The Cervical Stitch (Cerclage)


When I hit the 12-week pregnancy mark, my doctor suggested I get a cervical stitch, otherwise known as a cerclage. It took me a bit by surprise, as it wasn’t something I had taken into consideration. He explained to me that it was mainly preventive because, as I hadn’t been pregnant before, there was no way to know for sure whether or not I had an incompetent cervix. As I was carrying twins, he didn’t want to take any chances.

The truth is, this was not entirely alien to me. My mother had a few late term miscarriages before she had me, and courtesy of her numerous stories surrounding my birth, I know that she had to have a cerclage when she was carrying me, and also when she was carrying my brother. In her case, because she had already had a few miscarriages, it was proof that her cervix was weak…hence the need for the protective stitch.

I didn’t even protest, and was immediately on board with my doctor’s suggestion! After trying to get pregnant for so long, taking a gamble with my pregnancy was out of the question. And if my doctor felt I needed a cerclage, then so be it!

But it took my husband a bit of convincing. “And why did he say you need it??!!” “It costs HOW MUCH??!” “Babes, that guy just wants to eat your money!”, were a few of the choice outburst of my hubby dearest. At this point, I was past the stage of no return! There was absolutely nothing that would get in the way of my getting that added protection for my babies…and I didn’t care how much I had to pay!

So, in my 13th week, I was scheduled for the stitch. Even though it required having to go under general anaesthesia, and also a hospital stay, it was not as traumatising as I had feared. After the initial cramping, I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort, but instead felt exactly as I had before the procedure. But the fantastic thing was that my pregnancy spotting immediately stopped! That was something I really savoured, not having to constantly check my underwear for brown gunk or blood. All of that faded into thin air after I got the cerclage.

The one thing that did suffer was my sex life. Even though my doctor told me it was okay to have sex, as long as it wasn’t rough or aggressive, I read too many things online to the contrary. So, my DH and I decided it wasn’t worth the gamble. And if you know how raging hormones can be in the second trimester, you can empathise over how hard this was.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I suffered quite a few infections, all of which were attributed to the stitch. No matter how much medication I was prescribed, I was plagued by the the discharge and discomfort common to most vaginal infections. This was the only real downside of having to get the stitch in. That aside, I am sure that the cervical stitch is one of the reasons (God being number 1) I was able to carry twins to the full term of 37 weeks.

Basically, a cervical cerclage is known to help prevent miscarriage, or premature labor caused by cervical incompetence. It is successful in 85% to 90% of cases, and appears to be effective when true cervical incompetence exists. Unfortunately, the diagnosis of cervical incompetence is very difficult and can be inaccurate. Only women with an abnormal or ‘€œincompetent’€ cervix can be helped by a cerclage. However, even with the help of a cerclage, other problems can cause labor to begin too early. Women who have a cerclage placed will need to be checked routinely for other complications such as infection and preterm labor.

The stitch is ideally removed in the 37th week, but as I had my twins at 37 weeks, the arrangement was that it would be removed during my (elective) caesarian section. But, for some reason, my American doctor struggled to remove my Nigerian cerclage. So I journeyed back home, with my cerclage still in tact. However, as soon as I got back to Nigeria, I proceeded to get the stitch removed.

If I had to do it all over again, I would get the cerclage fixed, in a heartbeat! I believe it really helped me, and was able to take my mind off the possibility of miscarriage. Apart from my Mom, I have had way too many friends lose late-term pregnancies. Having a friend lose twin boys at less than 20 weeks, watching some close friends have to suffer miscarriage after miscarriage…I just wasn’t willing to run that risk.

Ever since then, I have sung the praises of the stitch, suggesting it for anyone who cares to listen. A lot of them have not bothered with it, and have gone ahead to have healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries. These are the lucky ones.

The morale of this story is to have a long discussion with your doctor about whether, or not, you need it. If it’s your first pregnancy, and you don’t want to play the game of chance, it might be in your best interest to have it inserted. If you have a history of miscarriage, without even thinking twice, it might be enough to proceed with it. However, if you are diabetic and/or are prone to infection, it might be a good idea to give it a miss.

Good luck, everyone!

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  1. Hi Nicole,I’ve been following you for some time now and I like all your articles(the ones I read).
    So I need your help,I need you to please suggest one or two fertility clinics for me.Thanks in anticipation.

  2. God bless u for this article, I lost my boy at 22weeks then I had to get cerclage and am 18 weeks today. I wish I had read about it before the unfortunate incidence. Keep up the good work. God bless u real good.

    • God bless you plenty, B.A! Congratulations on your pregnancy…and I’m so glad you got a cerclage :hugs:. My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your boy, but thank God for his mercies dear :angel:

  3. hi Nicole, i absolutely love your blog i am obsessed…loll
    i have had 3 early miscarriages (6weeks) in the space of 1yr and 6months, and i am presently on the two weeks wait, but this cerclage is mainly for late term pregnancies??? will def talk to my doctor about it, can u have the procedure done earlier than 12weeks??

    • Hi Fifi! Thanks so much for your kind words :hugs:

      I’m so sorry to read about your early miscarriages. I don’t think the cerclage can be put in earlier than 12 weeks though….but I understand your wanting it earlier. Please, with your next pregnancy, make sure your doctor places you on progesterone support immediately. That has helped a lot of women with early miscarriages. :hugs: :hug:

      • I had my cerlage done in my 9th week due to my history of preterm delivery. had my first at 26 weeks lost another at 18 weeks

        • Oh wow, I didn’t know it could go in that early, princess denty! Thanks so much for this information! So sorry about your early losses. Did the cerclage make a difference this time around?

  4. Hello, Your statement regarding this… “However, if you are diabetic and/or are prone to infection, it might be a good idea to give it a miss”

    Do you think this would apply to all 4 types of cerclage or just the first three since they are done vaginally?

    Thank you in advance for your reply!

    • Hi Jesenia. Unfortunately, I’m more familiar with the popular 3 (McDonald cerclage, Shirodkar cerclage, and abdominal cerclage). I’m not very familiar with a 4th.

  5. I wish I could say I enjoyed the procedure but I can’t. As soon as the procedure was over, I had different complications, puking, pains all over and now this nagging headache..

  6. @princess sorry about your cerclage experience like you I also threw up after the procedure and that’s like my worst thing in the whole wide world. Trust me you would soon forget the experience. Enjoy your 2nd trimester hun

    • Hi Ara. Actually, I didn’t hun. I just proceeded to have my normal scans…and not even the transvaginal ones. I was asked to indicate if I ever experienced any itching or discharge, and this only happened towards the very end of my pregnancy. Are you about to get yours?

  7. Very educative article. thanks Nicole, sharing this with some of my friends having early miscarriages. baby dust to you all. @Nicole, how do I become one of the writers of this community?

  8. hi ,Nicole. just stumbled on this post today. I lost my first pregnancy at 19 weeks due to incompetent cervix. no pain ,no bleeding…went to sleep after church(my one year anniversary), woke up and bam ! cervix had dilated and amniotic sac with half of the baby was in my vagina. nothing to be done and had to be induced and delivered an otherwise healthy baby boy. (R.I.P omojolaoluwa Gabriel… mummy loves you always!). three months later I was pregnant again,went to my doctor asap and told him from the beginning I intended to get a cerclage with this pregnancy and he said it was to early anyway to be talking about or getting a cerclage as I was only 8 weeks gone. 13 weeks gone I went back and demanded a cerclage, doctor said my cervix was quite okay ,there was no longer indication I needed a cerclage at that point in time. there was no conclusive evidence that my first loss was due to IC blah blah……I argued ,oh how I argued with him! I m a lawyer so you can imagine how much of an argument backed with facts from my research I put up. in the end,I decided to trust to trust my Doctor against my better judgment and reservation. three weeks later,went to use the bathroom before bed and bam! felt a gush of fuud rush out out if me and I knew immediately that my water had broken. I tried to deny the fact but within me I know I had just ruptured my membrane. did a scan the next day and ALL the amniotic fluid was gone! I was advised to terminate but I refused. if the baby will make it so be it,if he wasn’t going to make it,so be it,but I wasn’t going to abort this pregnancy. I went home with antibiituc s and a week later my son came out on his own, gone to he with the lord. my heart is broken as I type this cos its been just four days now since I lost my baby(R.I.P Oluwaseyifumni Joshua) . how much can one woman take before she breaks? the doctor was quick to exonerate himself cis my cervix was still long and closed at the ultrasound I did just a day after the membrane ruptured,but I know it was the cervix. I should have insisted on a cerclage! I sought a second opinion and doctor asked why I didn’t get a cerclage after my first loss which was a classical case of cervical incompetence? so my next pregnancy,ain’t nothing nobody is going to tell me,I m getting a cerclage,come hell or High water!

    • My dear Mrs. R, my heart broke reading this! I’m so so sorry for both your losses! What’s more painful is when you have a gut instinct and your doctor refuses to listen to it. The funny thing though, is that my friend had the exact opposite. She had a cerclage at 12 weeks, but lost all her amniotic fluid at 17 weeks. The doctors she saw in the States blamed the cerclage for the infection that cost her that baby, and she’s now bent on not having another one next time. So many schools of thought, but I am definitely all for it, as I know too many women it has helped! God bless you dear! May you carry your next pregnancy to term, and bring forth the beautiful babies the GOOD LORD has reserved for you :hug:

  9. @Mrs R I am so sorry to read this. As @Nicole said there are different schools of thoughts on this. I agree with you that there is no reason you shouldn’t get a cerclage with your next pregnancy. It well dear

  10. Thanks @NIcole and at @ LInda. how are the twins doing. I never knew having babies was such hard work! I ve really been on an emotional and physical rollercoaster on this journey. I know the risk if infection exist in getting cerclage and sometimes it even fails,but I just know I m going to a wreck in my next pregnancy if I don’t get one put in. I m counting on the fact that I ve never had a n infection in my life to keep me safe. when my water broke,we did a test to know if I had an infection and it came back negative. the only culprit I can finger out in my two losses is my cervix. my doctor still doesn’t totally agree with me that that’s the cause but I m definitely changing doctors in my next pregnancy(we re thinking 6 months from now though he advised 1 yr. ). I want a doctor who will be proactive with me as this one seems to knock down all my suggestions for handling my next pregnancy. A cerclage,he says maybe but if I insist,yes. progesterone supplements? he says there are no real known benefits but it can make ur uterus soft and that’s bad. what? I want a calm uterus! P17 shots? He says ,not necessarily. weekly scans? he laughed. test for infections every other week? he says ,madam you read too much stuff on the internet. I m the doctor here,not you. see me see trouble? I’m definitely getting a new doctor.

    • Mrs. R, I definitely support getting a new doctor…even if it’s only for a second opinion. Some of these doctors can be so set in their ways! Sending you lots of :hugs: as you wait to try again hun. The LORD is your strength, and HE will surely see you through!

    • But still discuss it with your doctor hun. I’ve recently found out that it’s not for everyone. But with or without it, you will carry your next baby to term, by HIS grace :hugs:

  11. About this Cerclage I really don’t believe it works… have had 2 miscarriages without Cerclage but this time around my doctor placed me on progesterone during early pregnancy and when I was 12weeks he booked me for Cerclage at 14weeks, I had the procedure only for me to have strong contractions for 20hours at 21weeks. He tried all he could to stop the contractions but it got worst my water broke and he had no choice than to remove the Cerclage but before he could in less than 5minutes the baby came out and the Cerclage was still intact! After that he tried to remove the Cerclage so that the placenta can come out but we spent another 4hours in the theatre! My cervix had tear and that was where the baby came out from. My question now is in my next pregnancy do I still go for Mcdonald Cerclage or transabdominal? @ 14weeks my cervix measured 30mm, @ 18 weeks it was 33mm, at 21weeks it was 43mm. I had so much pains than a labour pain

    • Mrs Valentino, I’m so sorry about what you’ve had to go through. The cerclage isn’t for everyone, and it doesn’t work 100% of the time. Maybe you should discuss the steroid/bed rest option with your doctor, for next time? The steroids are supposed to prevent early contraction, but works best when one is on full bed rest.

  12. Omg! This site is all about me. I have had series of miscarriages in the past, though no cerclage done. To God be the Glory, am 8 weeks gone with twins and my doctor is suggesting cervical cerclage At 8 weeks. His reason is that it’s a twin pregnancy and my histories too. I have never read anywhere that it can be done at 8 weeks. I kicked against it and told him I will be ready by 12weeks. I took a step by visiting Georges and Eko hospital and was told it can be done at 8 weeks all I need is to rest. Lord have mercy on me. I have gone through a lot in TTC. Pray for me

    • Awww, first of all, HUGE CONGRATS on your twins Ibukun hun! How blessed are you :heart:. So sorry about your earlier miscarriages. Were they 1st trimester losses? I also thought the cerclage couldn’t be done before 12 weeks, so I’m surprised they are suggesting 8 weeks. But if Georges (a hospital I have 100% confidence in) can recommend it too, it leaves me wondering maybe the doctors are worried about taking chances? If they have all suggested it, I would suggest you listen to them hun…whilst most of all trusting God. It is well hun! I just read Bolatito Idakula’s testimony, about birthing her son after losing her daughter last year, and it touched my heart! God will always be God, and when He says it’s your time…it’s your time! Praying along with you hun :heart: :hug:

    • Yayyyy!!!! Congratulations Ibukun. This is great o. Since two other clinics have confirmed that a stitch can be put in by 8 weeks, then it should be fine. May you see only the greatness of God henceforth. We will definitely be praying for you and the twins. Take care dearie.

  13. It feels good to know I’m not alone in this journey,I have had three second trimester loss with the last one happening two weeks ago at 27weeks ,the most painful of it all is the fact that I had a tv cerclage for the last and just like the first two losses my water broke at night while sleeping and I had to rush to the hospital for the cerclage to be removed.I had to be induced two days later to have my baby as there was no amniotic fluid left.My baby did not survive.Presently I am at a loss at what to do next.Hubby and I are so confused and as there is no explanation why this happened the third time.I don’t even have the strength to try again. I just pray for strength from above. The three pregnancies have happened within two years just because I want to hold my babies in my arms,now I dont know how safe it would be to try again after two months.I need all the encouragement I can get.I hope this passes soon.So sorry I just needed to pour out my heart.

    • Loads of hugs for you Have Faith, it’s so sad, that you have to go through all this. And I understand you wariness to try again, it becomes tiring, when you’re not sure, it will end in a baby. Your doctors haven’t been able to keep determine what causing the miscarriages? I wonder why the baby didn’t survive but God knows best.You might want to take a break to get your body and mind in a happy place.
      And you are welcome to pour your heart out here. Do take care dearie.

    • Dearest Have Faith, I’m so sorry about what you’ve had to go through. And I also understand your fears hun. Have your doctors checked to see if there has been a recurrent infection? Maybe even of the cerclage itself? My dear, give yourself time to heal, body and soul, before you try again. Maybe you might need to change your healthcare provider, as it’s possible a new doctor might look at it through a fresh, and more insightful, pair of eyes. Sending you hugs hun. We’re here if you ever need to talk :hugs:

  14. Thank you so much @ Oluwakemi and Nicole.I really do appreciate your soothing words. I also suspect infections from the cerclage could have been responsible for our last loss.The first two was as a result of the cervix being incompetent.Inasmuch as I badly want to have my babies,I need to take time out to heal .I agree with you Nicole,I need a new healthcare provider.thanks.This too shall pass.

  15. I belong to the class that doubt cerclage due to my past experiences. I had my first baby delivered full term. I took in for my second pregnancy and lost it at 22 weeks. Went to use the rest room and felt a gush of water, few hours later I started feeling contraction and by the time hubby rushed me to the hospital bleeding had set in and that was how I lost my boy. My third pregnancy came and was delivered at full term. After the third pregnancy , I have suffered three second trimester losses. After the first loss, my doc recomended cerclage. We had the stitch done at 14 weeks for the last two but unfortunately they all failed at 17 and 20 weeks respectively. My doc is as much confused as I am. I doubt that my case is that of IC and wondering if anyone has similar experience.

  16. I have been searching around the internet for information on elective Cerclage in Twin pregnancies and little did I know that there was an article here about it. Great stuff!!!!

    So I will have to agree with my doctor on having a Cerclage done at 13 weeks. Thanks @nicole for this article. How long were you on bed rest after your Cerclage?


    • @tumininu hun, probably about a day or two after the procedure, and I was back on my feet. Don’t worry hun. It’s not as scary as it sounds. The only thing that it could affect is :sex: …but for after TTC for so long, it was a sacrifice DH and I were happy to make! There is also the risk of increased infection, so you and your doctor need to be on the lookout for that.

      • Thanks hun @nicole . Tricky part is – since my ER in January, DH and I havent been intimate because I was just not in the mood plus we were scared we would hurt the babies. With a Cerclage in a about a week, it means no show until after the babies come? Ha! Emergency!

        • :haha: Real Emergency, @tumininu . Welllll….according to my doctor, sex is allowed but it has to be VERY GENTLE. If your DH can guarantee that for you, then you’re good…but I just didn’t want to tell any tales that touch, hence the abstinence.

  17. I had a cerclage at about 14 weeks with fibroids. My american doctor told me they do not do it in yankee unless you have had 2 miscarriages. So I had it in Nigeria. I had known about the fibroids from the day I got my bfp. Infact, it was why I knew. However, my water broke at 19 weeks and that ended the journey. However, I believe a cerclage is a preventive method. If a doc says do it, then do so. If you have had a miscarriage and they say it is not necessary, DO IT. Just make sure it is done by a very competent doctor. Better safe than sorry.

    • Yes, oh, better safe than sorry Oye @oye1. So, true, Nigerian doctors have a reputation for doing cerclage but it’s all because of their experience and the effectiveness of the procedure. The Oyinbos can turn up their noses at it but… mehn, it works

    • You’re quite right, @oye1. I was 100% of that opinion, and proposed it for anyone who’d consisted through ART, with or without any miscarriage history. Better safe than sorry, my dear. But after my friend lost her baby last year, due to an infection of her cerclage, it kind of shifted my perspective a little bit. But I’m still at least 70% of the opinion that it’s the best thing to do :yes: :yes:

  18. @Nicole, I understand. I was wondering then if the cerclage then was one of the reasons I lost the pregnancy. The fibroids were degenerating from the 5 weeks and I went through hell (will never wish it on anyone!) but what other option do you have. I was already dealing with one issue. If you don’t do it (i.e if its the first time an incompetent cervix thingy is rearing its head) , the alternative is to wait and see. Only a mentally strong person can do that o. Already know 2 doctors who I believe are really good at it.

    • I honestly feel you, @oye1. And so sorry for what you went through :hug:. For me, I would never want to take that kind of chance. Even before my doctor had said “Cercla…”, I was already asking where to sign :haha:. And if I were to do it all again, I most surely would get one…no stories abeg. But after seeing what my friend went through, I’m not quick to recommend it to everyone, especially for those with no precedent. In those cases, I leave it to them and their docs to decide what’s best. My friend had hers done by one of the top doctors at Premier…so I really don’t know what went wrong. She has decided to go on an early bed rest with the next pregnancy, and skip the cerclage altogether. I pray it works out for her.

  19. @Nicole, It will, BGG. The thing is that some women have undergone D&C before but will not term that as a pregnancy(not referring to your friend). I hope women note that that is a precedent. Premier’s Doctor Osinowo did my myomectomy and I would trust them always.
    No 2 cases are the same. may God help us all.

  20. Nice post. I am so sorry for everyone here that has gone through any loss. It is a painful thing.
    I put up my bfp success story last year august here on the forum, little did I know the journey ahead of me. I also had my cervix dilate to 6cm at 21 weeks. I had to push my membrane back into my vagina when I went to use the toilet the day I found out. My membrane didn’t break. The doctors tried to do a rescue cervlage for me but they said they was really nothing to hold. I was a hospitalised bed rest for 10 weeks. I didn’t walk, sit nor stand. I laid down to eat and was cloth bathed. I used bedpan on the bed to pass out waste. I was determined to do anything required to save my baby.
    My water broke at 31 weeks 3 days and labour followed the second day. My baby weighted 1.7 kg. He seemed he was going to be fine because he was active and looked good. Infact he was off cpap/oxygen on the 7th day and was feeding breast milk. Then jaundice set in. He passed away on 8th day when a blood transfusion exchange was being administered. While I m sure the hospital care in detecting and treating his jaundice was not satisfactory, it can’t bring back my son. This happened in march. I was TTC for 2 years before I conceived him.

    I am TTC again now and I want to ‘go big or go home’ with being proactive. I am thinking of going the abdominal cerclage way. I can’t go through the pain of lossing another child. I just want to know if anyone has done the abdominal cerclage ? The antenatal doctor of my last pregnancy thinks I am going too far with it. But the new consultant I just started seeing this week thinks it can be done if that is what I want and also since getting pregnant with me is not a walk in the park.

    What do you think?

    • Fadekemi, so sorry to read about your loss dear. I can’t even explain how that feels. How are you doing though? I agree with your stance and since your consultant says the same, you can get an abdominal cerclage in as soon as it can safely be done.
      But getting pregnant is the first step though,so how are you going about that?
      cc: @nicole

      • Thank you Oluwakemi. I am doing a lot better now. Didn’t think I would be able to recover after he passed on but I am very good now.
        I know it (tac) can be gotten even before getting pregnant. I will be discussing again with the consultant to weigh the risks of getting it before and after pregnancy. I wanted to read a bit more on it. Depending on the cost too, I will prefer laparoscopic TAC but if its outside a realistic cost I will go for an open TAC. Having pcos, I want to get this cervical insufficiency out of the way and have one less thing to worry about in my TTC and pregnancies.

        • Happy to hear you’re doing great now Fadekemi. Well, since cervical incompetence has been established, then a preventive TAC should be ideal. Now cost definitely come to play in whether it’s an open one or a laparoscopic one, what’s important though is that the stitches are in. Sending you lots of hugs and babydust Fadekemi.

          Are you using for former RE or moved on?

        • Dear Fhadekhemmy, I am so so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine the pain and devastation you must have felt. It is well hun. And I am praying for a rainbow baby for you A.S.A.P!

          And no, I don’t think you’re going too far considering a TAC. What I can do is to ask 2 of the surgeons I trust the most (Dr. Iketubosin of Georges, and Dr. Alabi of South Shore) about it, and revert as soon as I get a response from them :hug:

          • @nicole thank you. I receive my rainbow baby. I had my first consultation last wednesday at South Shore. That was how I knew getting a TAC wasn’t too far fetched (traveling abroad things). In fact, I am glad He said he was able to do it if I wanted it and that laparoscopic TAC was an available option.

            When I went for my 6wks post natal check up at my former hospital and I brought it up. The Dr said I was taking things too far and also that he doesn’t do it until after a preventive tvc fails. I was still mourning my baby and he was telling me that until I loss another before he will do it.
            I knew I was never going back there again after that.

        • Some doctors have truly lost all sense of empathy. To him, it was just a tick in his checklist, never mind that you had just lost a baby. Glad you’ve crossed out that clinic. And truly, no need for abroad tinz. Dr. Alabi is great, and I am confident that he can do it.

  21. @ fhadekhemmy….I m so sorry about your loss. Its the hardest thing to lose a child at any stage. I have suffered three 2nd trimester miscarriages in three years so I can understand how hard it is. This incompetent cervix will not get the better of me! My first two pregnancies I didn’t get a cerclage….first pregnancy because I didn’t even know I had a weak cervix and second pregnancy because my doctor decided to take a wait and see approach. My third pregnancy I did get a transvaginal cerclage at 13 weeks but again my water broke at 20 weeks and I had to deliver a little baby girl. I had already named her Oluwadarasimi. I m just so devastated! I prayed like I had never prayed before in this pregnancy. God,all I wanted was just for you to help me keep this baby in!!! But you know best. I quit my job so I could be on home bedrest even when my doctor said there was no need. I did all I could,yet no baby at the end of the day. Its been six weeks now and I m only just beginning to feel like I m alive again. Please @ fhadekhemmy,are you in Nigeria? Cos I have done a lot of research and it seems the trans abdominal cerclage is the only option I have of carrying a baby to term. Do they do it in Nigeria? Have you gotten any hospital or doctor here in Nigeria that does it? I have read about Dr. Haney in Chicago and Dr. Davies too also in the U.S, but I haven’t been able to get any information about it being done in Nigeria. Do we even have perinatologists in Nigeria ? Please,any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated .@ Nicole…i don’t know if its against the blog policy to drop one’s number or email or request for the number or email of a blog member ( I.e fhadekhemmy’s)?? Cos I really would love to talk to her about the trans abdominal cerclage?

    • Mrs. R…OMG, I am so sorry!!! 3 times!!! My dear, the Good Lord will restore to you all that has been lost, by HIS grace! It’s not against blog policy hun, but it’s just to protect your own privacy. If you’re okay with that, feel free to drop your details hun. If not, you could always send me a DM…or vice versa. I’m going to ask my two trusted doctors for some information, and revert as soon as I do :hug:

    • @oluwakemi I have changed doctors. My former was okay but the hospital and its support system (other doctors and nurses) was horrible.

      @Mrs R I am so sorry about your loss too. It indeed is painful to loss a child and I can’t imagine losing three. I wish I can hug you right now. When I wasn’t sure of my baby’s sex, I chose Oluwadarasimi too for a girl . He was a boy and we named him Gideon on the 8th day because we believed he fought to live.
      I am based in Nigeria and I have just switched to south shore women’s clinic, Lagos. Dr. Alabi to be precise. I still have a lot of questions to ask him about the procedure. I know another Hosiptal in Abuja does it too but I haven’t followed up much on it.

      • Fhadekhemmy hun, our comments must have crossed. I didn’t even know you use Dr. Alabi before I even suggested it. My dear, you are in the BEST hands! I would recommend him wholeheartedly! I know he is absolutely the best person to consider, especially as you are in Lagos.

        May Gideon and Oluwadarasimi rest in perfect peace, and may their siblings come forth soonest :hug:

    • Hello Mrs R, so sorry to hear about your loss again. Never fear, the Lord is indeed good to you, just as you named your angel and He will grant you your heart desires. Fadekemi, you made a beautiful choice in Dr. Alabi. He’s quite good.

  22. Thanks @fhadekemmy. Oluwadarasimi is such a lovely name, isn’t it? If it was a boy I was going to name him Gideon too. How weird is that that we both had the same names for our little angel babies? It will all end in praise in Jesus name. Please I would greatly appreciate any information you can give me from your consultations. I am in port Harcourt but will come down to Lagos to see Dr. Alabi? Has he told you how much it cost and if he does it pre- pregnancy or post- pregnancy? My address is douye9ce@yahoo.Com. Baby dust to you.

  23. The only reason why doctors delay circlage to 2nd trimester is to be sure that the pregnancy is to allow nature take its course since several other factors can make one lose pregnancy in 1st trimester like chromosomal abnormalities. I did shirodkar and I hated everything.during the procedure, I overhead my doctor say that some people use one circlage for all pregnancies and remove it when they have their last child. I later told her I wanted to keep mine,not because of the money,but the experience was horrible to me. She told me that it would mean having cs all through and that keeping a foreign body in my system could trigger infection and other complications and encouraged me to remove the stitch after each pregnancy.

    • My dear mm, I would NEVER recommend keeping it beyond the pregnancy in question. Even with just a single pregnancy, the infections that can occur are on another level. Keeping it for long, my dear…no abeg. You don’t need the possibility of a serious infection compromising your tubes or uterus.

  24. I can’t overcome the guilt of not sharing this. I Have a friend who had 9 miscarriages in 6 years of marriage due to cervical incompetence(mostly 2nd trimester even with mc donald circlage).suppository and other progesterone did not work for her.she finally had a boy in 2015 and a girl in 2016. I told her about what women on this forum were experiencing.she scolded me for not sharing. She did shirodkar cerclage for both babies.Her doctor prescribed a drug for her (duphaston-10mg twice daily) which she took till she left Nigeria. She felt she would not be allowed with the drug into the took her over a month to get a doctor due to her history.the duphaston was also expensive and could only be sold strictly on doctors prescription. When she got a doctor,she had dilated was on the circlage thread. She was put on bed rest until delivery.With her second,she took her duphaston from Nigeria(in a multivitamin container to avoid questions at airport) and was up and about until delivery.several of her friends (including me)have used duphaston too and its worth every bit.i had 2 2nd trimester miscarriages. With duphaston,story was different.this could help a sister

    • Thank you MM for sharing this and congratulations to you and your friend for coming out of this journey with your babies. Wow, 9 miscarriages. God is good and that was a smart move on her part, putting the drugs in a multivitamin container. We will talk to our doctors about the duphaston drug too.
      Thank you again for sharing.

  25. Such an amazinf group. I wonder why im just discovering this.
    ok to my story. I love my darling son in april at 21 weeks 4 days. It was termed an expulsion because it all came out (both baby and placenta) on a toilet seat. This was less than 5 mins after the water broke.
    to Gods glory, I took in not too long afterwards. Im presently 18wks and 6 days and my gynea suggested getting a cerclage done more dor preventative measures based on the laat experience
    im presently in the clinic for the procedure.
    Anyone ever had at 18 wks?

    • Hello Titilola, good luck with your procedure today. Given your last experience, I would have thought, you doctor would have wanted to put in the stitch earlier than now, but better late than never. Yes, there are ladies who get their stitch in at 18 weeks but many more do so earlier than 18 weeks. Fingers crossed for good news from your end dear.

      • Thank you @Oluwakemi for your reply.
        I guess it was due to a change in hospitals.
        I’ve had the procedure done. And I’m back home now for bedrest.
        I’m keeping my fingers crossed as well. And im praying this really works for me.
        Thank you once again

    • Titi Lola, I just read your comment, and I’m so sorry about your miscarriage. That must have been really traumatic, expelling the baby and placenta. I bless God for consoling you immediately with another pregnancy hun. I’m also glad you had a safe and smooth cerclage procedure. My dear, please REST as much as you can. I pray for you a smooth and successful remainder of your pregnancy hun. Can’t wait to hear your testimony :hugs: :hug:

  26. Very insightful. However I m currently in a fix as to how helpful cerclage is. I got pregnant after TTC for 6 years via IVF with Triplet in 2016. I had a preventive cerclage at 13 weeks and my water broke at exactly 15 weeks and one day. The first baby’s leg came out effortlessly to my vagina. The Dr removed it and placed me on bed rest and antibiotics to prevent infection. The remaining two stayed for exactly one week after the incident before I went into labour. Lost them at exactly 16 weeks. I conceived again in 2017 (Triplet too) and the Dr did not recommend cerclage for multiple pregnancy so he placed me on progesterone and ventolin. My water broke again at exactly 15 weeks and 3 days. I currently don’t know what the problem is. I m so scared to try again. Please what do you advice?

    • Hello Akm
      I am so sorry for your losses. I know what you are going through because I have gone through it. I will like you to know that there is hope and a lot of things that can still be done to get your rainbow baby/babies. I can guess the Cerclage you have been getting is a MacDonald Cerclage which is quite common and most obgyn prefer. Maybe also its because that’s only one they are taught in medical school. But I want you to know that there are three other Cerclage with a higher success rate than the MacDonald Cerclage. Very few Drs in nigeria can do the other three. In fact they will discourage you from doing it but in your case they are the best options for you. These Cerclage are transabdomnal Cerclage (TAC) (highest success rate of 95% to term), a transvaginal cervio-ismitic Cerclage (tvcic) or some all it a modified shirodkar, then lastly a shirodkar Cerclage.

      We have a closed/private support group on facebook for women around the world (lots of nigerians on it) that offer support and information on drs they use to get their rainbow babies;
      -abbyloopers for transabdominal Cerclage
      -tvcic – treatments for cervix incompetence
      -Hope sisters Africa (this is a group for African women with a lot of Nigerians too) and we are also on what’s app.
      – (P)prom – preterm premature rupturing of membranes . for the website – (this is for water breaking prematurely)

      I am currently pregnant with a tvcic. There is a lot to be said and done but I will advice you to first arm yourself with information on these type of cerclages. Consider using a high risk pregnancy obgyn doctor with knowledge of these cerclages and how to manage premature rupturing of membranes (I know three in Lagos and one in Abuja). You might also need to consider not having multiple pregnancies at once. A Singleton has a higher success rate and twin pregnancy can still be fair but carrying higher than that is risky with cervix incompetence.

      I pray for the best and a joyfilled outcome for you and your family. There is hope my sister. Pls believe that.

      • Thanks so much sis. This is really insightful. Please how do I join this groups. Can you provide me with a link. I reside in Lagos so I won’t mind if you can recommend this high risk doctors to me. Please I will appreciate your prompt response.

      • @Fhadekemmy- thanks so much sis. Pls can you link me with any of this doctors in Lagos? I actually had a McDonald in d first pregnancy. How do I join those groups you suggested.

        • Hello AKM,
          When you are on Facebook just use the search bar and put each of the above groups I previously wrote. I m using my phone, so finding its hard to switch between tabs without lossing what I am typing. They are private groups so u might have to answer about two questions when you send a request to join.

          As for the doctor, if you are using Olive Branch then u might know Dr. Femi Akinsanya. He is an out-consultant with them too. He is actually my Dr. He does the Tvcic and TAC only. Also manages high risk pregnancy but not at olive branch though. He manages me in another Hosp. He primarily consult at Ogun state teaching hospital shagamu but can work with you in few Hosps on the island. When u join the Abbylooper group there is a list of TAC Dr with their phone numbers from around the world. So you will find his number on the list.

          Then Dr Alabi of south shore women’s hospital too. He does the Macdonald and TAC (open and lap) only.

          These are the two I consult with. But when you join the groups other women can tell which Dr they used.

          There is still one other but I don’t have his details now. I know other ladies using him on the group.

          I hope you find what I wrote helpful. Take care

          • Hello Fhadekemmy, Thanks for your response. Your response had gone a long way for me. I initially said I wasn’t going to try again in 2018 but with all I heard from you and read from the three groups ( I joined all 3 yesterday?) I think I have the courage and hope to cycle again. It so painful that Dr Akinsanya mentioned TAC to me before I got pregnant again but I didn’t think of him when I was looking for a gyn to manage my pregnancy. Thanks for shedding more light. I wish you safe delivery. I ‘ll keep you posted on how it goes. Make sure you invite me for baby dedication. Cheers

          • @Fhadekemmy – I met with Dr Akinsanya today. Thanks so much for the recommendation. Please how can I get to join the WhatsApp group. I also have additional questions relating to the procedure and the cost.
            Thanks so much.

    • AKM, I’m so so sorry for your losses. It can be so frustrating, especially after one has gone through the stress of getting a cerclage. Like Fhadekhemmy stated in her comment, you might need a different type of cervical treatment, but be sure to discuss this with your doctor first. Is it the same doctor that treated both pregnancies? If yes, you might want to consider having a different set of eyes evaluate you. I’m sending huge cyber hugs hun! Your next pregnancy will result in live births, in JESUS’ name! Three beautiful babies, by God’s special grace! :hug:

      • Thank you so much Nicole. I actually used two different doctors and still got the same result. I ‘ll follow Fadekemi’s advice.
        I also have a question on Frozen embryo transfer in Nigeria. Have you seen it work? I have some frozen which will be the next line of option for me.
        Thank you for the good work here.

        • AKM dear, I know a lot of people that have gotten pregnant from frozen embryos, even when their fresh cycles didn’t work. What clinic did you use for your cycle(s)?

          • I used Olive Branch for both cycles which worked and resulted into triplets. So I currently have frozen there.

          • Thanks so much. I will give it a shot. May God reward your for this beautiful website. I will keep u posted. I won’t mind any advice for GET that you may have to offer.

  27. I’m sooooo scared right now…
    Cerclage or not, I think we all need BED REST as soon as we are confirmed pregnant.
    As our pregnancies progresses, we must try to reduce our movements and stress levels. Bed rest is best achieved by lying with your legs up, this will help push back the amniotic sac further into the uterus #mytwocents
    @oluwakemine @nicole you guys deserve awards. God bless you for this.


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