The Celebrities Who Left The Limelight For Motherhood



When Janet Jackson cancelled her world tour last year April, a lot of hearts were broken, not to mention that some people lost money, but she had a higher calling to attend to – motherhood.

While Janet Jackson has promised to hit the tour trail this year, after welcoming her first son, Eissa, earlier this year, there are a whole lot more celebrities who have left the spot light behind, in order to respond to Mother Nature’s call to procreate. Some left the limelight and never bothered to look back, some did take a break and returned to the grind afterwards.

Today, we chronicle all the mommas who dumped their microphones, scripts, catwalks, cameras or whatever the tool of their trade was, and took on the sleep-deprived, money-guzzling, but amazingly rewarding job of a parent. And in this piece, we see a lot of our Nigerian celebrities who have toed this path. Mind you, most of them are of the older stock, so that should tell you something… that our younger mamas are experts at the juggling act? Perhaps.


Here we go:

Dakore Egbuson Akande:

Nollywood actress, Dakore Egbuson was like hot cake on the movie scene back then; she starred literally on all the hottest flicks.

However, Dakore stepped on the brakes of her career when she got married, and then motherhood beckoned, a path she said completes her.

“Motherhood is awesome and challenging, but it completes me.  It makes me appreciate my mum a lot more.  Now, I know what she went through to have me and my four other siblings,” she once spoke on motherhood.

Dakore came out of self-imposed hiatus to star in the movie Fifty. And that film was released in 2015. So, go figure.



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