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There are times in this journey to motherhood, or motherhood itself, when you do crazy things, as in things you would not ordinarily do. You know those kinds of things that your mind goes to and you go, “Did I really do that?” Yes, those kinds and the truth is, a TTC journey is often littered with a lot of such moments; from injecting yourself right in the middle of a meeting, to sneaking off into the car to take a pregnancy test. All sorts!

Today, the “adventures” we will be talking about are the unusual places women, either TTC or not, have taken pregnancy tests. For me, the few times I took a home pregnancy test, I did in the comfort of my bathroom in the morning, but it is not the same for the women who have decided to share their pregnancy test stories with us.

Foluke, a mom of three never took any of her pregnancy tests at home. It was always somewhere else and then she would be on the phone to tell her husband the latest discovery she had made. On three counts, those HPTs did not lie.

The first time, she had a reason to take a pregnancy test, she said she had been on her way to work and had been feeling odd for some time. Not ill, just out of sorts sha. Besides, she was just newly married, and while they had talked about contraceptives, they had not decided on any and were having unprotected sex. That morning, instead of going in straight to work, she stopped at a pharmacy and picked up a HPT, which she used as soon as she was able to secure herself in the toilet, away from the make-up crowd.

Foluke peed and waited some heart stopping minutes, before turning the stick over and seeing the two pink lines. She did not know whether to be happy or sad. She was just morose, she picked her phone to call her husband and then she remembered, there were ears on the other hand, and this was  a work environment after all.

Instead she sent her husband a text message and he was happy!!! His reply had been filled with “Congratulations, we are having a baby!!!” Taking her cue from him, she expressed joy at the fact she was carrying.

The second time, she took a pregnancy test was two years after that time. They were on a family holiday, when she started feeling out of sorts like the first time. She pushed it to the back of her mind, wanting to enjoy her holiday, but one day, they were at a mall and then she just thought, I might as well buy a pregnancy test and take it later.

shutterstock_232811890-home-pregnancy-test-700xIt did not happen later, it happened right away. As soon, as she bought the test, she located a toilet. So with her husband and young son waiting outside, she went in and took the test. It was positive, she came out waving the stick at her husband, “Stephen, see o, it’s reading positive o.” Her husband had been amused at her attitude. He was the one who expressed joy at the news again, this time around Foluke was not so amused, so he ended up carrying the baby for the rest of the trip to the mall, after all, a pregnant woman can’t be carrying extra load. LOL! See taking advantage.

Her third and final test, at least that is what she says, was taken in her car. Again, it was this same feeling out of sorts that made her branch off at a store to buy a test kit. Like other times, she had no patience to wait, till she got home, even though she tried.

She used the store’s toilet and left with her peed-on stick in hand. She got into her car to check but it wasn’t ready yet, so she started the drive home, checking every once in a while, until she couldn’t take it anymore. She parked her car, checked and behold, it was two pink lines. She sent her husband a text message, “I’m driving and you have scored another goal!”

The man only got to realise the full meaning of the text message when she dropped the stick beside him on her way to check on the children. Well, by now, you can guess his reaction. He was happy at the news of the impending birth. Looks, like the kind of man who likes babies.

38989b7936df436252d188f7a7dfaa06_f1217For Florence, she was supposed to be on a romantic getaway with her husband, a second honeymoon if you like, but it was to get away from the pressure of TTC really. They had been trying for 8 months and no results, which was driving Florence crazy.

This vacation was literally forced on her by her husband, with the collaboration of her younger sister, who had packed her bags while her husband had hijacked her from work.  

However, it turned out that you can remove fish from water but not water from fish, because at the time she left, she was close to 11DPO and had her stash of HPTs ready in her handbag.

She tried to relax but as though reacting to the getaway, she started to take a pregnancy test from 12dpo, something she hadn’t done before. The first morning, her husband had been surprised that she was taking tests, “Where did you get these from? We are trying to get away from all these!” he had said, pointing at the test kits.

Florence had told him she had them already and was not about to let them go to waste. Yes, she wasted precious bonding time with her husband on testing, she did not get a BFP that cycle, but it happened for her the next cycle.

Even though she had not been prepared to relax, her body got some rest and she conceived! This time, she did not test. She went to the hospital, because she was feeling unwell and then a pregnancy test showed she was indeed pregnant.

It was a pleasant surprise all round, for her husband, her doctor, and herself, an absolutely welcome surprise.

Back to Foluke, given her tendency to never take a pregnancy test at home, I asked her if she would have patience enough to get home to take her test. She threw the ball back in my court with, “When I see your own positive HPTs, then I will promise.”

Well, I guess, that’s just Foluke’s way of telling me she’s got to her final bus stop. Yep!

For our TTC moms, may the lines fall unto you pleasant places too.



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