Tayo’s Infertility Diary 34: Homecoming


July 5th, 2008

Just for good measure, first thing this morning, I told Javier we could squeeze in a quick one, after he asked of course. For me, I didn’t take long at all (after all, I’m a woman on a mission!), but it took him ages! I had my eye on the clock almost the whole time. I had a very busy morning ahead (getting things sorted for my trip on Wednesday), and I ended up being 20 minutes later than I had planned, especially considering I had to lie there for at least another 5 minutes, to be sure I didn’t lose all the swimmers, after my efforts! And my legs were really shaky after all my ‘moves’! I barely made it out of the house in one piece!

A-n-y-w-a-y! As usual, I had to make my way from one end of London to the other, getting things Mom forgot to buy, and picking up items from one relative or the other. Sigh! To be able to travel to Nigeria without having one million suitcases. I guess I’ll have to keep my travel plans a secret from my Mom to be able to achieve that.


July 9th, 2008

It’s travel day!

And it was the same old shiii. Mad rush to squeeze the whole of London into a few suitcases. Mad dash to the airport. Desperate attempts to get each of these suitcases to normal weight. Reluctantly having to pay for excess luggage. Gosh, this has to be the last time I travel like this.

But the hardest part was saying goodbye to my husband. It’s my first time traveling since we got married, and even though we have been apart a few times, these have only been for a few days each time, and we have always been in the same country. This time, it’s 10 long days, and we will be separated by continents. So, it was hard…

By the time we boarded, I again regretted not shelling out the extra cash to fly business. As usual, by the time I was checking in online, all the window and aisle seats were gone, so I was stuck between a woman with a toddler, and a rather sizeable man. It wasn’t comfortable at all! Thankfully, it was a daytime flight, so I was able to lose myself in the in-flight entertainment…which was pretty good actually. I really enjoyed Juno (like, really really), and as a hard core Grey’s Anatomy fan, I fell in love with Enchanted, staring Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams. Before I knew it, we were beginning our descent into Muritala Mohammed airport.

The sight of the Lagos skyline always gives me such a rush…every single time. It never matters that it’s hardly ever the sexy nighttime lit up skyline that greets me every time I land, but instead this one with the sandy streets, pockets of traffic, and jigsaw puzzle of different colours of rooves. Something about the imperfection of it all just warms me inside…gives me a sense of belonging, and homecoming!

Stepping into the airport, I was happy to feel a nice cool breeze, and not the typical stifling heat that greets me when I visit in December. Even though the air conditioners didn’t feel like they were working (I could hear them hum, but could feel absolutely nothing), the recent rains (Mom had warned me about them) had apparently cooled the weather…and boy, was I grateful.

Getting my luggage was another thing. Thankfully, after almost two decades, I think I have mastered this to an art. So, yes it took as long as usual, but I was expertly positioned to be able to quickly identify my luggage, haul them off the conveyor belt in record time, and neatly stack them on my trolley. Easy.

The sight of Baba Teju standing outside made my heart want to burst. He has been in my family for years…I can’t even call him a driver, because he has transcended that. He was the one who drove me to, and from, primary school, and when I went off to secondary school in Oyo, he was the one who drove Mom for all my visiting days. He was the one who drove my friends and I for all our crazy parties during the holidays, and he has been the one to always hook us up with some correct food from places like Iya Eba, Omo Jesu, and co. I love him almost like a father.

From the look on his face, he was also happy to see me. We embraced warmly, and he proceeded to load my luggage into the van he brought, teasing me about being just my Mom, when it came to ‘traveling with load’!

And when it became time to head on home, the man drove like a bandit, never allowing anyone to get too close. That’s my Baba Teju! The odds of getting mugged when driven by Baba Teju are pretty much zero.

It feels great to be back home!




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