Tayo’s Infertility Diary 46: Different Strokes


August 6th, 2008

CD20, 4DPO

I’m absolutely knackered! I couldn’t get to sleep until about 1am. I was over tired, and now I’m up, and hardly in the right frame of mind for anything. BUT I said I was going to be less lazy, so I’m going to go do the housework and wake myself up a bit. My sister-in-law, Natalia, is coming tomorrow, so I want to make the sure house is clean enough. She’s a bit of a clean freak, and I don’t want her looking down her nose at my very many dust balls!

I can’t believe I am only 4DPO – boring!


August 7th, 2008

CD21, 5DPO

Natalia was here earlier than I expected. Almost as soon as Javier left for work, and even before I took a shower, she was already at my doorstep. I guess with her kids already off to school, her day had begun way before mine, so 10am for her was like 7am for me!

So, we sat in the garden, chatting over several glasses of homemade lemonade. She was definitely in better spirits than when I had last seen her, and she has come to terms with her separation from her husband, and childhood love. Even when she told me she’d found out Keith had already moved on, and was seeing a much younger woman, she still seemed uncharacteristically calm about it all. In fact, she has even mapped out her strategy, going forward. With her kids a bit grown (if you can call her 11 year old son, and 9 year old twins, grown), she intends to enroll for her Masters degree, and see what she can do about pursuing a career in Marketing. I was so happy hearing that, and promised her I’d support her in any way I can.

Poor girl. 30 years old, and already with a pending divorce under her belt. As I comforted her, I couldn’t help but be grateful for what I have. Of course, she does have the advantage of having started childbearing very early, and by the time she is 40, her kids will be circling their 20s. I wont even have a 10 year old when I’m that age.

Ah well. Different strokes.

In other news, later today, I felt wet down below, but I just thought it was CM (which I haven’t seen for most of the month!!!). When I checked, my knickers had creamy CM that had a brown/pinky tinge. I had white linen trousers on, but luckily it hadn’t gone through! What is that all about at 5DPO?


August 8th, 2008

CD22, 6DPO

I actually went swimming today. I actually got off my lazy butt to get some exercise. Now, I just need to keep it up!

As far as symptoms go, I have had very slight twinges. Also, last night, and night before, I wanted to pee all night, but was too tired to get up. Now, I used to be like this a lot, but for ages now I can usually wait until morning. Anyway, not sure if a symptom but making a note of it anyway. A bad symptom is that I don’t have big sore boobs, like I used to after ovulation…unless it is still early days? The biggest symptom though is that, yet again, there is a small pinkish CM stain on my underwear! I had a poke around last night, expecting to have lots of brown/creamy CM like before AF, thinking she’s just coming very very early for some reason – but nothing there!

Hmm! Interesting!


August 9th, 2008

CD23, 7DPO

Symptom wise, not much today. I had a few slight twinges in my abdomen, and my boobs are finally sensitive. This morning, I had loads of creamy CM, but that stopped after my swimming (yep, I swam again today).

I guess I’ll just have to watch and see.


August 10th, 2008

CD24, 8DPO

Well, I forgot to ‘treat’ myself this morning to either a temperature reading. Unfortunately, even though I was asleep by midnight, and up at 230am for a pee, my body woke me up just after 7am. Javier and I could have had a lie-in together o a lovely Sunday morning, but there I was…WIDE AWAKE!

So, tender boobs were the only symptom this morning. Oh, that and also feeling sick when I went to sleep, but that may have been tiredness and the effects of my Omega 3 capsule.

And to further crown my day, my Mom called to nag me about the logistics for our trip to Vegas, for my brother, Fisayo’s 40th birthday party. To be honest, I don’t even know why she’s trying to rope me into her scatter scatter planning! Javier and I will be leaving here on Wednesday the 20th, to get there for Thursday the 21st, in time for the party on Friday the 22nd. But here’s where it gets messy. My Mom, and Fisayo’s equally feisty Mother-in-law, have planned a Thanksgiving party back in Fisayo’s Atlanta base, for Sunday the 24th. I have not yet decided if Javier and I will be adding Atlanta to our waka, as we currently intend to head back to England that very Sunday (after spending an extra night in Vegas to be naughty as a couple). If we go along with the Atlanta madness, that would mean us having to fly there on Saturday, and possible back to Vegas on Monday for our outbound flight…

I have a headache just thinking about it!

Javier and I need to talk about whether or not adding that extra leg would be worth our while…




AF = Aunt Flo (your period)

CD = Cycle Day

CM = Cervical Mucuos

DPO = Days Post Ovulation


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