When You Let Your Menstrual Cycle Guide Your Life



There are always signs when it’s that time of the month for the witch to show up. She just likes a lot of drama, at least where I am concerned…too much drama sef. From massive painful pimples to cramps to the gift of becoming a grumpie bear, and lately, a mindless tiredness on CD1 and 2, Aunty Flo surely makes its presence felt.

That grumpie bear bit actually started a couple of years back; the cramps have been there forever and the pimples almost forever too. Do these symptoms affect my life in anyway? You bet they do. My husband and children know exactly how it affects them, but they don’t know the root cause of it…yet, except for their daddy, who has an idea and tries to sweeten me up on those days.

However, knowing all of these obvious symptoms, and the not so obvious ones, and how they affect my life, do I plan my life around it? The answer is no, because I can’t seem to fathom why I should let my reproductive life control the rest of my life.

What I found, however, is this. Nothing happens without a reason.  My monthly cycle, according to the experts, affects not only my mood and body, but also the decisions I make throughout the month, depending on the phase I’m in.

If I were on the dating scene, my cycle could literally determine whether my dating life would be successful or not. If I were a smoker, my cycle would be a major factor in whether I stick to my decision to quit or not. It could even determine where I live choose to live, if I were house hunting.

As a human being, there is a level of control that is exerted by your hormones and body chemicals on your emotions and this can determine what you accomplish or don’t.

It is on this premise that this article is based on. Let’s see exactly what happens when you let your menstrual cycles guide your life. But before then, the menstrual cycle consists of the  follicular, ovulation and luteal phases. Each of these phases subtly influences the body and mind.

Now, that makes it seem as if ladies are at the mercy of their hormones. No, that’s not true. Just as you are not controlled entirely by your body chemistry, you shouldn’t plan your life around your cycle entirely. But if you have some big life decisions looming, it’s worth a look. So, what’s on the cards?

First off is the follicular phase, which is usually CD1; the first day of your menstrual cycle to CD 13. During this phase, the oestrogen levels are higher, which makes it a very good time to be on the dating scene. Because then, women tend to focus better. They are not only more selective, they are also more intent on looking for the right mate with preferred traits.

The downside of this phase: A woman becomes more prone to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Thus, it might be a good idea to keep condoms handy.

A menstruating woman’s chances of contracting STDs, including HIV, are higher, according to OB-GYNs. During menstruation, a woman’s cervix is more open and relaxed increasing susceptibility to unwanted bacteria or viruses.

Second phase: Ovulation (Day 13-16 of your menstrual cycle)

The best thing that this phase brings is stability in a woman’s relationships and life.

During this time, a woman’s body is ovulating and thinking she is about to become pregnant, so only a stable, safe relationship will make that possible.

This need for stability can also come to play when you are house-hunting or seeking to make significant changes in your life.

If you don’t want to make “safe choices” you may want to move those decisions to when you are feeling more adventurous. 

This phase is also the perfect time to enjoy a good romp in between the sheets; your body wants it.

Also, ovulation spikes a woman’s energy level, so it is an ideal time to multitask, set up business meetings, and enjoy a fuller schedule. 

Luteal (Day 16-28 of your menstrual cycle)
This is the best time of the month to commit to an exercise program. Studies have shown that women in the luteal phase (and late ovulation phase) are less likely to experience discomfort and pain with a new exercise program than those in their early follicular phase.

The luteal phase is also the best time of the month to tackle tough jobs. That’s when your hormones put you in the best mood. Thank you progesterone .

It is also the best time for you to do something very painful you have been dreading like remove your wisdom teeth, get a tattoo or remove one, get a bikini wax.

A woman’s response to pain changes with her menstrual cycle, according to 2010 research published in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology. 


Your diet is likely to derail in the latter phase of your cycle. A study on eating patterns revealed that both women who are on birth control and off it tend to be hungrier and eat more calories in the days leading to their period, and even during their period.

Another downside of the luteal phase is insomnia.

Restless nights from cramps and anxiety are considered somewhat part of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). But many women experience these symptoms later in their mid-luteal phase.

The ebb and flow of hormones during a woman’s menstrual cycle influences the decisions, actions and mood throughout the month. Thus, it is worth taking a look at.

Like earlier stated, the effect of hormones can guide, it shouldn’t absolutely determine your actions.




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