Tips For Coping With The Two Week Wait

So how can we get through the dreaded 2-week wait, without feeling like you are counting even the nano seconds until the day your period is expected? The most effective way is to keep BUSY! If you have a job, it helps to completely immerse yourself in it. Get involved with tasks that give you barely enough time to come up for air. Or if hard work is not really your thing, you could plan a number of fun, distracting, activities for the period.

It could be a nice time to read some nice, juicy novels (the lighter the read, the better). You could have a date night almost every night of the week with your hubby, or even your girlfriends (limit it to people you like, and not anyone whom it might be even be more work to be around). You could rent a truckload of movies. You could get caught up on your favourite series. You could spring clean your house. It doesn’t really matter how you fill the time, just as long as you fill it with something tangible.


You could also join an online community and discuss your feelings with other women going through the same thing at that time. Having a support group of people who know exactly what you are going through not only makes the time pass easier, but if you end up disappointed at the end of the period, chances are you won’t be the only one, and you can all comfort each other together. It is quite therapeutic. Trust me…..that was what got me through many a failed cycle.

I would also suggest keeping a journal during this time. Documenting all the twinges and pinches you might feel could serve as a good reference point for subsequent months. So if you think that your boobs feel extra sensitive and your gum is bleeding uncharacteristically, it could help to remember that you had those exact symptoms 5 months ago, and they really meant nothing. That way, when there is something really out of character, you can spot it.

What you absolutely should not do is consult Dr. Google! It does not pay you to scour the internet checking for symptoms. It truly doesn’€™t. You either end up depressed if your symptoms do not match any supposed pregnancy symptoms, or, and much worse, you have your hopes raised and dashed. Coming from someone who was Dr. Google’€™s biggest patient, believe me when I say that it really does more harm than good.

You should limit the number of people you tell about your cycle. That way, you don’t have anyone asking those annoying “€œHow far?!”€ questions!!!! It’€™s bad enough getting disappointed, but having to deal with sharing your bad news makes it even worse!

It is also critical to protect yourself emotionally. Especially on the day you will test, or when your period is due, do limit yourself to non-baby and non-pregnancy related discussions or occasions. Even if it is your twin sister whom you love so much, try not to surround yourself with baby talk that day. Instead, plan for it to be your day. So if you get a negative test result, or if your period chooses to make an entrance, have a good cry if it makes you feel better, and then absolutely indulge yourself. Finish a whole tub of ice-cream if you feel like it. Call in sick and sit in your PJs all day, watching Africa Magic, if that’€™s what makes you happy. BUT ensure that your pity party does not last longer than 3 hours. When you hit the 3-hour mark, its time to shake it off, and start planning for the new cycle. Yep, that’€™s what we do. We try, try and try some more!