The Case of the “Hot” Womb

Young African American woman (19 years), standing on city sidewalk, leaning against building.

Some weeks back, a member of our community had inquired about the phenomenon known as the “hot” womb. However, I was hearing it for the first time and most of my research did not come up with any meaningful details of this condition.

However, last week, while I was in the hospital with my mom, who just had a sub-total hysterectomy (in plain language, the ovaries were not removed), I asked her doctor, and for a while, he paused and then he said, he had only handled one such case in his career.

Here was a man who left Government employment as a Consultant Ob/Gyn ,with several medical officers under his authority, and with an expertise for dealing with knotty issues. I was like, perhaps that is why there were not so many materials on the subject matter.

I however asked him to tell me what he knew about the condition and, ultimately, if that patient went on to have a baby. Here’s the story.

According to the doctor, his attention had been called to the condition of the lady in question, when she suffered her second miscarriage, and the major symptom she had reported was that there was unusual heat in her pelvic region, just before the bleeding started, and it was always around the 9-week mark.

He said they had to cary out some investigations to find out if it was her anti-bodies fighting the foetus that led to the heat, and subsequent miscarriage. They asked that she stay away from trying for a baby for a period of six months, so as to give her body time to balance out its hormones and such, back to the state she was in before the she had two back-to-back miscarriages.

In the meantime, she was closely monitored and frequently asked if she experienced the heat, but her answer was always no. She felt very fine and in good health. When her six months was up, she started trying again, and it was on one of her visits to the hospital that she even found out she was pregnant again.

From then on, it was a waiting game to see when she would complain about the hotness of her womb. It was hammered into her, by her doctor, nd by the consultant in charge of her case, that she should come to the hospital immediately she felt any unusual heat.

They did not have to wait for long. Before the week ran out, the doctor said she came in, complaining about an unbearable heat in her lower abdomen, all the way to her back, which was a new one. Unfortunately, she lost that pregnancy too, and they never saw her at the clinic again, after she was discharged.

Most likely, she had gone to seek other treatments for her condition. While this doctor told me the story as though it did it matter, you could see there was some regret at not being able to help her, in his eyes.

So, what was his theory? What would he have done differently? He told me he suspects it was an immunological problem, whose root cause they had not gotten back then. In addition to the tests and scans she had done, he said he would have wanted another opinion, and even some specific tests on her immune system, and maybe dig into the genetics of her maternal line. Well, he never got an opportunity to help, and since then, he has not had the opportunity to treat another patient with such a condition.

Still seeking answers, I asked another doctor, and his immediate answer was that he had a patient on his hands currently, with the same condition, only in her case, she had never had any confirmed pregnancy, but was always feeling some heat in her womb.

It has already been determined that sperm cells cannot survive in her body, due to the temperature of her body on the inside, as even her husband complains of her feeling hot, every time they copulate, and always asks her if she is running a fever. Her answer has always been no.

So, what’s going on? She has an auto-immune condition that predisposes her to feeling hot, from the inside, and sometimes too from the outside, even though she does not sweat all the time.

He has placed her on immunosuppression drugs, and should her condition not improve, then they would have to move onto some other treatments, maybe, even surrogacy, if all else fails.

Sometimes, autoimmune diseases like lupus, type 1 diabetes, Crohn’s disease, Graves’ disease, multiple sclerosis, or rheumatoid arthritis can contribute towards fertility problems and/or conception difficulties for both men and women, or even recurrent miscarriages, as is often the case with natural killer cells and now this ‘hot’ womb syndrome.

Certain medications prescribed for these immune system disorders can also effect fertility in varying degrees, for either men or women – some more substantially than others.

If you have an autoimmune disease and are trying to conceive, please discuss your condition with your personal physician, Ob/Gyn, Urologist, or Specialist well in advance. If you don’t have a diagnosis, but suspect you might have, or there is some one in your family with it, you still need to talk to your doctor about it.

With this information, your doctor can help you plan and prepare, giving you the best possible advise for a successful outcome, thereby reducing the heartache you will go through. This will involve assessing your medication, recognizing specific triggers, improving any particular lifestyle and dietary issue.

For pregnant women especially, regular supervision throughout the pregnancy is very important.

One thing I realized on this ‘hot’ womb syndrome is it is not common, and doctors don’t have enough information about the condition, so, most often, they wing it when it comes to the treatment. One can only hope that more research will be done into the condition, as, whether we like it or not, this condition has meant some women do not become moms.

It seems depressing, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Baby dust to you all.



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  1. In my locality, woman is said 2 have ‘hot womb’ wen she has had 2 or more miscarriages. She’s taken 2 a native midwife who preps some concotns 4 her wit coconut n unripe plantain. Most times,successful pregs r recorded after treatment.

  2. Wow! I sweat a lot…especially short after my ovulation. My inside becomes hot, and I sweat profusely. Now I know dat it may be due to my health condition. Being diabetic can cause such health hazards for one. My question is: when exactly can one begi to say ” I have a miscarriage”? Cos most times, my period comes so suddenly, even before I can confirm dat I am pregnant?

  3. Very insightful. Never heard of the hot womb
    Could you also do a piece on sickle cell and pregnancy? I’m a patient and planning to having kids soon! Thanks

  4. I had a miscarriage due to hot womb @9weeks early this year. My doctor insisted there was nothing of such but a midwife friend confirmed it and advised to stay away from hot foods, cooking under heat, walking under d sun and many more as soon as am preg again. Give all these a trial if u have such condition.
    Baby dust to all!

  5. My wife has had more miscarriages but last month was the worsen of all 5 months baby just came out with everything , how the baby came out myself and my wife is still finding out is been a question to us and friends of ours are saying because of heat water in the womb is causing that is that true am still in pain because 11 years in married we having many cases we need help this time the doctor made a stitch of the womb but still I lost my baby why?

    • So sorry to read this, Akwasi. My heart goes out to you. Were the previous miscarriages early ones (before 12 weeks)? It could also have been a case of hormonal imbalance. As for the 5-month one, sometimes the cervical stitch comes with infections, and this has been known to cause miscarriage. Has your doctor told you what he thinks might have caused it?

  6. Please help, My period have been irregular from the very beginning but i didnt worry about it i thought that way i wouldnt worry about unwanted pregnancy, am 20 years old, am engaged and ive become very scared that i might not have a child, ive been taking drugs to balance my hormonal system, i cant say they are making any difference yet, so my inlaw came, felt my belly below and said its very hot,i have never heard such things before so i have no idea what it means, she only said it would cost money to treat it, so i researched and found out that when a womans womb is hot a baby cant stay so now i have two problems, irregular menstruation and hot womb please what can i do?

    • Hi Abby, I’m sorry about what you are going through right now. However, you shouldn’t be too quick to jump to the conclusion that you have a “hot” womb, because your potential in law said so. Biko, try to stay positive with your confessions.
      On the issue of irregular menstruation, what are the medications your doctor prescribed and what tests were carried out? The best thing you can do right now is to go back to your doctor and have some tests done on you, based on your current symptoms. That should save you some time. Best of luck and baby dust to you.
      When are you getting married by the way?

  7. @oluwakemi tanx but I don’t think anything set it on but I av noticed it usually happens at night before bedtime. Told my doc abt it countless times and he said dere isn’t anything of such but it’s severe even think it’s been d main reason av been ttc for 6yrs. Told a friend about it and she brought an herbal concoction (agbo ogbolo) and it’s is suppressing it for real.

    • It’s great that something is working right now Adejoke. Has your doctor done other tests. If he’s not interested in listening to you, perhaps you need a second opinion.

  8. I hv had two miscarriage,nd each time it happened I felt a burning sensation inside my womb,am worried bcos am 37yrs nd I need kids.pls. I need help

    • Hi Patience, first of all, there is a need to know the reason for your miscarriages? Did you mention this burning sensation to your doctor? If not, kindly do so and then you can take it from there.

  9. I nid some help, August i did go to periods bt september i ddnt n even this October i did not have periods n now am hvn tender breast, having some headaches, olways @ 12:00pm i want to slp evrydae. I like to eat junk food n evn mi bf olwys hvn headaches n he wants to sleep at skul wat mst we do n mi breast r gettn old, I. Cnt hold my grudge olwys hvn short temper pls hlp me

  10. I’m very worried. As a lady have never been pregnant nd I have this very painfull period that I have to skip important plans. Taking lots of harbs but no luck. Pls help

    • Hi Anita, I think u should try n run test for infection because that’s one major sign for infection.when u are sure then I will recommend some food supplement for u because they are the best remedy for all health conditions.they help u to balance ur body required nutrients and if u know of types of natural Food to correct it, pls don’t esitate to give it a try. Trust me.

  11. Hi Nicole, I’m not ttc or even married yet but I love your blog all the way from when you started on Bella Naija. I am just a literally warm person. People who brush up against me always ask if I’m running a fever. Do you think that could make me a “hot womb”

    • I think you should start preparing your womb don’t wait till you’re married. Start your day with folic acid once per day. It helps a great deal.
      I never knew all this until I was 37yrs wanting to conceive.
      I thought all was alright since I don’t fall sick infact I don’t know d slightest headache. I didn’t really understand the meaning of irregular menses could have dealt with it early enough. I thought everything was okay since it’s not yet time to make babies.
      Every single girl needs more education about this as to prevent having to deal with infertility issues in future.

  12. This is very helpful and many of us out there are suffering silently not knowing how to cure this condition.I just suffered a miscarriage after 5 months in gbaja hospital after tieing my cervix . This is my third miscarriage which camen down on the 1st of December 2016 b . It was a great shock and slap to I and my family when my water still broke.the mystery behind it is worth pondering over .thanks kemi
    This gives me some sort of solution
    but God is the greatest healer .

    • Oh, so sorry about your loss Nbevybay. How are you doing? It’s quite natural that you will be so shocked, afterall you have done; cerclage and bed rest. Did your doctor say what went wrong? Sending loads of hugs your way. May God heal your heart and you body and grant you those babies soon. It is well with you dearie.

  13. Your Comment…my wife had miscarriage on December, with more than two weeks of blood flow. after several scans,nothing was abnormal. everything is good.. but ever since then she has not been able to conceive again… even the last time I felt she conceived she had miscarriage which changed her menstrual cycle.. pls we need ur advice on this

    • Dear Emeka, so sorry about the miscarriage. My heart goes out to you both. However, it takes a few months for some women’s cycles to normalize after a miscarriage. For some women, they conceive right away, for others, it takes longer. For now, let her just take things easy…eat right…and probably add a good prenatal to her regimen (Pregnacare Conception is a good one to start with). Ideally, her body should return to its equilibrium.

      But if by September, nothing has changed, it might be a good idea to have your doctor check things out. But please be patient with her. She needs you now. :hug:

  14. Have been feeling hotness of the womb since last year and have been taking different medication but I don’t see the result of it,pls ma what can I do?

  15. Good day had miscarriage I went for scan, doctor gave me names of drugs to take .but still feeling hot by the side of my just scared.

    • Hello Veronica, so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. How long have you been taking your drugs? If you don’t feel any relief, please go back to your doctor ASAP.

  16. Please i need help. I have had 3 miscarraiges and each time i feel this hotness in my womb,i even had to stay for six months without trying to conceive,now am pregnant again and am beginning to feel the hotness,please what should i do?

  17. Doctor remove one ovarian cyst from my wife,since then she is having hotness in her all over her wonb,and she has baby since 5years ego,till today no pregnance no baby,what can we do,bcos we have lost hope on gyn-doctors we have met about six diferent gyn-doctor and each one we met we spent about 140 thousand naria each we re’tied of. Visiting them again,she always have hotness of the wonb,it we go later it we come back,but uptill now no pregnancy,pls what can we do next ma tnks,i can’t wait for u reply.

    • Hello Ifeanyi, so sorry to hear about your years of waiting. The issue is, “hot womb” is not medically recognised and may mean, the doctors have been investigating and treating other conditions. Having waited for five years, I would suggest you try to see a fertility expert, rather than a regular gynae. He/she might just be able to help.

      Also, practitioners of alternative medicine may also have an answer. I will mention your concerns to our herbal doctor and see how it goes.

  18. I heard a cup of coconut water and honey Thoroughly blended and taken at once early in the morning for about 3 weeks helps.. I used to experience it.. It stopped but I’ve noticed it again.. Preparing for Ivf in Jan.. I just pray it won’t be a problem….let me rush and go get coconuts Biko. Already have honey?

  19. Hey. Just wanted to add my little story as well because I have experienced this, too. I had my only child at 32 yrs old and did not experience a hot womb while pregnant with him. But I became pregnant again at 37 yrs and 38 yrs and both times, I experienced a very hot sensation in my womb somewhere between weeks 5-10 and then a subsequent miscarriage a week after the sensation (heat lasted 2-3 days each). No fever or hot flashes for me, JUST a hot uterus. It wasn’t uncomfortable but it was significantly strong, like a heating pad or icy-hot was in my womb. It reminded me of the heat generated locally during an infection or immune response. I thought it was very odd and told my doctor about it but she didn’t seem to think it meant anything. I just find it very curious that 1 week after feeling intense uterine heat, I miscarried at 6 weeks and again at 11 weeks. On the 2nd miscarriage, I had a blighted ovum at 11 weeks (placenta sac developed but no baby inside). I often wondered if my body had an autoimmune response to the pregnancies. I am again possibly pregnant at 40 yrs, but have 1 week to go before I take a urine pregnancy test to confirm. I am feeling unusual cramping and pokes in my womb but NO heat so far. I hope the heat doesn’t show up because then I will know I’m probably miscarrying. I’m glad I found this blog because at least now I know I’m not the only one who has experienced a ridiculously hot womb and confusion about its cause(s).

  20. Hello everyone, I am glad to be here. I found out this blog out of sleepless night experiencing lately.
    I’m 42yrs old, I got pregnant for the first time at 40yrs. I tested positive about 5months of no fertility drugs(after several clomid, letrozole etc)
    To my surprise no morning sickness, I was looking very radiant
    Painfully, I lost the pregnancy at 19weeks 6days, what led to this was, when at 18weeks I felt an unusual sensation in my lower abdomen and I went for scan, the scan shows cervical ncompetence, I really don’t have a clue what it means, I ran to my doctor but it was a new doctor on duty, he only asked if I was bleeding and I said no because there was nothing close to that, he then said there is no problem and I went back to work. Unfortunately the preg came down on it own 13days after.
    I have been trying again for over 2years till now.
    My latest observation was the hot womb which usually starts immediately after my ovulation. I do follicular tracking monthly, ones the eggs dropped, the abdominal cramp begins and I will feel very hot and uneasy inside. I have a regular period, sometime I feel as if i’m Pregnant due to menstrual period delay for 2weeks most times. During this period I do experience a serious heat.
    I was told to reduce hot food intake ‘cos I like hot food, eating and sweating, now I take warm tea etc
    And i’m On herbal medicine with positive energy, I believe it will work, will share with you once i’m pregnant again. Let’s keep trying, don’t give up!
    Thank you all.

  21. hi. i started experiencing this internal hotness around mid 2016 till now. mostly around my waist,womb and back starts anytime of the day but mostly when am quite or still.been to hospitals but I’ve noticed there’s no particular treatment for it as they continue to say “treat infection”. Tried some herbal too still nothing. Am married now and the chances of having a children are very slim. I don’t know what to do am tired.



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