TFC Novellas 2018 – Thank You For Another Great Year!


It’s been another awesome year for our novellas!

From Gina’s love triangle and blast from the past in Where Is The Love?, to the ever confused Isio in Iya Beji, to the incredibly strong and emotionally battered Molly in You, Me…Them, to the insecure Ezioma in A Love of Convenience, our heroines were as diverse as they come.

We thank all of your our dear readers and community members for supporting our stories this past year, and invite you to sound off on your thoughts about our stories this year.

For 2019, we are embarking on a loooooong break…as our writing team needs the time to recharge, reboot and restructure. But we will be back later in the year, God willing.

In the meantime, we leave you with re-runs of some of our favourite series from the past, and we look forward to bringing you bigger and better stories when we return.

Thank you mucho!







  1. I enjoyed the stories immensely and eagerly looked forward to each installment. I haven’t read ‘ where is the love?’ and ‘Iya Ibeji’, so I am looking forward to the re-runs.

  2. Thank you so much TFC, your stories made my 2018. I pray for more inspiration and direction for you in this new year. Your stories are not just entertaining but also very educative. Thank you so so much.
    I’ll be here till you return. Gracias!!

  3. Awww! my Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays can and will never remain the same. You are amazing in what you do. Thanks for your very inspiring write-ups. Looking forward to more exciting come backs. I am going to miss you dearly. ??

  4. Hmm. I will really be bored o. I have to look for a similar blog like yours to follow. Isio got me addicted. Gina hmmm can love be so cruel. Molly i was in shock, men wow and my Ezi; I cant blame her sometimes men want all that dolled up look so it leads to insecurity when you dont look like that.

    I need you back quickly. Your stories are a topping for my weekdays after a tiring day at work.

  5. Ur series Mondays,Wednesday and Friday are all I look forward to ,u dont know how excited I get when I read ur stories,it takes me out of my world like ,I feel like am there right with u. reading ur series is my most favorite part of the day honestly u dont know how inspiring it all as bin keep being u and God bless fertile Chick!

  6. Thank you so so much! I enjoyed every one of the series.Salute to all the beautiful women taking out time to share their life journey with us! I pray you all come back bigger and stronger! I’ll be waiting…

  7. I love the TFC series and i’m always on the look-out for more. It would be great if you can have an archive of all the stories where we can easily access any one we like regardless of the year it was originally posted. Thanks.


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