Where is the Love?: Poll (What Do You Think Tobenna Deserves?)


Friday’s episode was quite the cliffhanger, wasn’t it? Phew! Ginaaaaaaaa!!!  :wacko:   :dohh:

As we await her return on Wednesday, we thought it would be fun to carry out a small poll. What do you guys think?



  1. Tobenna took Gina for granted. Even though that doesn’t justify unfaithfulness but it sure gives room for it. Besides what was he doing there sef? I don’t want to believe he was going after her cos I suspect he was having his own rendezvous too. I mean for a man not to have sexual relations with his wife for up to two years straight, is not turned on by her sexy body even when she makes advances haba! Something’s going on and it’s not just business that has consumed him sotay e go dey play with im wife like broda and sista for bed. Um um, something is going on and they better tell us. Methinks Tobenna is having an affair too but what do I know??? Wednesday looks very far o but what choice do I have?

    • Was he really suspecting her? If so why the I-don’t-care attitude? Abi to catch her? So you see your wife serenaded on her birthday with roses you didn’t send and you still behave nonchalant hoping to catch her redhanded ba? You surely will! I guess this is what the bible says when it admonished is not to give room to the devil. Tobenna sure have room by his wilful neglect if he was suspecting her without doing anything on his part to bridge the gap.

    • Me thinks, it’s either Tobenna is having a problem downstairs or like you said he’s cheating but Gina is sure he isn’t. Also I think it could be business that took him there. I quite remember accompanying my brother to some hotels when his bosses are in town especially since he does business with some Whites

    • I think Tobena is cheating for his careless with her extravagant gifts from her suppose admirer, he married her cause he has always had a crush on her and when he finally caught her attention he could not believe his luck and I guess the live eventually faded away. For Gina she went for what she understands as love but at the end she realise it more than intimacy.

  2. For all not having time for Gina for so long.. I wonder how they sleep on same bed for 2 years and not touch.. Chai. I think Tobena deserves this wake-up call that is if he will understand that nothing happened , he can not keep treating beautiful Gina like this. One question though, can a man truly stay for 2 years without doing?

  3. There is no justification for what Gina did, the same way she feels tobenna is ignoring her that is the same way mudi is ignoring his wife, all those romantic nonsense he was doing with Gina was he doing the same to his wife. Both mudi and Gina are selfish and inconsiderate, it always have to about them,forgetting that they are more parties in the marriage than just the two of them like the children and extended family. But no Gina has to feel loved and nothing SC should stand in the way of that. I hope tobenna pulls through the hurt though.

  4. How can you sleep on the same bed with your wife for 2 yrs without touching her, that’s so absurd, Gina also took the easy way out instead of her to confront her issue head on she sought solace in another man, they both made their own bed so they must sleep on it

  5. Unfaithfulness is not just the act of having sex with a person that is not your spouse, having thoughts and doing every other intimate things that invests your emotions in another is also being unfaithful. So has Gina been unfaithful? Yes she has. Has Tobenna also been unfaithful to Gina? Yes he has-with his business. His every waking thought, oxygen and being is totally devoted to his business to the obscurity of all others including his wife. We may want to crucify Gina cos she was caught in a compromising position with another man but Tobenna should not be excluded from blame. He allowed the ant-infested wood to be brought into his home. To make any marriage work, both parties should be committed, not just the woman only, the man has his role as does the woman.

  6. I think both of them are guilty. One for ignoring the other for too long and the other for seeking the attention from an outsider so they should sit down and have a long talk, make small small compromises and get back together, marriage is forever.
    Lol not like I even have a boyfriend

  7. Tobenna and Gina should work on their marriage, they just live in the same house/room like strangers. Money is not every thing you know, what’s the need making lots of money while your spouse is not happy.


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