a BFP :bfp: after years of trying cannot be quantified. Anabel, who underwent surrogacy shared her story and first reaction to getting a positive pregnancy report.

Could we be happier!? This morning I just woke up, connected to my email, and there was the message with the result of our first hCG test… I could not look. Oh my nerves! I started to read the subject of the mail, and yeah, there was the word “positive”. I opened the mail faster than ever before and there was the result of the pregnancy test — the beta-hCH = 188.58 mIU/ml.

I woke my husband with a nudge, what a scare it’s been! I passed him my mobile to read the mail, we have taken a giant step! We’re pregnant! The first giant step… Based on the value of the beta test, this is a good result, not necessarily high enough to indicate twins (which we would have likes) but it is very good value that shows a strong pregnancy.

Still, we have to be cautious and wait another week to go by for to repeat the test (I don’t know how I’ll survive these 7 days on standby!) and confirm the pregnancy, as these first few days are the most fragile. All day I’m wearing a smile from ear to ear — you could not smile any larger than this. Everything seems fine. All the news is good. I am so happy. ….

That’s how I reacted to the news that we were pregnant. They were frozen embryos, our second attempt, and now finally we’ve started our journey to becoming parents. I am part of the team of Sensible Surrogacy, and every day I talk to people who want to be parents.

I work hard to try and fulfill their dream, giving them details on the country, the odds, the egg donors, travel costs, etc.. It makes me so happy to be part of the creation of other families. As it is not easy to find someone to share their expertise in surrogacy, I decided to write this blog, to tell you step by step how to progress my surrogacy process in Thailand.

I hope my experience help you to better understand what it is, what decisions need to be faced, and ultimately, how is the day. – Anabel.


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