When Do I Go Assisted

That is the golden question, especially when you have been trying for a baby for a while. The answer to this question varies markedly from couple to couple.

I’m not sure if it is a function of faith, individual tolerance level, or maybe even laziness. I know a couple that started speaking with a fertility specialist 6 weeks after their wedding (well, they had been actively trying for a baby even before their wedding, so I reckon by the time of their wedding, they already had a red flag). I also know couples still dragging their feet after 5 years of trying.


I can only speak for myself. I decided to go assisted because I was plain old frustrated by all our failed attempts at falling pregnant, almost 30 months after we had started trying. After yet another failed cycle in July 2010, purely on impulse, I got in touch with a Doctor at The Bridge Clinic, asked some questions, and never looked back. Even though I didn’t use The Bridge in the end, their Doctors were very kind and answered a lot of my questions.

My personal opinion is that if yours is a case of unexplained infertility, and if you have age on your side, by all means try naturally for as long as you can. Sometimes, it’€™s just a timing issue, and if you and your partner do it for long enough, pregnancy could very well occur. However, if you have been clearly diagnosed with such infertility factors as anovulation, tubal blockage, endometriosis, low sperm count and (or) quality, azoospermia, etc., or if the female partner is above age 35 and has been trying for 6 months, I would strongly recommend you consider assisted reproduction.