The Hair Conundrum


I used to have a glorious mane of hair. As a child, that was what I was known for. Even when I was in University, people knew me as the girl with the long hair. And then PCOS struck, and my hitherto thick mass of hair became a scanty mess. As if to add insult to injury, as the hair on my head decreased, the hair on other parts of my body increased. Strands of hair began sprouting on my chin, my upper lip became darker than usual…To say I was devastated would be putting it mildly. My heart was broken!

That is one of the things PCOS does to you. It robs you of the hair where you want it, and gifts you hair where you don’t. The reason is this. PCOS can cause hyperandrogenism, a condition in which your body produces an excess of androgens (male hormones). All women naturally have androgens, and they affect the volume, and frequency, of menstruation, and can lead to acne and oily skin. But if your hair follicles are sensitive to these androgens, it is possible for them to decrease the growth of hair on your scalp and increase the growth of hair on other parts of your body, especially if they are present in. This is especially true if you have excessive amounts.

When I started looking for ways to fight my PCOS, I had already resigned myself to fate about my hair, and was doing it mainly for fertility reasons. I was pleasantly surprise to notice a positive change. My hair started regaining some volume, and I got encouraged. By the time I started doing things deliberately, to restore my hair, I saw even more results. I am still on the path to recovery, but here are some useful tips I would like to share:

1) Sticking to a PCOS-Friendly Diet

As PCOS is related to our insulin, if we are able to eat right and get our body sugar under control, we will suffer less of the effects of the disorder. When I eat right, I immediately see the result with my weight and hair. So, it’s definitely the first step. You can find a sample diet here.


2) Taking the right Vitamins & Supplements

The right supplements like Pregnancare Conception, and GNLD’€™s Feminine Herbal Complex, helped me greatly. Even though I didn’t conceive, my PCOS symptoms were greatly minimised, one of which was the hair loss.


3) Natural Oils (Coconut Oil & Black Castor Oil)

These natural oils were like candy for my hair. Using them helped with regrowth in some areas that had completely fallen out, and they made my hair look like a million dollars..shiny, lustrous, and bouncy!


4) Shea Butter

Shea butter, or as we fondly call it ori, is a magic cream.period. For hair, for skin, for anything really….it is just pure magic! Using it, in combination with the oils, has been wonderful for my hair, and has really helped with the regrowth!


5) Hairfinity

This pill is supposed to help with hair regrowth, and some even say it helps with skin as well. I haven’t tried it, but I can believe it’€™s effectiveness because it actually works under the basis of vitamin introduction and overall wellness and wellbeing. A few friends of mine have taken this, and I have seen the results; all I can say is WOW!


6) Hair Cut

Okay, not quite a hacking, but getting a nice trim can really help your hair. You lose your split ends, and give your hair more bounce. This, combined with the other factors, really helps. The picture below is mine after a recent trim . The hair isn’€™t quite back to its former glory; but it’€™s on its way ;-)


Good luck dolls! Here’s to better and healthier hair!!!

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