The Funky Names Celebs Give Their Babies



It has more or less been confirmed that the much awaited birth of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s twins has happened, and their names finally confirmed.

Until the official names were announced, the Beyhive held different christening ceremonies, coming up with different names, unusual combinations too, and trying get into the thought pattern of a power couple, who named their first child Blue Ivy.

My own little theory at the time was that, Beyoncé and Baba Beji, Jay Z, could just go classical English on us all, as it seems there’s an inclination towards those types of names these days in Hollywood.

Don’t forget that the Clooneys named their twins, Alex and Ella, quaint English names right?  And lovely ones too.

Back home, our Celebs are not letting us down, as they have been giving some funky names to their babies, and we will start with newest Baba Beji in town, Harrysong.

Mehn, this guy sure did pull wool over everyone’s eyes. One moment, he was professing singlehood, and the next moment, he was sharing the news of the arrival of his twins, albeit with a fake picture, but that’s not our concern for this piece, as much as the names he has chosen to call them.

Say hello to Perez and Tarela. I never heard anyone being called Perez ever, except he was one man in the Bible born to Judah, one of the 12 sons of Jacob in the Bible. Interestingly, Perez in the Bible was a twin too, his sister was Zerah.

In current times and Ijaw language, Perez means Wealth.

Let’s not even talk about Tarela, which I hear is formed form Harrysong’s real name, Tare. It means love. That about ego-boosting, but then, everyone is free to call his or her child whatever he/she wants.




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