When He Watched His Wife Give Birth To Their Baby!


It was their first child, Tunde* was really agitated and it was only by the grace of God that they were able to get to the hospital without any accident, as he literally did not watch the road as he drove. His attention was more on his wife, who was in labour. Anytime, she made any sound, his eyes immediately left the road.

It happened in the middle of the night. Layemi* had been woken by what she thought was a hard kick by the baby, but no sooner had she woken up did she feel the most excruciating pain ever! She knew it was not the baby kicking, at least not the usual kind of kicking, and in the next minute, she was almost doubled over with the pain. It was her cry of pain that woke up her husband, who found his wife on her knees by the side of their bed, with her head bowed.

He tried lifting her, so she could sit up but no, she just refused and instead asked him to take her to the hospital. He was flustered and searched frantically for the car keys, which he eventually found, and then managed to move his wife into the car before leaving for the hospital.

On getting there, the nurses took over the care of his wife and asked him to wait, as she was rushed into the labour ward. There, Layemi was checked for how far she had dilated. She screamed at the painful pelvic examination, and that brought in her husband, who insisted on staying with her. Even if it was just to hold her hands and say “€œI love you”€. Both of which he did plenty of, that long night, as contractions wracked her body.

In her pain, his wife almost ripped his arm out of its socket, and his skin was bruised in several places, by her finger nails. At a stage, he wondered if it would have been better to have stayed in the waiting room, but as his wife held his hand, as though her life depended on it, he knew this was the right place to be. When she asked him to crank up the bed, so she could sit up, and he said he didn’t know how it worked and wanted to get of the nurses to do it, she nearly screamed his head off, so he stayed put. She also had him fluff the pillows and place them at her back, and a few minutes later, when another contraction came, the pillows gave way and landed where they would.

Eventually, she was checked again and she was fully dilated. The baby was coming. When she was helped on to the birthing bed, and her ankles were being secured, she let out one powerful yell and pushed even as the doctor had not told her to do so. After everything was set, the doctor asked her to push again and she did, another push and the baby was out. Tunde almost fainted from the inexplicable exhilaration of seeing his baby, beautiful in every way, even though a bit bloodied. As he and his wife held their baby, he knew he would never be the same again.

Those moments he had spent with his wife while she was in labour and gave birth, he had never experienced before. He felt the pain of every tightening of the hand, as every contraction hit his wife. And his view of the purpose of his wife’€™s lady bits also changed. It was not just for pleasure, but for something way greater than that.

Tunde was one man that would have struck you as a man who could withstand anything…a manly man! But that experience totally transformed hun. He developed a new respect for his wife, realising that she was indeed a strong woman. If she could withstand the pain of the labour without hurting anyone, except him, then she deserved his praise.

For weeks, he pampered his wife; he saw to her every need, at least as much as their mothers would allow him to. He was no longer short tempered with her. He called home regularly to know if she was fine, then he would ask of the baby. It was in that order. His wife had new meaning to him.

And on the sexual front, they were some issues at first. He did not feel inclined to get intimate with his wife. Every time he tried the memory of her giving birth would flood his mind, and that completely doused his desire faster than anything could. Even when she was flaunting her newly gotten boobs in his face, Tunde could not get the action going.

For three months, there was no action in the bedroom and Layemi started to feel guilty at having him in the labour room while she gave birth, as it was that experience that had quenched his appetite for her. In the end, she had to start with him as though they were just getting newly intimate. They had a lot of foreplay to get things going but in the end, they had sex and Tunde was pleasantly surprised that they were no changes; perhaps it had become even more enjoyable than before.

As for repeating the experience, even after the trauma of the first time, and the after effect it had on their sex life, he would do it over and over again!






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