Tayo’s Infertility Diary 51: Wait and See


August 25th, 2008

Atlanta was fun, as expected! I was glad Javier and I had made the decision to go. We had arrived the evening after the Vegas party and, even though we checked into a nearby hotel, we were fully part of all the shenanigans, starting with the small reception at the house that same Saturday evening (I wonder how on earth Fisayo’s wife managed to pull it off, considering we all arrived Atlanta that same day), a full-on Church thanksgiving the next morning (I seriously wonder just how many Nigerians there are in Atlanta! I don’t think there was any non-Nigerian in the entire church congregation!), and the owambe-style party, organised by Mama Tayo and her partner-in-crime, Fisayo’s mother-in-law. Even though I had dreaded being surrounded with all the Nigerian mamas and their prying questions, I was pleasantly surprised when not even one person asked me an inappropriate question. Instead, Javier and I had enjoyed the sumptuous plates of jollof rice, moi-moi and plantain, and danced heartily to the latest D’banj and P-Square jams. We’d had so much fun, neither of us had noticed that Natalia and my brother, Folusho, were literally attached at the hip the whole night long. It wasn’t until this morning, as we were preparing to leave for the airport that we got a note she’d left for us, saying she had decided to follow Folusho on a trip to Cuba.

Cuba sha!

Javier and I had just exchanged a bemused glance, and had set off on our merry way. Natalia is an adult, and is free to do whatever she pleases. I trust my brother not to have her for lunch, so at least we know she’s safe. Her soon-to-be ex-husband, Keith, will just have to watch their kids a little while longer!

Walking into our house in London that evening, I almost fell like kneeling down and kissing the floor! Yes, Vegas and Atlanta were fun…but there’s truly no place like home!


August 29th, 2008



The last few days have been spent literally catching my breath from our trip. I start my new job in less than 3 weeks (on the 15th of September) so, alas, my marathon summer is gradually coming to an end. But what an epic summer it has been!

I have had really bad pains in the last few days, trapped wind in my hips and up and down my spine, and bad bloating, irritability and sleeping badly. Even when I got some EWCM, I did not put 2+2 together to know that I was obviously ovulating, until I got a nice early PEAK this morning and a temperature rise! Have I missed the boat this month? The temp rise could have been because of my bad sleep, but we will see tomorrow! We haven’t BD’d since Monday, so I’m a bit worried. I normally get my PEAK on CD15 and CD16, and am quite regular so I don’t know what is going on!


August 30th, 2010


My temp went up again today and if it stays the same, or goes up tomorrow, then i will be 3DPO and my CBFM will be wrong and it means I ovulated really early? I wonder if it is because I’ve been so busy, what with the trip and all? If I did ovulate CD12, we BD’d 3 days before so I don’t hold much hope! Oh well, only time will tell!


August 31st, 2008


My temp stayed the same, so the website monitor I use thinks I ovulated on CD12, which is 4 days early! So I’ll just see what my temps do over the next couple of days, or else I’ll just assume I am already 3DPO!


September 3rd, 2008

CD 18, 7DPO









I don’t really feel anything preggo wise, and can’t believe i am 7DPO already – it is very confusing! I am not testing until my birthday, 19th Sep. Well, I might have to change that as Javier might not be around. Work also starts that week, so I really don’t know…

Oh, and about 10 days since our return from Vegas/Atlanta, and Natalia is still not back. She and Folusho have been in touch via Skype, and in these 10 days, they have been to Cuba, Sao Paolo, and Buenos Aires, and are making their way to Mexico next, after which they will set off for Europe. Even nobody has said anything, it’s pretty clear that they are a couple now. From the flushed faces and incessant giggles during our Skype conversations, even a blind man would see that something is going on between them. I don’t know whether I should be excited about it…or worried…or just plain pissed.

But I’ll tell you someone who is pissed. Keith! The bobo hasn’t found Natalia’s absence funny at all!!! At first, I thought it was because his own plans had been disrupted. He had taken charge of their kids in her absence, and her continued refusal return meant he had to watch the kids longer than he’d planned to. But now, I’m beginning to think there’s more to it.

As the people who took Natalia away, he has been blowing up mine and Keith’s phone lines, demanding answers to some question or the other. The “Who is she with?”, “Why is she with him?”, “Where are they now?” kind of questions have made me suspect the guy might be harbouring some jealousy sha.

On the one hand, that’s a good thing…but on the other hand, if this jealousy means he is open to a reconciliation, and if Natalia decides to go back to him, I worry about what will happen to Folusho, who seems to have put his heart on the line for Natalia.

We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess…




TTC Terms

  1. BD – Baby Dance (Have Sex)
  2. CD – Cycle Day
  3. DPO – Days Post Ovulation
  4. EWCM – Egg White Cervical Mucuous


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