My Yankee Baby – 13 Things You Need to Know About Giving Birth in America!


I never thought I would be one of those women to have their babies in America. For as long as I can remember, I always thought the stress would be way too much for me! I couldn’t imagine giving birth in a strange land, far away from doting family and friends. So, for me, it wasn’t even a consideration.

But when I got pregnant, everything changed. My husband wouldn’t hear otherwise. He wasn’t convinced about the quality of healthcare in our country, and wasn’t prepared to take any chances. Another consideration for him were the diplomatic privileges we would be giving our children, through the dual citizenship.

It took forever to convince me to go. I loved (I still do even) my doctor here, and not only was I convinced I would be in the safest of hands with him, it broke my heart that he wouldn’t be the one to deliver these kids he had assisted God to give me. But in the end, I bowed to pressure and travelled, and gave birth to the girls in the U.S.

Whilst I have no regrets, if I were to be pregnant again, I’m not sure if I would do it again. Asides the diplomatic advantage, I still have 100% quality in healthcare here, as long as you choose the right doctor.

But for those who still want to take the plunge, here are some important things you need to know!


1. You need to ask yourself if you can afford it!

Yes, yes, everybody around you is travelling to America to give birth. Good for them! You also want to follow suit? No wahala. But before you take this all-important decision, have you run yourself through a very important reality check? Does your bank reflect enough that can pay for the procedure, as well as upkeep for you and the baby? As a general rule of thumb, the amount you should probably be thinking of is at least $10,000.

If the answer to the questions above is No, my dear, please gently find yourself a good hospital here, and get that dream out of your head. Do not let anybody deceive you about going to America, only to take advantage of their Medicaid to get the benefits of giving birth for free!!!! Yes alright, if you apply for it, chances are that you will get it, and yes, you will have your baby for free. But as you are leaving America with that baby, take a gooooood look at the place, because that is the last time you will ever see that country. Taking advantage in their medical system will ensure that you are never approved for any subsequent visas. So…word to the wise. Don’t do it!!!!


2. Have a Good Idea of what the Cost really is!


Depending on the nature of procedure you have, here is what you can expect to spend

  • Vaginal Birth (Birth Center, not Hospital) = $3,000
  • Vaginal Birth (Hospital, no complications) = $10,000
  • Vaginal Birth (Hospital, with complications) = $13,000
  • Caesarian Section (Hospital, no complications) = $15,000
  • Caesarian Section (Hospital, with complications) = $23,000

It is important to note that these numbers are for Singleton births. For delivery of multiples (twins, triplets, etc.), you can expect to pay more than this.

Some of you may be saying “Ha! This is not what they told me oh! I was told it was cheaper!”

Whilst it is true that a lot of states are cheaper than others, and a lot of hospitals give discounts for people who pay early, or people who pay in cash, which could considerably slash these prices by as much as half, you absolutely must not use this as the basis of your computation. Always be prepared for the worst case scenario! If you get a heavy discount, awesome! It means you have more money for the baby!


3. Decide what State you will be going to


This could be dependent on your budget, or where you have close friends and/or family you could stay with. Both factors are equally important.

If you have friends or family (personally, I prefer family) in a particular state, be sure to confirm that they are willing to take you on. Hosting a pregnant woman isn’t easy, and adding a baby to the mix makes it even harder. Be sure that they are happy to take responsibility for you, assist you with transportation to your doctor’s appointments, or to the shops to purchase essential items, or to the hospital on D-Day. You yourself should also have enough money to take care of your needs, help out with groceries, and generally chip in, so that you are not too much of a weight on them. A reasonable amount to work with is about $500 a month. Note that this assumes that you are no longer doing any baby shopping, and are not paying rent or utilities. This is just the most basic amount for you to get by!

If your options are open, and you are considering the most economical place to have your baby, then you have a bit more flexibility. Here is some information about the States and pricing that could be of interest to you:


a. Texas and Maryland


Hospitals in these states generally charge the least for all methods of birth. Compared with the average across all reporting states, Maryland hospitals charge about $3,000-$4,500 less for vaginal births, and $7,500-$10,500 less for caesarean births. Only in Maryland is the difference in charges between vaginal and caesarean births under $2,000.


b. Wyoming and New Mexico

These are the only two states to have seen decreases in charges for caesarean births (between 2009 and 2010). Charges for uncomplicated cesarean birth fell by 12% in Wyoming and by 2% in New Mexico.  Complicated cesarean birth charges decreased by 13% in Wyoming and by 6% in New Mexico.  While no states saw a decrease in uncomplicated vaginal birth charges, Wyoming hospitals had the smallest increase – less than 1%.


c. West Virginia, Utah, and Vermont


These are some other states with consistently low overall charges.


d. New Jersey

Hospitals here charge the most for complicated and uncomplicated vaginal births and uncomplicated caesarean births, approximately $10,000-$13,000 above the average across all reporting states. Although New Jersey hospitals did not charge the most for complicated caesarean births, charges were still $17,000 more than average.


e. California

Hospitals here have the highest charge for complicated caesarean births. For the other birth methods, hospital charges have seen the largest absolute increase since 2009. Statewise, only in California hospitals was the difference between complicated and uncomplicated delivery charges greater than $6,000 for vaginal births and greater than $10,000 for caesarean births.


f. New York

Charges for uncomplicated vaginal births are as much as 10% higher, complicated vaginal births 13% higher, uncomplicated caesarean births 10% higher, and complicated caesarean births 11% higher.


Referenced from:



4. Be aware of other possible charges









So, you have an idea of how much the hospital could charge for the delivery, but make sure you are already prepared with your doctor’s fee as well! Yep. A lot of us are not aware that the doctor’s fee is usually a separate thing entirely. Expect to pay anywhere between an extra $1,000 to $10,000 on that…again, depending on the state, and also the doctor’s unique pricing. Always be sure to ask this key question, so you are not surprised when you get 2 separate sets of bills at the end of the day.

Also, and this is very important for mothers carrying twins, triplets, or even higher multiples, be prepared in the instance of your child having to spend any time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The average cost for an infant in the NICU is around $3,000 per day. With multiples, you can do the math. Mehn, when I heard this, I woke up every morning begging my children to just sit put oh! $3k a day ke???? Ah, they had to pity their parents! Thankfully, they didn’t come too early, and didn’t have to stay in the NICU. But it is important to be prepared, so you are not surprised.

Lastly, don’t forget to prepare for the Paediatrician fees too. You think you will just give birth, and leave with the baby? You don’t think a Paediatrician will have to examine this baby? My dear, reality check! Just gently have an extra $1,000 (at least) handy, to take care of this expense.


5. Get your Visa


If you want to travel with your valid visitor’s visa, you could, but be prepared to speak plenty of grammar when you get to Immigration (both here in Nigeria and, of course, when you get there). Also be prepared with the grammar at your next visa renewal. Having proof of sufficient funds usually helps with the grammar, so, if you do, you should be fine.

But if you are applying for a visa afresh, you’d best apply for a Medical Visa, and save yourself the hassle. The downer is that the conditions for getting a medical visa, especially here in Nigeria, are rather stringent. But a few of my friends have tried, and had no issues at all.

If you don’t want to apply for a Medical Visa, but choose to do the grammar speaking with a Visitor’s Visa, be sure to apply long before you have a bump…preferably before your 10th week. Because no amount of layering of your clothes can fool the embassy personnel. I have seen one-too-many ridiculous looking women in the embassy, and pretty much all of them were sussed out. If you are already showing, just come clean and don’t attempt to hide.



6. Make your Accommodation Plans

If you are not staying with relatives or friends, be sure to make arrangements for suitable accommodation, preferably near your chosen hospital. A lot of hospitals offer accommodation packages, so be sure to have this discussion long before your trip. On the average, you can expect to spend an additional $1,500 a month, on this. Some are cheaper, some are more expensive. But that is what you can expect, base case.

Of course, you need to make additional provision for feeding, and possibly utilities (if this isn’t included in the accommodation price). Conservatively, this might be an additional $500.



7. Make your Travel Plans

My friends and I had conflicting views on this. Some preferred to travel direct, choosing those airlines with the 13-hour long haul flights. I, on the other hand, could not imagine such a thing. I had to break my flight. Yes, it meant an annoying transit time in Paris, but at least it gave me enough time to move around and stretch.

So, decide what works best for you.


8. Travel early enough

A lot of women can not afford to make the prior trip, when they are about 20 – 24 weeks pregnant, to personally check out the hospital, meet their doctor, and run the initial tests. If you are not able to do this, do try to travel before you hit week 31. This way, you will have enough time for your medical team to monitor you, before the birth of your baby.

Another advantage of traveling early is that you will still have enough energy to do any last minute shopping for your baby. There’s nothing as tedious as hauling yourself through BabiesRUs with a 36-week pregnancy. The last time I ventured out shopping was when I was about 33 weeks pregnant (earlier for me, because I was carrying twins), walking from one end of Macy’s to the other, something I could have done in a sprint before, felt like I was walking across a football field. After that day, online shopping became my friend.


9. Don’t forget your Ogi and Pepper Soup Spice












If you are a Custom’s official, please look away now!

My dear preggo mama, forget what they say oh, you need that ogi! Your breastmilk supply will thank you for it. You might be lucky to be going to a state with enough African stores, so you might not need to. But make sure about this, before you go. Same also goes for pepper soup. Whilst this is not required for breastmilk, I know all mothers can attest to the fact that it is one of the best comfort meals for a new mommy. It’s also supposed to help with uterine contractions (even though I don’t quite understand, or believe, how).

But, it’s not a must. Oatmeal is also great for breast milk, so you can give the ogi a miss if you want to.



10. Buy enough Diapers and Wipes

If you get there in good time, grab someone with a Cotsco membership, and go buy as much diapers and wipes as you can ship back home. Trust me, your wallet will thank you for it. With $500, I was able to buy enough diapers and wipes to last the girls almost a year! Yep, you heard right. That same amount would carry you for 6 months, if you’re lucky, assuming you decide to buy them here in Nigeria.


11. Start making Passport / Visa arrangements immediately



As soon as your baby is born, you have to start making arrangements pronto! Except you want to spend longer than you’d like in the America! First of all, you need to pursue the birth certificate, and then the social security number, and, of course, the almighty blue passport! It is important to get this passport in time, as you will need to apply for your child’s Nigerian visa.

Cue side eye here.

Yes oh. Your pikin needs a Nigerian visa. Orrrrr, if you have all the time in the world, you can apply for a Nigerian passport, and hope for the best. But, for me, when I weighed both options, and the time they would take, I figured the visa was the way to go.

This is not to slag off our Nigerian embassies there…but just to prepare you Mommies beforehand. Our embassies in America are proficient in the art of frustration and time wasting. They will waste your time to the point where you almost hate yourself. So, in your best interest, start early so that you have enough of a buffer for this.

And don’t let anyone deceive you into boarding a flight with your baby, without a visa oh. A few people told me not to bother with the Nigerian visa, that I should travel with their American passports, no shaking. Thank God I didn’t listen, because I later found out that, because the Federal Government now imposes hefty fines on airlines, they will absolutely not allow even a day-old infant travel without the right documents.


12. Decide when is the best time to travel back home









Yes, you have to resume work, but please, I beg, biko, ejoo, don’t put a 2-week old baby on a flight! Some say 3-weeks is okay, but I don’t even advice this. My own safe zone starts from 5 weeks. You might think different, so discuss with your doctor and get the clearance from him.

It breaks my heart to hear the cries of newborn babies on the plane. If me, as an adult, just dey manage myself, can you imagine what that baby will be going through?

Oh, and while we are on the issue of travel, if you haven’t travelled with a baby before…brace yourself! It’s gonna be a loooooong flight! I won’t say more than that!

Also be prepared to be harassed about the baby food you are carrying, and possibly even asked to taste it.

And, very importantly, make sure you have enough change of clothes and supplies for the baby in your hand luggage. This is important, not only for the flight, but also in case of any unforeseen circumstances. In my own case, none of the 9 pieces of luggage my Mother and I traveled with made it back with us. Not a single one. Thank God, I had enough of their supplies handy, so by the time our luggage arrived, TWO DAYS LATER, we were still human.




Yes oh, it’s in caps for a reason! Not only could Immigration officials ask to see this when you are leaving, they are CRITICAL when you decide to renew your visa! If you can not demonstrate that your treatment was fully paid for, and that you are not indebted to the hospital, or the Government, in any way, my dear…you are O.Y.O (on your own).


Good luck ladies! Have a safe trip!


Update: We have a live thread where we can discuss these Yankee Baby matters! Check it out here: The American Baby Thread


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Update: We have a thread to discuss these Yankee Baby matters. Check it out here: The American Baby Thread


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  1. @nicole great stuff!
    My 3 cents.

    1. I think the prices vary i’m not sure you can have a blanket price for each state, also depending on where one has accommodation. I had my son in MD and my bill was almost 20k for Vaginal birth/doc’s bill and pead – in 2010. I was informed that because my bill was settled via insurance that it was about 2-3k more expensive than private pay. That said, my host lived in a high brow part of town so i guess that also adds.
    2. You can actually apply for the passport without Socials but not via post. So you book an appointment and go with baby for passport – same day collection.
    3. I traveled at 35 weeks because my pregnancy was smooth – had no issue, didn’t even know nausea or anything.

    Like you Nicole, i couldn’t go direct, i was so scared i stopped over in London for 2 days before continuing my journey to MD. I had heard so many horrible stories of women whose feet got so swollen, they needed mobility assistance to leave the aircraft.
    I didn’t plan to have my baby abroad, i was fine with my Port Harcourt hospital until DH was moved abroad. With the international medical insurance it was a no brainer to go abroad since it was paid by company medical. As baby 2 refused to come when insurance was available, thanks to oil prices he’s back home so we’ll have to save up next time, coupled with fertility costs – May God provide. If not omo the child will be born here ojare.

    • Good morning ladies jus reading this info hia abt giving birth abroad(current situation), also read where sm 1 mentioned that she has sm woman in Houston who can help with accommodation et al.. I have friends and family more in Atlanta and Mary land can I have a such deals der too? I’m stil looking for birth centers

  2. Yay!! Finally @nicole (winks). Yes you ladies are right @bosa , this isn’t a project one should embark on unless you have counted the pros and cons. If you cant afford it , or it would be a strain, please forget it, the spending never ends when baby comes, there’s absolutely no need to take a loan for this and incur financial burden. Not mentioning the emotional and perhaps physical stress of being alone as a new mom. Thanks for the info,about that luggage thing, peeps had better not bring story about missing luggage o, it wont even be funny.

  3. @nicole my pregnancy was so easy and I wasn’t showing. my gyn didn’t believe my scan. Whilst in London for 2days I shopped a box go my dad to help take back to 9ja. problem when you’ve lived in the UK I just cldnt assign all to US. my host didn’t agree I was 35wks and I was agile till the day.

    On burning bridges, hmmmm Tory long.
    summary, I was to stay with my cousin. we were in same secondary sch were taking to boarding school on day 1 in the same car. we spoke about it and I purchased my ticket then some weeks to go she called cancelling saying she isn’t home and isn’t comfortable I will be home alone. I decided to forget, husby begged and cajoled was ready to rent I said I can’t be alone. Anyways family got involved and I agreed to look for a place close to old friends, sent one an email for renting and that’s how she asked me to come over. and was so loving and wonderful throughout – she also attended my secondary school. she refused to collect cash or allow me pay for groceries so we got bicycles for her 3 kids and iPods for her and hubby when we were leaving. my Mom was still working then so couldn’t come over. lucky you @Nicole.
    my Mom came with dad when baby was 3weeks old (just to make register as they stayed in hotel) so I just used them to reduce my excess.

    • @bosa, girrrrrl you were lucky with your friend oh! Very very lucky. I went to stay with someone who I thought was as close to me as a sister. Ol girl! Leave story. It was a hellish experience. I have resolved that if there ever is a next time, I will most surely be renting!

      • I have heard so many stories, one was so bad that as baby was born she had to move out.As i got to houston, stayed in a hotel for the night then went to MD the next morning as i couldn’t change my ticket from here. Lucky for me, that pregnancy was easy so no issues. My host was an angel, she made me have my doc. appointments early in the day so she could take me. One day i had to ask her why all the show of love and she replied once in boarding school she had no provision and i opened up my locker for her. I cldnt even remember so truly it pays to do good. As for my cousin, i called her to let her know we were fine. Hus and Sis can’t understand, i didn’t allow that drive a wedge btw us. There is no point, I even visited her when i went in Jan. No need to take such to heart, it’s their home and they are allowed to do whatever they wish.

    • Please can you give me the agent that processed your visa .. my wife is pregnant just 7 weeks and I would like her to give birth in the state .. help me with your good travel agent

  4. Just incase anyone needs assistance for Houston, i could link with my friend. She recently returned and got a great deal in my opinion. A Nigerian woman opened up her house so about 5-6 rooms with a hospital deal.
    Room was $1,7k/month which included meals, laundry, trips to hospital or shopping and cleaning.
    Doctor – $2,500
    Hospital – $2,500
    I visited her so i saw the facility for myself. Was not bad at all, for those who don’t have a choice but to rent.

  5. This is such a helpful article! We all want that blue passport but forget it comes at a cost sometimes. The point of carry your pap and peppersoup spices is just hilarious…when I was moving to the Uk in Aug and my mom told me to pack my spices etc…I did’nt take it seriously..oh had I known.Unfortunately I don’t live in the part of the UK that has a large Afro/Carrib community. I learned the hard way mehn….luckily my MIL came to visit and brought supplies..yippee!!

    I have never looked at Knorr cubes with such delight…real pepper…pepper soup ducros curry and thyme..garri and dry love for my MIL increased that weekend 🙂

    This weekend i’m going up to London..I’ve just told hubby we are going to Peckham to find some goat meat and turkey…if I see another chicken breast or steak…ha!!!!

    • Aaaaaas in ehn! You never know until you know oh, @ddo. Seeing all our local spice just makes your heart want to explode. Ah, you gatsta love your MIL for it oh, especially considering all the James Bond moves required to travel with them. Good luck with your search this weekend. I know you will surely find enough supplies 😉

  6. I love this article. Very useful for those planning to give birth abroad.
    Had my twins in Dallas and I bless God I had a wonderful sis-in-law to care for me there. She was able to guide us on the cost so we were prepared. We were planning for a vaginal birth but eventually opted for a caesarean. One thing I didn’t expect though was the extra cost for the anesthesiologist, and also some ultrasound scan bills came in about a month after I had given birth.

    • Mama, tell me about those bills coming in the post :dohh: :dohh:. You were so lucky to have such a wonderful person to stay with! That alone slashes the stress in half :yes:

  7. wowww a great deal of info packed in this article. Thanks @oluwakemine for pointing this to me. @Nicole, hmmmm very explained. I will look into this. @bosa, please could you inbox me more info on Your friends hospital and all? @mama, please also could you inbox me more on the Dallas experience. @ldike, looks like you are also planning to….please lets chat on our research maybe we could be going almost the same time hahaha. Many thanks all.

  8. saw this post sometimes last year…. been searching for it for some time now thank God I found it again…
    Getting myself prepared already… but sincerely speaking, I still need to talk to DH about #1 & #2 irrespective of his elder sister residing there, I’m sure as hell that we’ll still sped a lot…
    God help us… Men and their love for kids!!!
    He isn’t even aware I’m pregnant yet but he’s been planning the birth of his kids in the states since we got married emphasizing on the diplomatic privileges we would be giving our children.

  9. Wow…. Oh my God,see my hands and my heart,they are yours,do for me too. Unlike @nicole and @bosa i have always,prayed to have my babies in the state, i have no one there but i dont mind planning for the best offers(make money come o) I will contact you Ladies for help @nicole and @bosa when we are ready o…please keep your phone lines and email open *winks*

  10. Hi Nicole,your post was really helpful while planning, used my visa for trips long before getting pregnant, sent the embassy a change of intent letter and also paid hospital bills via wire transfer so my poe encounter was very smooth. However, please can i get contact of those offering paid accomodation(Nigerians) in houston as im not too comfortable with where im staying now. Thank you!!

  11. @bosa @nicole @oluwakemine…i’m ready ooo… I need your help!!!
    please, I need those contacts…
    just as I sensed b4, u can’t always trust people with important things of life. My sis in law based in CA isn’t responding well ooo… & weeks are moving to months already!
    I need an alternative asap

  12. Thank you so much for this article and all the comments.
    On vacation in newyork; since I needed 1st hand info on delivering my kids here in America, but so far, reading this, I already know all I need to know.

    Does anyone know of any fantastic packages like the ones you hv mentioned in newyork?
    Though I hv a few new friends here, I would rather stay in a rented place with food n transportation to doc’s appointment etc.

    Tnx already…..

    U guys rock!?

  13. All the posts here have been wonderful.
    I hope I can get to make use of this info, someday soon.
    Special thanks to @Nicole for this initiative!!!
    You ladies rock??.

  14. Hello Nicole..

    Thanks for your article.. very insightful indeed! I am about 4 months pregnant and really hope to give birth in the states.. no exact state in mind but hoping to get a really cheap deal as hubby is still yet to concede. Also, I do not particularly have accommodation but can source for once I have decided on the state. I’ve been told that Arkansas and Houston are cheap. But, like I mentioned earlier, I need the cheapest deal I can get.

    Please, can you help me with any info?

    Thank you.

    • Swordangel dear, I would go for Houston if I were you. It’s easier being in a place, or even with doctors, who have a good understanding of us as Nigerians. And it might be an easier place for you to navigate on your own. Arkansas, especially if you don’t know anyone…I’m not sure how easy it will be to cope alone. It might be cheaper, but the additional costs could add up to make it more expensive.

  15. Wonderful article…
    @bosa I intend giving birth in houston next year, i previously used West houston medical for my last child and stayed with my sister. However, this time around i will be renting an accommodation. My problem is that most accommodation near the same hospital are expensive. Please do you know of any cheap accommodation around West Houston medical center? or even a cheaper hospital and accommodation package in houston?
    Thank you

  16. wonderful article. Thank you ladies for this insightful information. I intend to have my baby in Houston mid next year. We are working on a pretty low budget (below 10k). Any useful information on the cheapest medical options would be highly appreciated. We are making arrangements to put up with family in order to save cost. @Nichole, @Bosa

  17. Hello.I am glad I bumped on this.I am suspecting I am pregnant so I decided to look up in how much it will cost.vowed never to have my kids in nija…am sure this article will really help me as I have copied the hospital number u pasted.thanks God bless you

  18. Your Comment…I’m currently pregnant n i intend to give birth to my child in houston. My problem is now d accomodation. Please nicole, can i get a cheap rented apartment. Asap. Thanks

  19. West Houston Oakbend West houston Oakbend
    Location Houston Richmond Houston Richmond
    Doctor Dr Rizk Dr Dama Ziworitin Dr Fagbohun
    Hospital fees
    Vaginal delivery 3000 2500 3000 2500
    CS 4200 3700 4500 3700
    Doctor fees
    Vaginal delivery 2500 1920 2000 2160
    CS 3000 2240 2480
    Paediatrician 500
    Lab 700 350 350
    No of weeks accepted 35 35 35
    Upfront payment required? yes (2wks) yes (2wks)
    Accommodation (2 bedroom for 3 months) 2250 2250 2250 2250
    birth bill summary (vaginal) 6200 4770 5000 5010
    birth bill and accommodation 8450 7020 7250 7260
    Hospital Contact;; 2815888577 2812395020 2812395020

    Doctor’s contact; 2818709600
    (Ethel Jones)

    Thanks to my dear friend who just recently had a baby, that’s her info, you many need to copy to excel to understand it better. @Vicky

  20. good information, @bos pls this accomodation/hospital bill sounds interesting, im interested in the hospital/doc cost as i may have an accomodation already in houston. my last experience was at Oakbend, and it wasnt funny o. hos 2600, dr-2700, epi 1200,nics 1200, lab almost reach 1500, i had to protest o and its was reviewed… at the end of the day over 10k enter the matter. but was what most annoying was that i kept receiving bills in the mail after i had cleared all my bills, it wasnt funny o. i actually heard of a package in Flint Michigan for just 3000, ALL IN, my cousin had her baby there in oct 2016, but the package was cancelled in this new year so im back to square one…so i may be heading back to houston as it is now thats why i need info on the hos/doc cost.
    but really good detail you have here @nicole, thank you. it was quite helpful

    • I’m glad you found it helpful, Mariam hun! And I feel you about those annoying continuous bills in the mail :dohh:. Very annoying! That all-in $3k deal was fantastic!!! Too bad it got cancelled. Hopefully you’ll have a better experience with the hospital @bosa recommended. Good luck dear :hug:

    • Dear Mariam you could still drop the details of the hospital where the 3k all in one package was gotten. We never can tell what else could be available.

      I also learnt birthcentres are cheap and OK for normal vaginal delivery. Please does anyone have any idea

    • Nicole,great job,i find the thread very rich.
      Mariam,after paying your bills ask for your statement of account,ensure its in zero balance before you leave,thats one way to ensure you dont keep getting bills after you have cleared all.
      However,you may get additional bill if there was complication during or after your stay,this can be frustrating as one did not plan for it
      PLEASE ,do not walk away,talk about it with them and draw up a payment plan,
      you can do this by dropping your card details for them to run the debit monthly or do a wire transfer when you return,if this is not possible immediately you return,stay in touch with them and settle your outstanding as soon as you can.Thank you

    • well I’m at Houston TX renting a room with soulcare organization @$800per month. My elder sister just put to bed about three days ago and has started collecting her zero balance from hospital and doctors. So her bill is not up to what you got but oakbend hospital too. Well there’s more than one oakbend. She paid$2750 for hospital and $1900 for doctor then $398 for paediatrics. That was all me if you need help -08050449093 via wattsapp.

  21. So the test result came back positive today, we’re expecting our first baby ??. I am told it’s better to use government hospital here, then proceed over there in your 3rd trimester. How true is this?
    Also, does anyone know of any all in one package for child birth in Houston. Help a newbie

    • Congratulations Damz!!! I don’t know about using a government hospital here for antenatals but I guess, if you can stand the stress, you can go for it. If not, better stick with a private clinic.

      Meanwhile, you can look through the comment sections, several users have dropped information that you will find useful regarding giving birth in Houston.

  22. Hello Nicole and Bos. Kindly email the details you posted about the accomodation, hospitals, bills and doctor’s contact. My friend advised I use West Houston medical center (please correct me if the name is wrong). I am due in 1st week of June, 2017 and I had a visitor’s visa before I got pregnant. Do I still need to inform the embassy I want to travel to give birth or just explain to the immigration officials at the airport when I travel?

    • Huge congrats dearie! I also travelled with a Visitor’s visa, and used ogboju for them at Immigration :haha:. But that was Obama’s America. I’m not sure I’d do the same in Trump’s America hun. It might be a good idea to get a medical visa before you leave…that’s just what I think. I heard about a lady who was turned back because she flew Qatar Airways. Not sure how true that story is, but it helps us see what things are like in that country. Just be careful hun.

      @bosa love, could you please e-mail me the details, so we’ll stop harassing you. :heart:

      • Hello Nicole!
        Even after two years of this article it is still very helpful and informative, Thank you so much.
        I am a first time mum, DH and I are planning on having our baby in the state, my concerns are with flights. What airline do you really advice to travel with? I have always had my reservations about Qatar. Thanks.

        • May hun, thanks so much. My dear, unless you are planning a stop-over for a few days in Qatar, please don’t even consider flying through the UAE. The fly time is TOO LONG!!! 7 hours to Dubai/Doha and then another 14 or so to the U.S. Please kill that idea.

          I flew with Air France, because I didn’t want a long haul flight. I wanted to at least break my journey and move around a little in the airpot…and I’m glad I did. So I would always recommend any of the European carriers, with short layovers. However, I have friends who have flown direct, but I’m not sure how comfortable you will be flying 13 hours straight.

          I hope this helps :heart:

  23. This thread is the most useful one, in terms of practical and up to date information. At 5weeks pregnant, I am already looking up information like this – am I overdoing it?
    US$ rate to Naira is killing right now, but we will strive to have an American Baby – God willing. @nicole and @bosa , you ladies are awesome. Thanks so very much for the very useful information. Looks like West Houston Medical Center is very widely used. When I broke the News to my sister who lives in Texas, her immediate response was – You will use West Houston!

    • My dear, you are in perfect time! It’s never too early! Congrats on the :bfp: hun, and Godspeed oh! This dollar wahala is really something. If you need any more information, just holler :heart:

  24. Accommodation (2 bedroom for 3 months) 2250 2250 2250 2250
    Thank you so much Bos for the infor.please incase we have a more people travelling in April to we can pay for this accomodation advertised so reduce cost. Thank you.

  25. This thread is so relevant right now!! Considering my options… @bosa would you please message me details of the Houston accomodation option…..thank you!

    Has any one else heard of/used these services? They seem to have decently priced all inclusive packages with accomodation and transport for hospital appointments…been corresponding with their contact person and her responses are on-point…but I’m wary of once chance 🙂

  26. This thread is so relevant right now!! Considering my options… @bosa would you please message me details of the Houston accomodation option…..thank you!

    Has any one else heard of/used these services? They seem to have decently priced all inclusive packages with accomodation and transport for hospital appointments…been corresponding with their contact person and her responses are on-point…but I’m wary of once chance 🙂 @nicole @oluwakemine

  27. Hi Nocole and Bosa, u guys have done the best job. This is the most beneficial and complete information I have received concerning this matter. You are great. Please can I have your numbers so I could discuss with you from time to time about my plans. Nicole, thumbs up. I like people who are open about their experiences and want to help others with it. As for our in laws, may God help us. I still cannot understand why fellow women treat us that way. May God give us the heart to endure and love them and also help us not to do same to our future in laws.

  28. Hi Nocole and Bosa, u guys have done the best job. This is the most beneficial and complete information I have received concerning this matter. You are great. Please can I have your numbers so I could discuss with you from time to time about my plans. Nicole, thumbs up. I like people who are open about their experiences and want to help others with it. As for our in laws, may God help us. I still cannot understand why fellow women treat us that way. May God give us the heart to endure and love them and also help us not to do same to our future in laws.

  29. Hi ladies, this thread has been the most helpful one since I started my process. I’m pregnant now and hopefully to go soon before I’m 31 weeks. I’m travelling alone with my 2 year old. Does anyone have tips for me regarding the travel process. I’m going to Atlanta and I’m hoping to use Turkish airline. And also documents I need to have for immigration . Thanks again

    • Ajoke, congrats on your pregnancy dear. As for the logistics of traveling with a child, do you mean childcare and all that? Regarding immigration documents, back then, I didn’t have to show anything out of the ordinary. I just made sure my ticket was just for a month, and not an open one…because you need to prove that you’ll be out of their country a.s.a.p. But in Trump’s America, I’m not sure if you won’t need a medical visa. If you have a medical visa, you might need to show proof of funding, hospital confirmation, etc. But if you don’t have that, just make sure you have a short-stay ticket.

    • Hello Nicole, I really appreciate your kind heart and open information given you are truly God sent. Please Ajoke I’m in similar position as yours, please how were you able to sort it. Thank you.

  30. Hi Nicole, thank you for this thread. For over a month now I have been looking for an affordable hospital and doctor in Chicago. Please do you know anything about chicago? @bos you can also be of help. Thanks

  31. Hi Preggo Mamas. I just got the contact information for a guy in Houston who provides a total package – hospital, accommodation, et al.

    His name: Jameson, and he can be reached on 08123060771.

  32. hello everyone this article is realy helpful to me especially,this hn to be my second baby,my husband and I wish ot have our baby in texas at a birth center not an hospital ,we are trying to cut our cloth according to our size lol,read it that hospital fee is higher than a birth center and I want to know if the house pa rent is only applicable to those using that particular hospital or I can also share of this opportunity i want information about the house ren as early as possible,@bosa @Nicole pls help.

  33. @nicole…….I am so happy I stumbled on this page am 30 weeks gone and will be leaving for the united state Chicago to be precised by next week with my visiting visa to birth my baby the ish I have is people have been advising me to not admitting I am pregnant and try to conceal it some said it doesn’t matter if it’s visiting visa and i’m pregenant as long as I have a mail correspondent with my doc and cash to show for it am just really confused don’t know if my visiting visa and not a medical visa hinder my entry I don’t want to be turned back

    • Ebun dear, so so sorry for the late response. I was offline for a few days. Personally, I travelled with a visiting visa. I still had a valid one, and didn’t want to go through the hassle. If you can provide proof of payment and all that, perfect. But as for me, I didn’t have that. I just made sure my return ticket was valid for like a month after my arrival. I knew I’d change it, but at least, it showed I had no plans of staying too long.

      At 30 weeks gone, processing a medical visa might be a hard one. You may or may not get it in good time. I would suggest sorting as much paper work as you can, and traveling with the visa you have.

      Good luck hun :heart: :hugs: :hug:

    • I saw loads of pregnant women at houston being led to secondary interview room whilst at the airport a few days ago. The ones who openly said pregnant, here to birth, see cash etc were allowed through. I also spoke to one who had sent email to embassy cos her visa wasnt medical and i will send the response to @nicole to post. They generally send the same response to all saying it is immigration to admit you into the country, show proof of funds and it is not ILLEGAL to have a baby in the US.

      • I also experienced being interviewed at the secondary room. Had to show them bank transfers to my aunt’s account and the cash on me was counted one by one before i was allowed to go through. spent an hour before i was allowed.

  34. Thanks for this article. It’s quite informative. Well done Kemi and Nicole. Please does anyone have experience with birthing centers in Houston. I hear they are cheaper than hospitals but I will like some info on.them.

  35. Hi, thanks for the information . i am 26weeks gone abd intend to travel at 36weeks. Please do you have any info (cost and all) about birth centres in Maryland cos that’s where I’ve got a family friend.

  36. Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience here. I have learnt a lot. I intend travelling within the next 2 months to atlanta. Is anyone here planning same and willing for us to rent an apartment and share the cost?

  37. best thread ever.
    this is my second pregnancy and am in my first trimester. i have family in new york. i guess i will have to brave the cost. do i need an invitation letter from my family to show that i will be staying with them if asked at the visa interview. i intend to apply for B2 medical visa.

  38. What a masterpiece! I was doing a research on giving birth abroad when I came across this thread. I say kudos to you@Nicole for coming up with this well-written article. Your ogi and pepper soup made me double over with laughter. @Bos, you are more than a contributor to a thread, you are a life saver. Thanks sis.

  39. hi all, tanx for this thread. my wife is 2 months pregnant, we want her to give birth in the US. 1st we need to renew her Nigerian Int’l passport. But then i need a complete break down of the step by step process involved in securing a visa. we have a relative already willing to accommodate us and we have cash. I await your suggestions.

    Thank you all

  40. Hello Nicole & Bos….

    The write up was very informative and i even saved the link so i can use as a checklist.. Currently I’m 18 weeks pregnant and plan to give birth in Chicago….. i recently sent an email to the embassy informing them of my plans to birth in the US since my visa is B1/B2. Still waiting for their response though. I plan to stay with my MIL… do you think i need a letter of invitation from her ?

  41. Thanks so much for this. I’ve tried explaining this to people. Had my baby in Texas last year (outside of Houston o) spent close to $15,000 no complications but had to ask for epidural procedure after prolonged labour.

  42. This page is so informative and helpful. i have been looking for an information like this for some days now. Thank you Nicole

  43. Hi bos n Nicole. It’s so relieving to read all this here cos I’ve been worried sick as I’m 16wks gone n I don’t even have an idea when I want to have my baby in d state cuz of d high hospital bill. So pls I would really appreciate talking with You so as to help in my delivery with ur experience n knowledge. Thanks

  44. Hi Nicole, this page is very helpful, thanks a Lot! I just get West Palm Beach, FL one week ago and Currently I’m 33 weeks pregnant and plan to give birth here un Florida, that is why i will appreciate you guys help me with some information about hospitals or clinics and costs here un Florida. Thanks.

  45. Please, I want to have my next baby in the States, I have family @ Atlanta, Georgia but Wouldn’t mind to rent and have my comfort. I need your advice on cheap hospital, I also want to know the expected cost so I can start saving, I’m not yet pregnant sha.

  46. I love your faith in action, Juddy hun :heart: . You can call this guy (Jameson, and he can be reached on 08123060771). He has mostly packages for Houston, but I’m sure he has for Atlanta as well. Congrats in advance dear :hugs:

    • Thanks hun…… I don’t want stories that’s why I’m starting early enough, I didn’t plan well during my first pregnancy.

  47. Hello Nicole, you have a great platform here, God bless you for all these info.
    Please I need real help. My wife is already in the State(New York) and she had registered through Medicare before i was told that its not a good idea since she would need to travel back to Nigeria after delivery. Although some of my Friends said it doesn’t matter that a lot of people use medicare and still come back. someone even suggested that we could use the medicare and then pay through medicare. please i need your advice here on what are the possible implication of this

    • Prince, please please please don’t try using Medicare, especially if you or your wife intend to visit the US in the future. They don’t take kindly to it at all! You won’t be able to renew your visas in the future, I can guarantee you that. Please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  48. Hello Nicole,

    Well done! This has been a very informative read. Thanks to all the other contributors. God bless you all.

    Quick one. I’m 34 weeks now, and I’m traveling this week.
    My destination is Chicago, but I was advised to go through New York, as their PoE is not as strict.
    Will this be a problem? Especially since I told my visa officer during my application that I was going to Chicago.

    Also, does anybody have any idea of decently priced hospitals in Chicago?

    I have some options. Just looking to see if I can get cheaper alternatives and save some money.

    Oh, also, about flying with food items ( ground egusi, pepper soup spice, noodles, dried fish, ground crayfish, kilishi, etc), will this be a problem?

    Looking forward to your answers.

    Thank you!

    • Dear Adaeze, it really doesn’t matter hun. The state you decide to go doesn’t have to tally with anything you said in your interview. People are entitled to change their minds. I’m not sure about NYC’s POE being easier though…but if they say so. I entered through Atlanta, and they were pretty thorough. As for the food items, my dear, just make sure they are well dried and well packed, such that they can fit into your suitcases (not hand luggage) easily. As long as it’s not a crazy quantity, you should be fine.

      As for the hospitals, I’m not sure exactly of Chicago hun…so I might not be able to be of much help.

      • You’ve helped plenty already.
        Thank you!

        My new worry now is traveling with how far gone I am. Like I’m dreading the discomfort and seriously praying my child stays put.

      • Hello dear, based on my last experience in April, noodles, dried fish, ground crayfish, kilishi may be seized. I took all for my in-laws but were taken even up to plantain. Just take the spices and be prepared to buy the others there. You could try and we pray you aren’t stopped to check.
        Sorry I do not have much info on Chicago, As per the hospital, ask your host. Also google, i hear county hospitals are cheaper. Goodluck

        • Hello Bos!

          Didn’t get your reply early enough.
          I sha carried noodles, dried fish, stock fish, ground egusi, ground crayfish, knorr cubes, ground pepper and suya spice. They only took my noodles because it was onion chicken flavour and they said they don’t allow any chicken products. Other than that, they didn’t touch anything else. In fact, I’m still amazed at how smooth and easy the PoE was, considering everything I’d heard and read. We (my husband and I) spent like 30mins max! That includes declaring money and going through agriculture. Phew.
          That’s when I realised that the key is to just be honest about your intentions.

          Going to check out the hospital tomorrow and register, so I can get the pricing.
          Will submit any extra information I get that might be useful to somebody else.

        • Hello Boss,can you pls send me the contact for the accommodation package that is 2250 for 3months?looging forward to hear from you.thanx

  49. @Adaeze. Cook County in Chicago is affordable. About 3,500 for CAB and 4,500 for CS. This includes doctor and hospital fee. I also want to use Chicago, I am due March 2018 but I do not have accommodation close to the hospital. Do you know how I can go about accommodation in down town chicago

    • I heard about Cook County. I’m considering Mount Sinai Hospital. I hear Cook County is cheaper, but then all the reviews I read about them had nothing nice to say, so I was a bit reluctant to follow through.

      For accommodation, your best bet is airbnb. At least that way you can pick and choose. A friend’s sister is offering us (my husband and I) her spare bedroom for $900 per month. That was cheaper than most of the places I found on airbnb. Somebody else offered accommodation for 8weeks, furnished apartment with utilities, for $2500.

      If you get a place close to the hospital, then you get to save some money on transportation. Just make sure to read up and confirm that it’s not a sketchy neighborhood.

      • Hi Imelda,I’m due in March also and considering Chicago. Please assist with accommodation details if you get any. I’ll share with you also.

    • Please funke, have you spoken to hospital? Concerning accommodation, have you gotten one? I think I will be due around that March too and I am thinking of going to Chicago too.

    • Hi Funke,
      Heard the cost for Cook County is about Double now, what hospital are you using?
      Kindly help a sister here.
      Thank you

  50. I just want to process my visa and all..I just hope they won’t decline..we just opened our company and everywhere is kinda dry, I’m waiting for miracle to happen I cannot kill myself oo..this page is really helpful thanks to bos and Nicole

  51. Nicole and Bos nice job this page is so inciteful…..i had my first child at delaware county memorial hospital Philadelphia total package was 8700 (CS) and i paid all the hospital bills now am going to have my second child i want to travel when am 36 weeks if am not with cash will they be thorough or ask me to just show them the last bill to confirm i paid ….

    • Hi JAne, thanks so much dear. Just have all your paperwork for the last birth, and if possible, proof of ability to pay for this birth. I think that should suffice.

    • Pls am planning to give birth in Philadelphia and been watching out for the comment. Pls can I have full details of the hospital you used for your first child and cost review. Thanks

  52. NICOLE Thanks for your handwork and support here

    Please i need enlightenment and how to about this. i want my wife to give birth in US. Please send me mail so that we can discuss about it thanks.

    • I was honest about my travel intent. And I had proof of appointment, accommodation and sufficient funds. I think as long as you’re straight with them, and well prepared, you should be good.

  53. By the way, I had my baby, and everything is fine.
    For those interested in going to Chicago, John H. Stroger hospital is not bad. It’s about $4K for vaginal birth and about $6k for c section. For accommodation, you can call/text Ola on +1‭(708) 668-2968‬. She works at the hospital, and rents out her basement. I didn’t stay with her though. She just mentioned it to me while I was there.

    Good luck!

  54. Thank you for the information Adaeze. Right now am on visiting visa, and my aunt is helping to make all preparation as regards the hospital, I don’t have any proof to show as you have mentioned. What are my chances

  55. A very good job here. I will also be due in March 2018. I want to know when is the best time to take the trip. Also I have a visiting visa how best can I go through a stress free POE

    • Where you pregnant before you got your Visiting Visa or after? because if it was after i feel you are good to go, just send a mail to the embassy notifying them and have enough proof of the Hospital correspondence and funds and you should be good to go. Also go through Newyork which i have heard is a better POE.
      If you where pregnant at the time of the interview of your Visa and didnt tell them, its best you apply for another Visa interview and go explain your case that you didnt plan to give birth then but changed your mind afterwards, with enough proof that you can afford the Childbirth and you will be fine by Gods Grace. (better to spend the N64,000 Visa fees than go all the way and risk deportation)

      • Hi Ibukun,
        I was pregnant when i applied for the vistors visa was not aware i was suppose to let them know.
        Do you suggest i send an email asking to apply for a new visa? Can i not just send them an email with intent to change purpose of my trip?

  56. I am in my 10 weeks and i intend to have my baby in Dallas,Texas where i have relative since my husband wnt be available to travel with me. Do you have idea of any cheap and affordable hospital in Dallas and can you please guide me through the document needed for the embassy since i haven’t secure my visa yet….
    Thanks Nicole

  57. hello people in the house,
    My wife delivered a baby boy 2 weeks ago in New York. all went well (Thank God)
    Thanks for all the post on this platform, the posts really helped while we were preparing.


    • Hi Tosin. Please send us a mail at contactus@thefertilechickonline, and I’ll send you a spreadsheet one of our members was kind enough to share. But it’s for Houston though. It might give you an idea of what to expect in Dallas.

  58. Hello people in the house ,
    My EDD is early June2018,going for my B2 visa interview soon,please any one with an idea of the likely questions to be asked?

    • Better to be truthful with them, declare your intent, have proof of correspondence with Doctor, have budget sheet showing the costs, airfare, accommodation if necessary, etc
      Bank statement covering all the costs, and proof of strong ties here.
      they would ask what you do here, what your husband does, why you want to go give birth in the US, how you intend to pay the costs etc
      All the best!

  59. Hello, your post has been very helpful. I am already 7 weeks gone I want to apply for a medical visa since my belly is not so flat. I do not want to hide my intentions. I am stating my husband as the sponsor and also put a friend’s address in Texas. I was also able to get Dr fagbohunoakbend to send me the cost. What documents do I need to present to the embassy here for my interview. I work also but my husband is into his own business. Do I need a letter from my doctor here also as I have had two cesarians that’s the major reason why I don’t want to risk another C’s here. How much cash am I allowed to travel with when my visa is approved

    • You need to show your own bank statement, your husbands statement since he is the sponsor, better to get the letter from your doctor here as I read sometime that someone said she wants to go give birth because she was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and the VO asked for the document from the doctor here showing that and they didn’t have it and was denied.
      You can travel with any amount but if it is over $10,000 you must declare it when you get to the US.
      Best of luck!

    • Hello mama Twins,

      Please i need Dr. Fagbohun’s contact and the hospital’s cost he sent to you. I am in touch with Dr. Elvis Torres of West Houston Medical Centre, i can forward his contacts to you if you need it.

      I need to compare prices in Texas and finally make my choice.

      Please send to my email at Thank you

  60. Please has anyone used any Dr and hospital in Arlington Texas. I would appreciate your information as I have a family there to accomodate me.

  61. Please does anyone know a reasonable hospital or doctor in Arlington Texas that is not so expensive. I would appreciate the info.

  62. Please does anyone know any accomodation I can book and cancel later around Richmond texas close to Dr Fagnohun clinic oakbend.

  63. Dear Nicole thank you so much for this artice.its been more than helpful.
    I am a first time mum and my appintment is on t 20th of Feb 2018. I intend using at El Paso texas.
    Please does anyone have a format for doctor’s letter of introduction to consular.
    I will also appreciate budget sheet sample thank you. God bless

  64. @Nicole thank you so much for this platform, I have been studyin it like a course.I have a few questions and would be delighted to get answers:
    1:I am 16weeks pregnant after ttc for 6years. I want to birth in the US, is it necessary to indicate that it’s an IVF pregnancy, will it help or affect my visa application.
    2: my appointment with the embassy is in two weeks,this is my my time and am using medical visa, is there any advice you can give that will help?
    3: what does a budget sheet look like
    4: my coresspondence is with a hospital in El Paso ( the total bill is 7250) but can I change to another hospital where my friend lives in Oklahoma? Wil it affect me @ the poe.thank you

    • Hi Florence,

      Congrats on your pregnancy :hugs: . It’s not necessary to state it’s an IVF pregnancy, except you’re trying to make more of a case for why you think it’s a high-risk pregnancy you need special care for. For the medical visa, just have all your required documentation, majorly proof of funding and any correspondence with your clinic. If you change your mind about the state, I don’t it should matter at POE. As for a breakdown of costs, just send me an email at contactus@thefertilechickonline, and we’ll share what one of our members was kind enough to share with us.

  65. Hi Nicole,

    Please i want to renew my USA Visa which expired March 2017. I do not need to apply for a medical visa right? like some people are asking since i had traveled before with VISA category B1/B2

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    You and your team have been of a great help to us all.

    Warm regards

    • Hi Amaka. Thanks so much for your kind words :heart: . That was what I did, dear. I still had a valid visa and travelled with that one. I reckon it’s still the dropbox system, so it should be fine. How far gone are you though?

      • Okay Nicole. yes, i am still entitled to drop box since it is not more than one year my VISA expired.
        My EDD is July and by God’s grace, i will be leaving in June. I have been in touch with Dr. Funsho Fagbohun of Oakbend Medical Centre, Houston, Texas.

        Thanks so much for your guidance and tremendous help. I did not know how to go about all these initially but now i have gotten a hospital and Dr. that are ready to take me on upon my arrival in Houston. So i am grateful to you and your team for your immense support.

        God bless you.

  66. Please does my final destination matter for travel even if I showed documents for Texas doctor and accommodation for my visa, can I change my arrival city ?

  67. Hi Nicole,

    I just found out that my Aunt moved from Texas to San Antonio, Texas. The distance from Oakbend Hospital, Houston is like 3 to 4 hours. Is there a possibility of having a cheap and affordable hospital in San Antonio?

    I cant be traveling that far to meet with the Dr in Houston Or is there any contact for a cheap apartment in Houston,Texas ? once i put to bed, i will relocate to SA .

    Your assistance will be appreciated always.


    • I got this number from a family friend she rents a home for expectant mum’s in Richmond where oakbend is
      +1 832-275-4099 Mrs okhioma. She will send you her bill monthly. Accomodation and feeding inclusive

        • It’s my pleasure dear, we all got into this forum for answers to our worries. I wish you safe delivery. I would also appreciate your you share your experience with oakbend cos I am hoping to get my visa and I planned to use him also.

  68. Hi Nicole,
    I am soo happy to have stumbled on your posts it really helped. i have applied for American visa(alone) n was interviewed last four weeks but denied, on the ground that there is no enough ties to bring me back to Nigeria.(Note i and am hubby are gainfuly employed with two kids and two landed properties and building).
    planning on booking for another application but now with my hubby. Please what are our chances of getting Visa this time around. now am 18weeks gone.
    Going to Texas also to put to bed.
    Looking forward to reading from u

    • Hi Olubunmi, I just taya for the U.S. embassy. How can a gainfully employed married woman, with kids for that matter, in addition to landed properties, not have enough ties to bring you back to Nigeria. Yet, those with ulterior motives are able to get visas! So annoying. My dear, going for the next interview with your husband could go either way, especially if you are both applying for the visiting visa…given your pregnancy and their previous reason of rejecting you. You might both get it easily, or it might prove difficult. My advise would be to try applying for a medical visa hun. That could be a more straightforward way to address it. At 18 weeks, you might already be showing, so your pregnancy might surely come up. Good luck hun!

      • @nicole, thanks for the tips, I taught it would be more easier though. That means I need to get at least 10m for everything because we have started the process already and my wife is just 3 weeks pregnant. Thanks once again @nicole

      • Thanx for doing a great job,its been informative all along,pls can you help me get a Dr’s email address in Texas as have read Texas is the cheapest state to birth,also my EDD is August and I will be needing an affordable accommodation, pls any August mom in the house that is willing to share accommodation pls send a message so we can discuss.Thanx.

        • Hello My name is Roberta and I reside in Sugarland, Houston. If you do not mind living with a family of four, I am renting out my third room. The room comes ensuite with a small refrigerator( for just liquid storage) a Smart TV, free Wi-Fi, a bed and a bassinet for your new born.

          The cost of this room is $1000 per month. Accommodation includes water and energy, access to swimming pool, pick up from the airport and drop off when exiting Houston, 1 dr.appointment per month, 1 baby shopping a month, Grocery shopping twice a month and in house laundry twice a month. Trip to hospital for birth and pick up.
          If anyone is interested you can reach me on, 832-876-7159

          PS: This accommodation is only open to mother’s traveling alone, not with kids.

  69. Wow! I love this! Awesome…ur doing a great job here @Nicole, may God bless you richly. please I will need all d info and contact of the all inclusive package as posted earlier, hospital, acomodation, etc. though I am barely one month, so I should be due in October but want to have my baby in the US, anywhere cheap enough, never been to the US though, so I have to apply with a medical visa, I also want to know how easy or difficult that will be to get and what is the minimum amount I should have in my account before am granted the visa. Can I start the process when my pregnancy is 6 months. Eagerly awaiting a reply

  70. wow. such an amazing and informative post. I’m about to go have baby no 4 in Atlanta so will share costs etc on this forum as soon as I get a confirmation. I can see a few people are interested in Atlanta.

  71. Hi Nicole,I hope my message finally goes through,have been finding it to send message,and this is my third attempt,please I need information on Houston hospitals,I really need to contact two or three Dr s before I make up my mind on which to use,also will like to share an affordable accommodation as my EDD is August, pls any one interested should let us connect.thanx

  72. Hello,

    Thank you for the platform! I have had my baby on the 5th of March 2018 (40weeks & 2days) and everything went smoothly by Gods grace.

    Travelled at 33weeks +, had a run at quick test at the Nigerian airport for them to confirm that it was safe for me to fly and because i wasn’t so big, the nurses even recorded me to be at 26 weeks, so that went well.

    Flew Qatar (ridiculously long flight – 9hrs layover), please book a different airline if you have the luxury of booking time, i booked my flight few days b4 leaving so Hubby and i were looking for the most affordable.

    Doctors Fees: $1,600
    Hospital Fees: $2,750
    Epidural (optional of-course): $1,000
    ALL Tests/Scans pre-parturm: $200
    Baby Paediatrician (at hospital): $300
    Baby Paediatrician Registration/ Checks: $350
    UBER o: just budget like $500 -$600 (assuming you are staying for about 2months +)
    Accommodation: family hosted me but its generally around $1,100 per month
    Baby Birth Certificate collection: $25
    Baby Travelling Passport Application $185 for expedited option (2-3weeks)
    Location: Houston, Texas

    I thank God baby and I are healthy and didnt have to be stay in NICU or have extra bills. I wish you same.

    If anyone requires referral, am happy to share! Wishing you ladies the safest delivery, God bless.

    Thank you for this platform too, God bless your work ladies.

  73. This is an amazing platform @Nicole. Please does anyone have info on cheap/affordable hospitals in Maryland. the prices im getting is too high. Please i need suggestions. Thanks.

  74. Hi Nicole, thank goodness I find this forum. I’m in my 20th week and I will love to have my baby in Illinois at the cheapest hospital, I have a friend to stay with so accomodation isn’t a problem. I have heard different stories but I don’t know how true they are, pls reply as soon as you can or drop your contact

  75. Hi Nicole. Anyone knows an affordable hospital in California? I am yet to apply for visa, though I plan on using a Birthservice agency(modabirthservice) are they reliable, any idea anyone? Please can I get advice on how to apply for the visa? I want to go with my 16months old baby, and perhaps my husband…we both don’t have any travel experience , how best do we approach this? Our budget is about 10k$ or less. Need I say I am two months gone? Please reply as soon as possible. Again anyone who is going to be due by December and also going to California? We could exchange contacts and hook up. Thanks everyone!!

    • Congratulations Asanwa. I don’t have information for California, but hopefully someone else here does and will share. As for the visa, you can either apply for a visiting or medical visa. If you are only 2 months gone, you might be able to get away with the visiting visa, without too much asked. If your pregnancy is more advanced, you might have to provide evidence of payment / ability to pay…that kind of thing. I hope you find a bump buddy also going to California :hug:

    • Hello a friend of mine just gave birth in California and she used St Francis medical Center, Dr. Mbagwu. you may want to check out his details through google. She paid a total of about $8k (female child). Good luck in your search and with the baby

  76. Hello everyone!
    Pls I need accommodation in dallas/Fortworth I already got a hospital there.
    My mum and brother were both denied entry, even though my mom has been here over 6 times. They say they suspect my mum is coming to drop my brother here for work since i am already here and I haven’t left when my ticket reads 3 weeks. my visa is a b1/b2 as I got it before I got pregnant. So I’m here alone, been trying to get accommodation but it seems void. I am almost running into depression. I am a young mum to be and This is my first pregnancy. Pls I need help with accommodation ASAP, been in a hotel for close to 1 week now.

    • Oh my dear Kiki! I’m so sorry hun. I know how you feel because my mom was also initially denied visa, after having travelled several times before. Thankfully, she got in when she reapplied. If you scroll through the comments, you’ll see the number of a guy I put up a while back. He helps sort out accommodation and logistics hun. Sending you loads and loads of :hug: . If you still need any help, please let us know.

  77. Hello My name is Roberta and I reside in Sugarland, Houston. If you do not mind living with a family of four, I am renting out my third room. The room comes ensuite with a small refrigerator( for just liquid storage) a Smart TV, free Wi-Fi, a bed and a bassinet for your new born.

    The cost of this room is $1000 per month. Accommodation includes water and energy, access to swimming pool, pick up from the airport and drop off when exiting Houston, 1 dr.appointment per month, 1 baby shopping a month, Grocery shopping twice a month and in house laundry twice a month. Trip to hospital for birth and pick up.
    If anyone is interested you can reach me on, 832-876-7159

    PS: This accommodation is only open to mother’s traveling alone, not with kids.

  78. Dear Imelda, please can you share your hospital and doctor’s number? I’m a first time mom and want to give birth in Texas. Dallas or Houston.
    Nicole this is a fantastic forum, God bless you.
    Thank you.

  79. Hello house, please i need advice on how to go about getting visa and all the arrangement including cost of giving birth in USA with a lower rate of medical fee (all inclusive with accommodation and feeding with other minor sundries). Don’t have any one over there and planning of coming in alone. single mother with a child and planning of coming over to birth the second child.

    Thank you

  80. Hi Nicole, thanks so much for this post. It’s been so helpful reading through some of the comments on here. Please I need your help, I will be traveling very soon to have my baby in Richmond Virginia and still struggling with finding accommodation over there, is there any one you know who offers accommodation there or has been able to find accommodation in VA. Any advice will be appreciated as this is really stressing me out. Thanks in advance.

  81. Hi Nicole. I have a b1/ b2 visa but I got it before I got pregnant. I intend to notify the embassy abt birthing in usa. Pls when is it okay to travel in pregnancy bcos I have phobia for travelling through air, and how long can i stay in usa to give birth as I don’t want to exceed my stay. Awaiting your response. Thanks.

    • Hi Olamide. Congrats on your pregnancy :heart: . LOL, I feel you on the phobia for flying. My preference is to travel at about the 28 to 30 week mark, or at the very latest, 33. As for how long you can stay, the general rule of thumb, whether you’re giving birth or not, is not to exceed 6 months, as this could lead to plenty English speaking when you are renewing your visa.

  82. Hi Nicole. Please I will be travelling very soon to have my baby in usa . Pls when is it safe or okay to travel to usa? And pls do you knw the length of stay in usa if you going to give birth? Thank you. Pls awaiting your response.

  83. This has been such a blessing.. Thank you Nicole. We applied for a visiting visa sometime in March,interview date was scheduled for 31 July and I am really showing,we were refused. Hubby not giving up and has reapplied for a medical visa. We hope get an appointment on time as I will be 30weeks on Friday.
    God bless you for this thread.

  84. Hello Nicole,

    Thank you so much for creating this platform. I came across your page when I had an issue with PCOS and loads of information here really helped. Yes I am pregnant now! Thank God.

    We plan to have the baby in Houston although we don’t have any contact or anyone there. I got info about some doctors and I have contacted them. Still waiting for feedback.

    I will appreciate if you can share any further information I need to know (especially the detailed sheet on Houston). My email is

    Thank you.

    • Dear Abiola,

      So sorry for the late reply. I’ll send the information to you right away. But you might also want to check out the new thread we’ve created for the discussion; The American Baby Thread

      I’m so glad you were able to get information from our page during your TTC process, and I’m overjoyed you got your happy ending :heart: . Glory be to God! The truth is, if you have enough funds, you really don’t need to know anyone where you intend to travel. I’ve also discovered some of these birth service agencies have some great hook ups and can save us so much trouble! Trust me.

      Check out the link hun. It might be helpful :yes: :right:

  85. Please my brother is in the U.S and he wants to sponsor me, since my husband doesn’t have money to sponsor me to give birth in the US. WILL I GET THE VISA?

    • Hello Jemmy, to be honest I really don’t know. I ordinarily would have said that as long as you can demonstrate ability to fund your treatment, but with these Embassy officials, it is anyone’s guess.

  86. Please my brother in the US wants to sponsor me. Since I read that the money supposed to be in my account or husband account hope this will not affect my visa? I have been to UK to have my first baby which we all return back to Nigeria.

    • Jenny, I really haven’t heard of any specifics about whose account the funds should be coming from. You could still try. As long as you can demonstrate the ability to fund your treatment, it is worth trying at least. We wish you the best of luck.

    • That’s very true. I contacted Doctores in El Paso and got great responses. Also, the appointment letter stated the hospital where I’ll give birth e.t.c (after paying the enrollment fee of course). Doctores Para Ti are in charge of admission and are pretty straightforward, planning to pay cash at my first visit (as required) and I’ll be there by December. This thread helped me so much both in planning and decision making, thanks ladies. Their website is a GO!

  87. Hi. I’m not sure if any one herecan help. I’d just state the problem and hope.
    This happened to a friend.
    His wife went to NY to birth their child, paid the deposit of $17k, had the child, came back. Only to find out their friend which they stayed with there and did the process through, requested for a refund from the hospital and put them on an insurance plan.

    In other words, the hospital/America sorta feels his wife “scammed” them, just as you mentioned in the article.
    Is there anyway something can be done, so she won’t be denied entry into US again or is there anyway to pay the bill and everything will be back to normal.
    Is there a denied entry period after which she can gain entry again?

    Any information/experience really will help. Right now all the immigration lawyer has told him is that she most likely would be denied entry into the US.

    Help please!!
    Thank you.

    • I actually was screaming as I read your comment. What kind of scheming friend did they stay with?!!! Such wickedness! My dear, the best thing would be for them to find a way to pay the hospital, cancel whatever rubbish insurance plan the friend put the wife on, and then find a way to jack their friend for the money later. Anything other than that and she will surely be denied entry to the US next time.

      Gosh! This is heartbreaking. I really feel for them! That will see them a good $34k out of pocket, because the odds of getting that money back from their friend are slim to none.

  88. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks so much for this enlightening article. I really need your urgent advise here.
    I am already in the US and have just given birth to twins. My mother whom we had planned to help out was denied a visa. How do I come home alone with two baby boys?
    Kindly advise all the options I have. Thanks

    • Dear Bimbo, my deepest apologies for the long delay. Wow. I won’t lie that it won’t be difficult you being alone with twins. I recently had a baby and couldn’t travel with my Mom either. It wasn’t easy at ALLLL! The only thing I could suggest would be probably engaging some of these Agents who provide “omugwo” services…i.e. someone who could come and help you out. But you’ll have to make arrangements for someone to fly back with you as it could be close to impossible for you to travel back alone with the twins.

  89. Nice thread. Very awesome. I am FTM , due in FEB next year. Currently applying for my US medical visa to go to Houston Texas.
    I hear they request for budget sheets during the appointment and i don’t have an idea how that looks.
    Please can anyone help me with a sample budget sheet? Pleassssse!
    Any other info to help boost my chances of getting a visa would be highly appreciated.
    here is my email address:



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