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A lot of women in the developed world are pretty open about their TTC efforts and journeys. I attribute that to that fact that, for them, infertility is not treated with as much stigma that still exists in this part of the world. A lot of them even have Instagram accounts solely dedicated to their journey, and they put pretty much everything out there. I follow some of these accounts, to learn from them, and to realize that we pretty much all face the same roller coaster of emotions.

On one of such evenings when I was just scrolling through Instagram, I saw a lady’s post on how she just discovered that she had hormonal imbalance, apparently as a result of some personal stress triggers. She asked the #ttcsisters what she could do, and I was surprised when about five different ladies recommended Maca Roots to her. They would swear that it worked wonders, and one even told her to get it in powder form, and gave her tips on usage. I had never heard of Maca roots before! But it seemed it was pretty popular. I opened some of these other accounts and saw how religious they were with the Maca Roots, displaying pictures of these bottles and a myriad of usage tips. One lady who was already rocking a bump even had captions that showed she took the Maca Roots powder with her husband.

I turned to the ever knowledgeable Dr. Google, and found a wealth of knowledge on the relationship between Maca and Fertility. The story of Maca and fertility is said to have begun when Incan farmers noticed how feeding Maca roots to their livestock made them stronger and healthier. With consistent Maca feeding, the farmers also saw that their animals had more, and healthier, babies. People soon started using Maca to increase their conception chances, and when there was a high success rate, researchers and doctors began using it to help patients in the 80s and 90s. Maca is said to contain 31 different minerals and is very nourishing for the pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands; all of which are involved in hormonal balance, thus acting as a tonic for the hormone system. It is also said to have the ability to affect key hormones in both men and women, because it contains substances called glucosinolates, which are alkaloids that make it possible for Maca to support hormonal balance.

Part of what I discovered was that Maca is classified as an adaptogen, which means it helps to strengthen the body so it is able to better resist disease and stress, support the adrenal glands and balance the body’s functions. In order for a herb to be considered an adaptogen it must be non-toxic or harmless to any organ of the body, and must be able to be ingested for long periods of time safely. There are studies that showed that Maca improves sperm health, and increases libido in men. One particular study of 9 men who were given gelatinized Maca for 4 months at 1,500 to€“ 3,000 mg a day experienced an increase in libido, sperm count, mobillity of sperm, increased DHEA levels, decreased anxiety and stress, lowered blood pressure, balanced iron levels and an increase in adrenal androgens. While in women, it works by controlling the estrogen in the body. By now, we probably know that high or low estrogen levels can keep a woman from becoming pregnant.

The gelatinized Maca is just Maca that has had the starch removed to increase assimilation and increase the concentration. A lot of people just go for the plain Maca roots powder; those who opt for the gelatinized Maca are basically people who have digestion problems. The powder has a malty taste and works great with smoothies, juices or yogurt. I think that is a fun way to naturally boost fertility! Asides aiding conception, I also discovered that Maca is great for overall health as it also increases stamina and energy, treats acne, helps hair growth, relieves stress, and aids bone density. I tried to find out if it was available in Nigeria and most of the Maca sellers I saw were actually selling Maca roots, but for butt enhancement. At first, I thought “These my Nigerian brothers have come again.” but when I did more research on foreign sites, I found out that many Maca faithfuls attributed a bigger bum to Maca. One lady was deliriously happy to have gotten pregnant, and also have a more attractive behind.

Further research showed that most body-building supplements contained Maca, because of its high protein content, and because it is a nutritional powerhouse. One doctor said Maca does help with muscle building, but you have to also work those muscles to get the results. She also said since Maca helped in balancing estrogen, the hormone which is responsible for feminine features, it was only normal for women to notice better curves while on their Maca. If you are thinking of ordering for your Maca, please order for the Peruvian Black Maca Roots; I hear it is the most effective. Maca can compliment any fertility program and help you to achieve great results. Asides getting a BFP, we call could do with a little stamina boost, right?

Good luck, guys!




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  1. Thanks for this. I just started using Maca tablet after researching about its benefits for those ttc. Pls where can i get Maca roots in Nigeria. I really need it. The tablet form is so expensive and hard to find. God bless you for your contributions.

  2. I really think we need BOTANICAL GARDENS in Nigeria. It will help us maintain culture and standard rather than copying all the ‘cultureless oyinbos’

  3. Pls Aunty Kemi hv u gotn d local name 4 maca?i read somwhere d@ d Yoruba name is ‘isu baka’,so i went lookin 4 it @ one elewe omo’s shop. Wat she showd me doz nt look lyk d 1 in d pic in ds article. I hv nt gotn d courage 2 uz it sha cos i hv nt confirmd if its d same as maca.

  4. Hi Omo, I have not found the local name for it, because what I’m shown is different from the pictures I have.
    Your best bet would be to try at some supermarkets, like Park ‘n’ shop, they do foreign spices a lot. Couldn’t find it in Shoprite and see how it goes. I will keep searching. What did the herbal practitioner say the Isu Baka does in the body?

    • Hi Tina, you can try at some supermarkets like spar or even shoprite. Otherwise, you can go through this comment section, someone left a number there, which you can call.

  5. Pls does this maca root have side effect? Also once your butt has increased while taking, will your butt remain or reduce when u stop taking?

    Thank you

  6. I can personally attest to the wonders done by marca. I don’t know if it was coincidence but I do know that the month DH and I took marca(foreverliving marca),that was the same month I conceived. Just that it was so expensive. Marca root or seed or tablet form are all good.
    Thanks for the detailed knowledge shared.

  7. I had that maca can be found in Iresi in Osun state just that I do not kn the local name. I need to kn it for me to be sure of what am asking for.

  8. You can get the Forever Living Maca caplets. It’s good. U may search online for their office closest to u or contact a distributor. I say to every ttcing sister in the house BE FRUITFUL!

  9. Hi, for those who don’t like supplements call This number 0809 437 5272. For the actual Maca Powder with 210 servings. Salvere Pharmacy in gbagada. They do free deliveries in Lagos and you pay a little fee if you are outside Lagos.

  10. Your Comment…
    Good day the maca root name in Yoruba is called baka when I asked from the elders in my house that’s what they told me. I’ve asked those local yoruba women who sell herbs and what the gave me looked like small onions when I peeled it it was Whitish in colour looking like baby potatoes could that be maca root? I wish I could upload the picture.

  11. I will love to buy this Maca root , I’ve been doing a little research on it too and from what I gathered its a forgein spice from south america pls if anyone has info on where to get the black Maca reach me on 08039531094

  12. Hi friends, I really appreciate dis post on maca root as a matter of fact am just coming from Mkt now with the hope of getting maca root unfortunately I couldn’t. Actually we d way I saw d picture it looks like ” isu baka” in Yoruba but I thought Baka has yellow $black type untill I got to Mkt today I found out dat Baka is only one definitely I concluded that maca root is not Baka in Yoruba……. Mr maca where are u I really need uuuuuuuuu!!!!! Pls show face!!

    • Hello friends

      I’ve been doing my research on this maca and don’t know he Yoruba name for it which makes it difficult but will be going from market to market on this issue because I really need it too and incase I get it would get back to you for real thanks I’m so concerned about this

    • Hi Eve, you could reach out to our Healthy Eating Partner @tems, she just might have it in stock. Also, try a few persons who have dropped their contact details in this comment section.

  13. Contact tomi on 08090919934. I got my gelatinized (concentrated for those avoiding starch) maca from her. She also sells maca capsules too. I got her number on this forum.

  14. Your Comment… the first maca root I got was fresh like the one in the pics here but the one I bought few ago is somehow dry cos it has brown colour of onion. back to most question asked on this forum… maca root is baaka in Yoruba. thanks

  15. @ Ajeigbe Biodun thanks for confirming the Yoruba name for Maca. pls how best is maca root use to boost fertity?? Raw or process into powder?? And which of the 3 types is best for fertility??

    • hello everyone been a while since I’ve started my search for Maca root I’ve gotten it now if you’re interested you can join my Maca whatapp group:07057498383 cheers

  16. Maca root is not native to Nigeria, so there is no local names for it. It is a hardy plant found mostly in high altitude regions of South America. We have maca by nowfoods and The Maca Team in stock. Call or WhatsApp 08066357344 for enquiries and order.

  17. Hi Kunle,

    Sorry i omitted you, will add you shortly too , i have 907 gramms dat i’m willing to share.

    I hope we get a perfect sharing formula 🙂

  18. Hi Guys,

    Apparently those that requested earlier are not located in Lagos. Preferable Lagos residents should indicate interest.

    I have 907g to give away for free. I will share it into four containers since i have two out of Lagos residents already the remaining two goes for Lagos residents.

    So please indicate if you are Lagos resident.

  19. For those who want in capsules, they sell at HealthPlus/ MedPlus stores. I have seen various brands there.

    You can check it out.

  20. Hello Aisha… Please I seriously need maca…please keep me update when you have more share or give out pls my number is 08130699895 tanx….

  21. Pls Aisha, incase you have more to give out pls remember me.I’m also in need of it. My contact is 07015781033. Thank you

  22. Aisha, thanks for being so generous. God Bless you. l got to know about the maca few minutes ago, am very much interested and i need it badly, my number is this 07011324271. thank you.

  23. Hi Ladies , sorry the MACA i have for giveaway is finished.
    If you have any contact overseas they can get it for you easily. The person who sent mine is my friend and was based on request.

    Maybe i should start selling Maca powder 🙂 “Thinking out aloud”

  24. Hello everyone, this is a platform to cherish for the valuable contributions. Happy to inform you that maca product already abound in Nigeria. Interested person should reach me on 08090882438 for a particular brand.

  25. Hello all. Maca indeed is one of the wonders of plant. God has packaged in every seed bearing plants something wonderful for mankind and we see that evident in Maca and many other plants. For your fresh, whole Maca roots contact HPK supermart – 07064675705 or whatsapp – 09055732609

    • From what i read online you shouldn’t eat it raw because it can cause stomach infection. it is reported that the country where it is grown, it is boiled and eaten just like potatoes. so what i do is to put in water boil it and use that water to make swalllow or ogi or oat.

      You can research further online.

  26. Aisha… Please am interested as well in the maca. Here is my number if you get to receive from your sender ☺ 08128281564. Thanks

  27. Hi all, found out some stuff about our common cravings, it comes in 3 different types the cream colored the red and the black Maca. The Red is the most effective for fertility and contains more of he vitamins needed in triple folds, the yoruba name is actually baca but you must be sure to show the elewe omo the picture they know it.
    I have founf mine.

  28. Hi all, i have gotten mine on Monday afternoon from Yoruba sellers and the Yoruba name is ” Isu-baka or Baca. I showed them the pictures too.

  29. Ebi and Dupe can you please tell us what your maca root taste like since some people say its like sugar and can I get the red one from the elewe omo as you said

  30. Hello Aisha, I need the Maca too. Hope, am not late. I reside in Minna, Niger state and don’t know where to get it. Pls, help me help sister, I really need it urgently. God bless u. 08067026854, its also my whatsapp no. Thanks.

  31. Hi
    all who need maca root, fenugreek, fennel and any other herbs or spices etc
    Contact me via my instagram page #suco_fresco with your requests or call me on 0909 958 3075.


  32. Hi people. I did some research and the root they call Isu baka is not maca root.
    I confirmed these by buying the Isu baka and planting it. The resultant leaves are not those that are similar to those of the maca root . Hence it is not macaroni root.
    I really need the root of you have it Aisha. I live in Lagos and don’t mind coming anywhere you are to come and collect it. Don’t mind buying it too if you are selling.
    Fennel and fenugreek can be bought in the lagos market.
    Just look out for those selling Indian spices. Anyone know where I can get Ashgwanda and Amla powder to buy.
    Been looking for them all over Lagos.

    • Hi Linda Davies if you don’t mind send me a word on what’s app 07057498383 or 08039531095 I’ve just got some real maca root am based in Lagos try both line

    • Either powder or tablet will do the job Bolanle. It’s just a matter of presentation and processing, which means with the tablets, you won’t get a taste of maca, while you do with the powder form.

  33. I’ve researched on maca, and found so much benefits from team maca USA, but couldn’t place an order. Pls anyone that link me up with Peruvian black macca powder in nigeria. Contact me 07088383272. Aisha counting on you too.

  34. I have all the three varieties of maca root the black root,yellow and the purple I reside in Lagos Nigeria ..cheers !!!! oh my contact is 07057498383

  35. Ehennn, it’s good this post came up today. So after reading about Maca, I ‘miraculously’ found it in Garki market,I washed, peeled, dried and blended it to powder form, so I can sprinkle on any food. I first tried it with my green smoothie just to notice it had a bitter taste, meanwhile I read that it has a malty taste, please how do I mask the taste,my hubby even threw up some minutes after taking it with his Cocoa.and we haven’t tasted it again since then. Will post pictures of the root I got on the Facebook page

  36. Hello, everyone these are pictures of the Maca root I got and after drying and grinding it, it tasted bitter in my smootie, want to know if Maca has a bitter taste. *Note* the Maca root I got is bigger than the ones in the picture, I also saw these ones too but opted for the bigger and longer one.

  37. Hello, what’s generally refered as maca over here is Not maca. It’s known as gadali locally but not the actual maca. Let’s be sincere the Peruvian black maca is not readily available but come in powder, tablet and supplements.. .

  38. Pure organic Peruvian maca root is available for delivery nation wide. The root itself or the powder whichever you want. Call Ann on 07064675705 or whatsapp 08132891696 to place your order

  39. We need testimonies from those that have bn taking maca for months, how far? Have you conceived, have ur butt increased ?

  40. Kindly note that The Real Maca Root (Lepedium meyenni) is not native or cultivated to Nigeria and hence, it has no known local Nigerian name. Maca is native to Peru and some parts of Bolivia and there are huge restrictions on the exportation of raw roots. Maca has three distinctive root colours; namely black, yellow and red. These the colours of its outer peel. All there three are however cream (deep or light) to off white in colour depending on processing methods adopted

  41. The Yoruba name is isu baka. Those elewe omo has it. Bought mine 3 for #200. Go to any market where there are men/women selling herbs. ( elewe omo)


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