Trusting Your Instincts and Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket


Going against the advice of their doctor, and even common sense, this mom of triplets, plus one older child, Celina, and her husband decided to transfer all their good quality blastocysts (day 5 embies). And their family was complete, in just one trip to the labour room.

However, the journey to that place was no joke, as it is customary of most TTC stories. Celina and her husband had gotten married early; they were both in their mid 20s.  And honestly, having a baby was not even on their mind and considering they lived outside the country in the early days of their marriage, I guess there were not too many people to remind them of their obligation to ensure the perpetuation of her husband’s family lineage.

When Celina was 27, she was ready for a baby, but there was an issue. She had used a slimming product that might have serious consequences on her growing foetus, if she decided to go ahead with her TTC efforts. So, for the next six months, until the slimming product was out of her system, she just enjoyed herself and they even went on a mini honeymoon, where they had fun.

When the six months was up, they started trying, but the witch kept showing up anyway. Miracle of miracles, as it got close to the one year of their TTC anniversary, she conceived! They had almost given up. They were gearing up to go see a doctor, when they discovered she was pregnant. However, a few weeks later, they needed to see a doctor, as Celina was doubled over in pain. She was in so much pain she could not stand up.

After some test and scans, it was concluded that she was carrying an ectopic pregnancy. It was with a mixture of feelings that that diagnosis was received. Here she was, pregnant after several years of trying. She was thankful that, at least, she could get pregnant, but mourned the fact that the pregnancy was not viable. She needed her  good tubes, intact, which she made the doctor promise they would not be tampered with. Her thinking was, if her tubes were patent and she was struggling to get pregnant, what would happen now, if one was damaged?

They gave her an injection to induce her, but nothing happened, so they asked her to come in for a D&C. It was on the lab table, that it was discovered that the baby was not actually forming in her fallopian tube, but outside of her reproductive system completely. It was a shock for the doctor and nurses and even she, when she came to. Those types of pregnancies are rare occurrences and the doctor noted that she had just given them a “scientific” gift.  (Hmmm, glad something came out of the miscarriage). In the end, they did not need to touch her good tubes.


After she healed, they went back to trying, went through some more miscarriages, then gbam! It happened, a baby out of the blues, after almost three years and they were resigning themselves to fate. That pregnancy was threatened from start to finish, but it ended in a beautiful baby girl, who looked her dad spit her out.

And then, they started trying again. Nothing, zilch, not even a miscarriage showed up. From their previous doctor, who now diagnosed her as with poor ovarian reserve, putting her chances of conceiving at zero, they got a second opinion and the miracle cure of IVF. Only it did not work the first time, and her reserves were truly so low that she produced only very few eggs, leaving them with no embies left to freeze afte the transfer. So, onto the next cycle they went, and the next, where they got just three good quality eggs.

Their doctor advised that she should transfer only two, or even one, and freeze the rest, in case the cycle failed and she needed to do another round; because as it were, her egg reserve was almost depleted.

Celina and her husband refused. They not only were not willing to transfer one or two eggs, they wanted everything put in. She said, at that stage, she felt this was the highest number of good quality eggs she had gotten so far and wanted everything in her, to up her odds of conceiving maybe one baby, and if she got lucky, all three embies would implant.

Well, as you already know, she got lucky, literally putting all her eggs in one basket and going with her gut feeling.  All three embies implanted and when she went for the six week scan, it was so surreal to see all those sacs, with beating hearts.

The soldiers survived the journey, till they had to come out in their 35th week; boy triplets. Now, that’s what I call being dazed.

Katie-m.-Berggren6Nowadays, she sometimes complains about the fact that she is mostly housebound with her kids, and only has visitors once in a while, and about how much of her attention they need, being triplets with one older child. Well, behind those half-hearted complaints is a woman, thoroughly chuffed at the way God showed off and is still showing off with her life.

While I can connect with her feeling of  helplessness at times, having to deal with three kids of same age, same needs at the same time, talk about overwhelming, but a happy kind of overwhelming that makes you sometimes pinch yourself and say, “Is this really happening  to me?”

Going with one’s gut feelings isn’t always easy in this TTC business, with doctors, nurses and even Google coming at you with scientific reasons why you should try this and not that, but in the end, it is all about your body, your life, and guess what, your decision.

So, next time you feel a need to listen to your heart, please don’t hesitate. That might just be all you need.



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