The Gift of Egg Donation


A premature menopause meant that Sarah’s only chance of a baby would be if she could have IVF with egg donation.

Sarah had a menopause at only 32, four years before she met her husband Lee, so the couple always knew that they would need to have fertility treatment in order to start a family.

Lee comments; “Infertility is emotionally difficult and is not something you think about until it happens to you. We are fortunate in that we are both Christians and our faith really helped us through this time along with the infertility support group, AceBabes.”

Lee and Sarah went to Bourn Hall for their fertility treatment and were put on a waiting list for an egg donor. The clinic has both an egg donor and an egg share programme and actively campaigns for donors to come forward to reduce waiting times.

Lee explains: “We were on the waiting list at Bourn Hall for over two years but were delighted when we got moved to the top of the list when Sarah was found to be a blood match with a donor.”

Happily Sarah gave birth to Simon in 2003 and then to Thomas two and half years later, both from the same donor eggs.

Sarah says it is almost impossible to put into words how grateful she feels towards the woman who came forward anonymously to help her and Lee have a family. “In my view, the enormous generosity of egg donors can’t be measured, and there can’t be a greater gift. I look at my two children every day and feel so blessed.”


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