Tayo’s Infertility Diary 50: The Big 40!


August 21st, 2008

It didn’t take long for Natalia to return to the restaurant. Thankfully, she had chosen the path of good reason, and showed up decently dressed, even if it was a form fitting gown. I had been half afraid that her breasts would be out on full display.

Also thankfully, by the time she returned, the rest of our group had arrived, and we had pretty much taken over the entire restaurant. Folusho had been distracted by some other guests, and she could have as well have been a fly on the wall. I could tell from the look on her face that she was disappointed.

Ah well! She’d have no choice but to be satisfied with Javier and I for company…lol!!!

I introduced her to the rest of the crew…my sisters-in-law (one of whom, Jumoke, I could tell, wasn’t impressed by this blond haired heathen girl. Jumoke is married to my 2nd oldest brother, Folarin, and they are both Pastors with Redeemed), my aunts, and the rest of the guys. After a few hours of fine dining, everyone was revved up for a fun night ahead, and even Natalia had gotten over her disappointment about not being the belle of the ball tonight. At about 8pm, all of us (except the old crew…i.e. Mom, Fisayo’s mother-in-law, and the rest of the oldies), headed over to Caesar’s Palace to watch Cher in performance. It was so much fun, singing along to her older, and newer hit songs. After the show, we had proceeded to the casinos, for a few games of Blackjack! It was frankly the best time I have had in a long, long time!

A few times that night, I stole glances at Natalia, just to see if she and Folusho had resumed their flirting. Oddly enough, it was like that had never happened, as I didn’t even catch them stealing glances at each other. I have to admit being very relieved, as having my newly single, and still fragile, sister-in-law hook up with my free spirited brother is not high in my to-do list!

But it was such a fun evening, that when we retired to our rooms by about 3am, Javier and I agreed that we had made the best decision to come to Vegas…and it was only just the beginning!

The next day, the day of the party, we all slept through most of the morning. After the night we’d just had, it would have taken a miracle to be up before noon. Javier and I managed to wake up for about 12.30pm, and after some great room service, proceeded to go for a dip in the pool. While there, I had one eye on the lookout for Natalia, and as expected, there she was, sunbathing on the other side of the quadrangle. She waved when she saw us, and as she walked to us, I was relieved to see that the black swimsuit she had on this time was nowhere as risqué as the red bikini she’d worn yesterday. Her blond hair was also in a ponytail, and there was less of a sashay as she made her way to us. I guess she’d tired of the whole Marilyn Monroe act!

After hanging out in the pool area for about 2 hours, Javier and I had returned to our room…for some quality time, before tonight’s festivities!

By the time evening came, I took great pleasure getting my face fully made up, and getting into the expensive Stella McCartney jumpsuit I’d bought for the occasion. Stepping out of the bathroom, from the look on my husband’s face, I could tell I had hit a home run!

“You look amazing! I’ll be the luckiest man in the room!” Javier beamed.

I gave my husband an affectionate nose nuzzle (no need smudging my lipstick, or staining his cheek for that matter). Nothing feels as good as having the love of a good man!

When we went to pick up Natalia, I realised I wasn’t the only one looking the business! My sister-in-law looked the best I’d ever seen her. Her attire wasn’t anything too grand or over-the-top. It was a simple black bustier dress. But the way her newly blond hair framed her delicate features, enhanced by delicately applied makeup, transformed her from the mousy, plain person I’d always thought she was to an incredibly beautiful woman indeed!

As we walked into the ballroom at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, where Fisayo’s wife had booked for the party, even though the hall was already full, and the party was in full swing, from the corner of my eye, I noticed Folusho’s eyes on Natalia and, with an inward groan, I knew that these two were not done with each other yet.

But it didn’t take me long to forget about them. Fisayo’s wife had spared nothing to throw the party of the decade for him…literally! With the black and gold themed James Bod décor, everything was near perfect! And when it was time for the birthday boy to cut his cake, guess who got all emotional! Our mother!!!


She was bawling like a baby, saying through her tears that she couldn’t believe her baby was now 40 years old! On the one hand, all I wanted was to give her a smack for being an attention seeker, but on the other hand, I understood where she was coming from.

It’s amazing how grown we all are now! It’s just like yesterday that we were all kids, running all around Apapa! Now, Fisayo is 40, with Folarin not too far behind. And me, the baby of the house, am staring 32 in the face! Yowzers!

But it was such a fun, fun night, that I didn’t even mind the dose of nostalgia. I would give Fisayo’s wife 100% for putting together a fantastic night! And what made it even better? Not one person asked me a baby related question!!! And nobody mispronounced Javier’s name either! Perfection!

So…tomorrow, off to Atlanta we go…for Part 2!

Aint no parry like a Naija parry!




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