Tayo’s Infertility Diary 41: Back Home


July 18th, 2008

I woke up with mixed feelings today. The thought that I will see my baby again, after 10 long days, filled me with joy…but knowing I will be leaving my Mom alone in this big house made me feel a bit sad. It’s funny how I didn’t go to visit my Dad this entire trip…not even for one day! And to think I was once a confirmed Daddy’s girl! It’s amazing what changes can come with divorce.

And speaking of dysfunctional relationships…

I couldn’t help but wonder how the ‘lovebirds’, Solape and Ugo, were up to, and how long their reconciliation would last. I almost regret getting involved in this their mess!

“But why are you so angry they have reconciled?! Wasn’t that the sole purpose of this trip?” my Mom asked, as we sat in her room, watching Africa Magic Yoruba, one of my many enjoyable pastimes with my Mom.

“But she’s only just going to hurt him again!” I answered, trying to justify my displeasure.

“And that is your business, why? Isn’t Solape the one you should be more bothered about? Why are you so concerned about this Ugo man? You know am before?!” she examined closely. “Hmmm, Tayo! I hope you are not nursing any romantic feelings for that young man!”

“Mom, don’t be silly!” I retorted. “I’m happily married, and you know it!”

“Because I will never tolerate that in my house oh! You said you wanted to marry, and I allowed you marry oh! You can not shame me with divorce oh! Mo ti so fun o!”

I rolled my eyes. My Mom and her drama! True, I won’t deny there was a little somethin somethin where Ugo is concerned, but it was clearly just a minor crush. My Javier is my all…my everything! Nothing in the world will ever, ever change that!

And then, as I was getting ready to go to the airport, Aunt Flo arrived! My period actually started! Even though I wasn’t exactly symptom spotting this cycle, I was secretly hoping for a surprise BFP…and not this!

Sigh! So, I guess this is CD 1. It’s really back to reality for me!

Getting to the airport, my gangster of a Mother actually paid to upgrade me to Premium Economy! Anything to keep me far away from Ugo, my so-called temptation. I didn’t even remind her that he would be travelling with his baby mama, meaning there would hardly have been any opportunity for us to get up to any hanky panky, even if either of us want to, which I’m sure we don’t! I just happily accepted. Now I know that the way to get Mama T to shake body for anything, is to hint at trouble in my marriage.

As I was checking in, I saw Ugo and Solape arrive. I watched them as they made their way to the check-in counter, with him pushing the trolley with their luggage, and her hand slung around his waist. From the way they talked and laughed, I could tell love was surely in the air. Good for them.

By the time they got to the counter, I had already checked in. The frown on Mom’s face, as they approached us, could have cracked stone.

“I knew you would be here early!” Solape giggled. “Tayo is always so efficient!”

“Yes, I noticed!” Ugo agreed, with a smile, before bowing to greet my Mom.

Mom just grunted in response. “Solape, how are you?” she said to his companion. “You look ready to pop!”

“Yes Ma! 30 weeks on Sunday!” Solape beamed.

“Please wait for us, so we can all go to the boarding gate together.” Ugo said to me.

“No need for that!” my Mom cut in. “We are going upstairs to eat dinner before I leave…to catch up on mother-daughter stuff.”

I laughed, as Mom literally dragged me to the restaurant upstairs. All this to keep me away from Ugo? Okay now!

By the time she finally released me, and I got to my gate, the flight was already boarding. Luckily, I didn’t see the happy couple, and I fell asleep even before the plane took off.

By the time we got to Heathrow, I managed to avoid them through baggage claim, and even through immigration. And as soon as I stepped into the Arrival Lounge, standing there at 6.40am in the morning, looking tired and disheveled, but expectant, was the love of my life…my Javier.

Seeing him made any other thing I thought I’d felt this past week, seem like child’s play. Standing there, waiting for me, after one heck of a long ride to the airport, was my lover, my brother, my soul mate, my best friend, my future baby daddy, my everything, all rolled into this beautiful blue eyed package.

Like a scene from a Hollywood movie, I dropped my bags to the ground, and leapt straight into his arms.

“Please, never go away for that long ever again!” he said, holding me tight.

After the craziness of the last 10 days, it’s unlikely that I will!




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