Tayo’s Infertility Diary 49: Yankee Virgin


August 18th, 2008


Okay, I had 5 days of light spotting until on the 5th day, Saturday. In the afternoon, I had slight cramps and back ache, and AF arrived in the evening, but no too bad. She was medium yesterday, and only light/spotting today. I wonder if she’s coming back later, or tomorrow? I don’t for a second think I could be pregnant, and I am grateful if that is her on her way out, but it is strange.

I started packing our stuff for our trip on Wednesday. The way my sister-in-law, Natalia, has been stalking me, you would think it was her own brother turning 40! It turns out it will be her first time in America…and what a way to break her Yankee virginity by going to Vegas! She’s extremely excited, and I wish some of hers could rub off on me. Ah well! The things you do for family!

I have to admit that while I have been so miserable lately, I have been buying loads of stuff on eBay; new bras, handbags, a swimsuit, shoes, books! I have turned into a right shopaholic! But truth be told, I’ve always been one. I’m my mother’s daughter after all!

I have also got Pre-seed on order. I have to admit that I was feeling horny last night, but the witch is still here…how bloody unfair is that! If for only that reason, I’m looking forward to lots of holiday sex! I should be approaching my fertile window by then, so time to get going at it!!!


August 20th, 2008


Vegas is finally upon us.

As our flight was for later in the day, Javier and I took our time getting out of bed. We obviously couldn’t do what we really wanted to do, but it was great just lying down, and talking about everything under the sun.

At about noon, we finally dragged ourselves out of bed, had breakfast, and started preparing to leave for the airport. We decided not to drive and, as we were traveling light, opted to take the train to Heathrow as we still had loads of time, and were not keen to spend money we could be saving for the Vegas casinos!

Ah yes! I think I’m finally in the mood for Vegas!

Getting to the airport, we checked in, and called Natalia’s phone, wondering where she was. We’d agreed to meet her in the airport, and from the way she’d been hopping up and down in excitement, one would have thought she’d be there already!

Turns out she was. My mouth dropped to the floor, when I saw a beach blond lady walk (no, make that run) up to us, all giggly with excitement. My sister-in-law had died her mousy brown hair blond! And not even a subtle blonde, or what my hair dresser would called ‘bronde’ (a cross between brown and blond), but a fierce, platinum almost, blond! Wow! The woman really means this Vegas sha!


Javier was too happy to have time to himself, to catch up on his reading, so he left me with Natalia. The evil man! My sister-in-law almost talked my ear off; about how her ex, Keith, was frolicking everywhere with his new young girlfriend, how she was determined to make him realize what he’d lost, and how she was determined to have a blast in Vegas! As much as I was glad for her, and that she seems to finally be ready to put the past behind her, all I really wanted was to close my eyes, and enjoy the flight in peace!

Thankfully, about 6 hours into the flight, and with about 5 more to go, she finally fell asleep, and I was able to settle in to watch some good movies. By the time we landed in Vegas, it was almost 2am, and by this time, I was well and truly knackered.

Getting to the hotel, as we were checking in, I got a message from my immediate older brother, Folusho, asking me to call his room as soon as I arrived. But I knew I was too tired to have any kind of conversation that made sense. At 2am??! Tomorrow is another day abeg!




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