Tayo’s Infertility Diary 35: House Arrest


July 11th, 2008

No matter how long I’m away for, there’s nothing quite like waking up in my bedroom. Bliss!

How pleased am I that for all the changes I have had in my life, one thing that is still constant is my family home, here in Apapa. Save for the brief period Mom moved out, this house has been all I have known. I was born here, and spent many memorable times roaming the serene streets of the neighbourhood, with my older brothers and childhood friends. Apapa Club had been my second home. It had been the best place to live.

So, I was shocked when my childhood friends started moving out of the area, one by one. One of them I ran into in London lamented about the horrible traffic and high crime rate, citing these as the reasons she had ditched her family home, and relocated elsewhere.

Well, my family thankfully has never experienced any robbery, and as for the traffic, how bad could it possibly be?! Hmmm. I soon found out about the latter, first hand, on one of my previous visits. The traffic in this area is now r-e-a-l! But regardless, there’s no where I’d rather be, when I’m home. Dad and his new family live in Ikeja GRA, and even though it is a close second, for me, there’s nothing like my neighborhood.

I spent the better part of yesterday in bed, trying to rest and rejuvenate myself for what lay ahead. I succeeded, for the most part…but my Aunties kept flocking to the house to see me. It was as if they hadn’t seen me in years, meanwhile most of them had been at my wedding in London, less than a year ago. But regardless of this fact, we still played the game of hugging, and kneeling, and hugging some more.

By the time I was greeting the 8th person, I had grown weary of correcting them about the correct pronunciation of Javier’s name. I had become tired of telling them that the ‘J’ in his name is silent, and had simply nodded in acceptance as they proceeded to murder his name. From Java to Javeline to Harvey…there’s nothing I didn’t hear. But I chose to be happy they were asking about him at all.

Before going to bed last night, I had called Ugo on the number he sent me. He had arrived on Tuesday, and had been patiently waiting for me. I felt a little guilty about wasting the whole day on nothing, and promised him I’d get to Solape’s house first thing in the morning today. We agreed that it wasn’t a good idea for us to go together the first time, and instead agreed it was best for me to assess the situation, and see exactly how bad things are. With her being on house arrest, there is no telling what kind of crazy security measures her Mom would have put in place.

Not wanting to get there too early, I had left my house by noon, thinking I would be at Solape’s Lekki home in an hour. Oh boy! Error! The traffic was craycray! By the time we eventually got to the her estate, it was almost 3pm. And this was even because Baba Teju had taken a short cut. Na wa!

Standing in front of her gate, I looked at the imposing mansion, and marveled at the irony of someone being held hostage, in a house as beautiful as this. I was still wondering whether or not to ring the bell, or find a way to sneak in unnoticed, when a car drove up behind me, trying to enter the compound.

My mouth dropped to the floor when the window of the back seat went down, and I saw that the person being chauffer driven was no other than my friend, Solape! What kind of house arrest was this?

“Taaaayo!” she squealed, getting out of the car to hug me.

I returned the hug, while staring at her intently. Her bump was much bigger than the last time I saw it, expectedly, but she didn’t look like someone who was being held captive. Apart from the radiant skin and expensive clothes, she was literally glowing from the inside.

“What are you doing in town?” she was still squealing.

“Errmmm…I had one or two things to sort out.” I responded, not too sure if I was being convincing enough.

“Let’s go inside!” she said happily, taking me into the compound. “I’m so happy to see you!”

The sound of a phone ringing made her reach into her bag. Ehn, she had a phone?! Wasn’t she supposed to be on some form of communication lock down? Hadn’t I heard that her Mother had seized all her phones? By the way she was giggling and talking with the person on the other end of the line, she obviously wasn’t short of friends or company either.

What the heck was going on?!

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Solape asked, jolting me from my reverie. I hadn’t even realized she had gotten off the phone.

“Solape!” I couldn’t take it any longer. “What exactly is going on? We heard that your Mom pretty much had you under lock and key. That she had seized your passport and phones, and had turned you into a prisoner here.”

She sighed impatiently. “Well, do I look like a prisoner to you?!” she snapped. “I don’t know why you guys just won’t allow somebody be sef! I threw my phones away because I didn’t want to be in touch with any of you London people. I’m happy here, as you can see! I’m being well taken care of. You guys should just allow me!”

My reaction to this outburst would have made the actresses of Yoruba movies proud, as I covered my mouth with my two hands, and let out a shocked yelp. Hei!!! This girl is simply impossible!

What will become of poor Ugo, who has wasted his hard earned money, not to talk about time, on what is looking to be a futile trip?!




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