Tayo’s Infertility Diary 15: Awful Mess


May 12th, 2008

CD21 / 6DPO

Yesterday was an emotional one for me. But today, I have decided not to allow myself wallow in self pity for a second longer!

So, I have decided to cover myself with a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)!!! Why won’t I get pregnant this cycle? Why?? There’s nothing wrong with Javier or myself! We had as much sex as we could have this cycle! It just has to happen! It just has to!

And if it doesn’t, hopefully the new job I applied for will have clicked, so there’ll be something else to look forward to! And with Javier’s younger brother getting married at the end of August, there will be more than enough to keep me this busy this summer!

That said, I’ve still spent a lot of time researching 2WW symptoms, so if I could just get a runny nose, get extra tired and have back ache, maybe I’ll be in with a chance this cycle. LOL!

As far as symptoms go, I have been bloated all day, and feel a bit tender in my lady parts…which I’m assuming is my uterus getting ready for a departure (my period), or something hanging around (a baby). I wonder how it will work out this cycle.

After work, and as I had promised Yinka, I set off to Croydon, to try to get Ugo’s contact information. It wasn’t until I was on the train that I realized what a gamble I was taking! What was I thinking, going all the way to Croydon, with no guarantees of seeing the guy?! Of all the times I had been there, I had only seen him once. What if it turned out to be a wasted journey??!

Thankfully, it wasn’t.

Ugo opened the door, not looking quite as friendly as he had the last time I had visited.

“Can I help you?” he had asked, looking like he wanted to do anything but.

“Hi Ugo!” I said in my brightest, chirpiest voice. “Can I come in?”

He hesitated briefly, before letting me in, and gesturing me to a seat. Something had changed since the last time I saw him.

I cleared my throat, and started telling him how Solape’s mobile devices had been confiscated, how she had been shipped to Nigeria, and how her older sister wanted to get in touch with him.

He laughed angrily. “And why does this older sister suddenly want to talk to me? They want me to play the fool for a little while longer, is that it?!”

Looking up at him, I was mortified to realize that he knew everything. He proceeded to tell me how a mutual friend he had with Bukky, Solape’s other sister, had informed him of the possibility of another man being responsible for the baby. Following receiving this piece of information, he had proceeded to call friends in Aberdeen to ask questions about his so-called girlfriend, and what he had heard had thrown him for a loop.

He had been informed of Solape’s longtime relationship with the married Nigerian guy, whose name I found out was Felix. He had been informed that her house had actually been paid for by this Felix, and not some rich Aunt. He had been informed that her relationship with this Felix, which dated to years before he had started seeing her, had ended when she tried to pin a pregnancy on him. The timeline showed that it was the same pregnancy in question…and he felt like a big fool…for opening up himself to her, and for loving her to the extent of wanting to share his life with her.

Even though I knew he was correct, I realized this was the point where I had to defend my friend, and help her in some way. So, I proceeded to tell him about how trapped Solape had felt in the relationship with Felix…how she had ended it to be exclusive with him (Ugo)…how she was 100% certain he was the father of her child…and how Felix was obviously lying about her wanting to pin the pregnancy on him! Why would she do that, but yet come to live with him in Croydon??! I was lying through my teeth, but I knew it just had to be done, if Solape was to have any chance of a reconciliation with him.

Eventually, I was able to convince him to, at least, hear Yinka out, so he had given me his phone number. I left him with a promise to check on him.

I just pray Yinka will be able to make things work out, because it is such an awful mess!



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  1. Really messy situation. I wonder if Solape has never heard of a fantastic science called DNA. Felix would have just bid his time until the baby was born n bang! She would have been back to square one – outta d door if d baby had failed d DNA test. Her eye too dey shook for a luxurious life. Sigh.



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