Tayo’s Infertility Diary 33: Covered Bases


July 1st, 2008

YAY! I got my first High on my CBFM this morning. We were able to BD again last night, so I’m feeling quite covered!


July 2nd, 2008

CD 14

I got another High today, so ovulation season is definitely on! Javier wanted to BD this morning, but there was no time, as I had to get Mom to the airport. But we will most certainly have to get some action tonight. Thinking about it, he didn’t make a move yesterday, which is slightly panicking me as I’m so close to getting a Peak on my CBFM. But it is up to him this month! I’m really, really, trying to stick to my word and not make a move this cycle. I hope it doesn’t backfire on me.

The good news is that he has asked me several times where I’m at in my cycle, and I keep telling him he doesn’t need to know. Well he asked me again, just before I left for the airport, and when I asked why he wanted to know, he said he wanted to know because it’s not fair if I haven’t ovulated if he gets all the fun tonight and we don’t BD. So, we have agreed on a compromise to make us both…erm…happy!

It was an emotional goodbye in the airport. Its always like this whenever I have to say goodbye to my Mom. Lots of tears. You would think we wouldn’t see each other for years after, instead of the few months that usually separate our visits. We consoled ourselves with the fact that I’ll be with her next week, so that helped the waterworks a bit.

I still haven’t told my Mom about the grand plan to rescue Solape. I reckon that if I give her too much notice, who knows how she will run her mouth when she gets back to Naija. She just might say the wrong thing to the wrong person, and turn Solape’s Mother on to our plan. So na, I will tell her when I get to Nigeria, and we can strategise together.


July 3rd, 2008

CD 15

I got up extra early to see my Peak on my CBFM, and was so happy because we BD’d last night. For good measure, I pounced on my husband this morning, and got another good BD session. Yes, yes…I know I’m not supposed to, but what’s gotta be done gotta be done! At least, I know I covered all my bases!

I was quite happy and excited about this cycle all day, until the fridge started making an awful squealing noise. Even after I unplugged it, the darned thing was still squealing!!! In the end, I had no choice but to call Javier at work. As I got near fridge, he says “Open cupboard next to fridge and pull the big box out”, so I do, and there is the bloody noise – one of those instruments for testing electric wires in the wall before you drill!!!!! He had been in the box this morning looking for his cufflinks! Grrrr! MEN!!


July 4th, 2008










CD 16 / Ovulation Day

I got another Peak today, and another round of BD, so this cycle is pretty much set! I can travel to Naija in peace. 5 days to go.

I think I am officially in my 2-week wait now.

Typical Naija girl like me, no trip back home can be complete without shopping for some new baffs. So, I hit the shops this afternoon, picking out some awesome outfits for the 10 days I’ll be back home…and also stuff for the multitude that have learnt of my arrival. My mother will never never change! She has been home not up to 2 days, but practically every family member I know has sent me an e-mail, text message, or BBM, about some thing or the other they need me to get. Na so! They’ve seen Postman Pat abi. I agreed to buy the ones I could, and politely declined those I couldn’t.

But I’m not telling my girlfriends back home of my impending arrival, as this might somehow filter to Solape. Yes, she is on some form of communication lockdown, but you never know!

The sales in the shops pretty much blew my mind, and I ended up spending much more than I’d planned to. But no need to fret. Come the end of next month, when I start my new job, I’ll be rolling in it baybeeeee!

Really loving this summer!




For the TTC Newbies

  1. BD = Baby Dance (have sex)
  2. CBFM = Clear Blue Fertility Monitor
  3. CD = Cycle Day


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