Ways To Regain Your Old Self After Birth


There are so many changes that come as a result of becoming a mother, and your body might not be able to recover from it all. I sometimes think it is a rite of passage into motherhood, for you not to feel the same way you did before you became a mom.

I remember reading somewhere, a mom complaining about how none of her pre-baby clothes fit her anymore, only for her to go clothes shopping and they kept showing her clothes in the same sizes as the clothes she had at home, but these ones fit ,and she was like, “How can this happen?”

However, the saleslady soon showed her exactly what the issue was; her size had not changed but her shape had changed, hence, the clothes at home could longer fit her new body.

However, you can regain some semblance of who you were, and that is what this article is all about.

For me, the next day after birthing my babies, I had squeezed myself into my favourite pair of jeans. It was a very snug fit, but it made me feel very good, just to be back in it. I had not worn it in months, as the top button was always biting into my tummy. It did not matter that the top button did not close that first day, as my long sweater covered all ‘sins”.

The second time around, I was not into the getting-back-in-shape routine quite as much. I just couldn’t be bothered. I remember telling my younger sister, when she mentioned that I did not tie my tummy like the last time (she was the one that helped me to tie it after I had my first set of twins), and asked if I felt I was now entitled to a protruding stomach, after birthing twins twice.

I tied it eventually, but it was half-heartedly. My need this time was to go out. I felt too constrained inside the house, and for the weeks that my mom stayed with us, I waka oh. I always had an errand to run, outside the house, and my mom was left with the babies and their bottles.

That helped a lot, when she left. I had already regained my mind and..emm body to some extent, that being indoors with the kids all day, did not set me astir. There were plenty of things to keep me occupied.

For my sister, all she ever wanted to do after birth is sleep, which is mostly because her two stints of labour lasted for a really long time, during which she wasn’t even able to sleep a wink. So she tends to sleep a lot after birth. During that time, you can do what you like with the baby, but once she’s able to sleep for some time, she is up and revved to go, cooing and bonding with her baby, and making plans. Yes, right from the hospital room, she starts to make plans, and very soon, everyone has a task that they are running on her behalf. The commander is back!

The below are some of the ways in which you can regain some parts of your old self, right after giving birth to your bundle of joy; that is for those, who want some of their old self back. You know, there are women, who only begin to live once they become moms, so yes, different strokes and purposes for people in life.

Take a shower/bath


I tell you, there’s nothing that a good shower cannot sort out. That was tongue in cheek, but really, when you shower, you not only wash away the dirt from your body, you also wash away the kinks in your shoulder and back.

Baths are even better for soaking away the troubles of a long day filled with baby needs, that is if you can find the time for such a luxury. If you had to have an episiotomy or c-section, be careful with the sutures, but a sitz bath can help with those, and with haemorrhoids, a common enough complaint of new moms. Emerge from the water and smooth on some baby-friendly lotion and everything begins to look edged with rainbow.

Pay attention to your physical appearance


Again, do this only if you’re interested in regaining your old self. Otherwise, just forget it and reside in your pj bottoms and breast milk stained blouse. Now, there is nothing wrong with that image, your entire focus is just on your baby, but honestly, I think your baby wouldn’t mind looking at a cleaner version of mom’s face.

I’m sure you have seen new moms sitting down to have their hair done. It’s not just to look good for the naming ceremony coming soon, it is an attempt to feel “normal” (whatever that means to them) after childbirth.

While you are at it, try on some make up, but nothing too heavy, because of baby’s sensitive skin.

Get some exercise


Depending on your doctor’s instructions regarding stitches, or any other issues you may have, getting up and moving around can make you feel better in so many ways. It will get your metabolism going, so you lose the baby weight faster and have more energy; it helps tone and strengthens muscles that perhaps weren’t exercised properly for months; it gives you a general sense of well-being from the release of the feel good hormones.

Try taking a stroll outside, and take the baby along in a carrier, and if you have twins, get extra hands, even if it is just sitting down under a shade, just not cooped up in your house: the sunshine imparts valuable vitamin D to both of you, and being in the fresh air is energising and rejuvenating.

And if you have been cleared for more more strenuous activity by your doctor, you can go back to your past routines.

Having friends over

Friends Eating Snacks

This is a case of killing two birds with one stone. Have friends over can make you feel like your old self, even though, you know, you’re a mom now. And on the other hand, they would be ready hands to carry baby, what a relief that would be for you.

Those are the ways; you can get back to your old self, after the experience of bringing another life into this world. However, moms in the house, how did you do it? Did you even feel like you wanted to regain any old self? Please share.

Sprinkling some baby dust your way!




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