Tayo’s Infertility Diary 37: Evil Genius!


July 12th, 2008

Ugo and I sat in silence for a long while, after I narrated to him my experience with Solape yesterday. I thought long and hard about it, prayed about it, and even spoke to Javier about it. The unanimous conclusion was that Ugo has the right to know the true situation of things, with no sugar coating. The boy has wasted enough energy, time, and money already.

After staring into space for what seemed like eternity, he eventually shook his head and smiled.

“Solape!” he muttered to himself. “I’ve been a fool for you for far too long.”

“What do you want to do? She’s agreed to meet up with you, in case you want to see her one last time…” I said, not quite knowing what to say.

When Ugo looked up at me, I was startled at the fury I saw in his eyes.

“One last time? One last time? She must be a joker if she thinks I will be cut off from my child’s life!” he snapped. “I have no interest in meeting up with her. The scales are finally off my eyes now, and I can see that she’s really no different from what I was told she was! Even after I found out about the other guy, even after realizing she had been stringing us along for so long, I still kept my heart open for her. I was still foolishly thinking we could still be a family…” his voice broke off, and he clasped his hands over his face, to recompose himself…and my heart broke for him.

“I’m so sorry, Ugo. I don’t even know what to say…”

He exhaled, opened his eyes, and smiled sadly at me. “No, I’m the one who should apologise. I shouldn’t be pouring my annoyance on you. You’ve done nothing but help me, and I’m really grateful.”

After another lengthy pause, he turned to me again. “The more I think about it, the more futile I think it would be to see her. She clearly has written me off her life…and that’s fine. I’ll heal…I’ll move on. But I insist on being a part of the child’s life. Whether willingly, or by force!”

He rose to his feet. “I’ll speak with my parents to see how best we can pursue this. Thank God they are here in Lagos, so they can pursue things even after I leave. It might probably be best to go through our lawyer.”

I nodded. Sad as it is, the boy has a point. As long as we have all established that he is the one responsible for the pregnancy, he also has a legal claim to the child.

“But I have to warn you. Alhaja fights messy!” I said, also rising to my feet.

“Trust me when I say that my family is equal to the task!” he responded, with a bitter smile. “Like I said, I’ll need to speak with them, to determine the next logical step. My brother-in-law is a lawyer, and I know he will be able to give me good advice.”

“Will you still hang around, or will you leave earlier?” I asked. We were both scheduled to leave in a week.

He shrugged. “I’ll stay…take the opportunity to spend time with my family, and see loved ones I haven’t seen since moving to the UK.”

“If you ever need a hangout buddy, don’t hesitate to call.” I offered, more out of pity than anything.

“I just might take you up on that!” he said, before hugging me unexpectedly. “Thanks Tayo. Words can’t express my appreciation. I’m really grateful.”

Hugging him back, I found myself a bit more aware of his perfume (one of my favourite Davidoff’s) and the tone of his upper arms than I should have been. Quickly pulling away, I proceeded to walk him outside to the Car Hire he had come with, and waved as they drove away.

I beg oh!

After he left, as the day was still young, I gave in and followed my Mom to Lagos island, to check out lace options for my brother’s 40th birthday owambe party in Atlanta, in a few weeks, the weekend after we get back from Vegas (for the real party!). I know my brother is just indulging my Mom, and his Mother-in-law, with this owambe, because even when he was still in Nigeria, those kind of parties weren’t his thing. But anyway!

On our way back home, I asked Mom what had given her the impression that Solape had been under house arrest, because I suddenly remembered that Yinka hadn’t been the only source of my information.

“Ahn ahn?!! Is that what she said?!” Mom exclaimed, when I told her all that had gone down yesterday. “But I know for a fact that when she got here, she was held under lock and key!”

Apparently, she made up that story to discourage people from interfering.” I responded.

“Iro oh! I know what I heard, and I know what I saw! That girl is not telling you the truth!” Mom insisted.

“Well, she looked happy to me.” I muttered, putting on my sunglasses and looking outside. My Mom sef!

Mom looked puzzled for a while, before a knowing smile spread on her lips. “That woman is a genius!” she said, in what seemed to be admiration. “She flashed enough money at the girl, and made her believe it was all her idea! That woman is an evil genius!”

I stared back at Mom, puzzled, but not entirely surprised. Something just hadn’t seemed right, and it didn’t sound like Bukky to falsify a story.

Wo, whatever the case…na them sabi abeg!

On the TTC side, my boobs have sort of been burning somehow. I don’t know how else to describe it. I have also felt a bit queasy …and I’m sure if it as a result of sleep deprivation (I hardly slept a wink last night), and fluctuating temps.

So, from tomorrow onwards, it’s spot watch, and as each day passes with clean underwear, I’ll know if I’m still in with a chance!

Fingers crossed!



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