Tayo’s Infertility Diary 32: Active Imagination


June 28th, 2008


Ugo wasn’t too happy when I told him I wouldn’t be able to travel for another 2 weeks. I even had to go all TMI on him, to let him know next week is my fertile window, and I can’t afford to miss another cycle! From his response, I could tell he was embarrassed over this extra piece of info he really didn’t need to know, so he quickly agreed to postpone his trip by a week.

Mom wasn’t happy either, when I told her I won’t be flying back home with her. As much as she wants to lie that it’s my company she wants, I know it’s my luggage allowance she’s got her eye on. LOL! I had to compensate her by offering to carry 2 suitcases full of her stuff when I travel in 2 weeks.

I got a Low reading on my CBFM today. We didn’t BD last night, as I wasn’t in the mood. I thought he would try again this morning, but that didn’t happen.

By noon, Mom dragged me along with her to Bicester Village, on her usual shopping spree. Okay, so I am being economical with the truth. I was dragged nowhere! Instead, I happily attached myself for the ride! No matter how much my Mom complains, I know she loves being able to shower me with gifts. And shower me she did, because I think I had more shopping bags than she did, by the time we got home this evening. Javier shook his head, as we struggled with our numerous bags, into the house.

“Did you two leave anything behind for other shoppers?” he joked.

I gave him the dirty eye. Funny!

Mom and I had another marathon gisting session, as we sorted through our loot, later that night. Thankfully, since that first time, there has been no more mention of TTC, and that suits me just fine!

“One more thing, Keji…” Mom said, as I got up to leave her room. “How often do you talk to Natalia?”

“Natalia, my sister-in-law?”

She sighed impatiently. “Which other one do you know?!”

I frowned. I had an idea where this was going.

“Why do you ask?”

“I knew it! I knew you would know something!” she exclaimed “Look, your Mother-in-law is going sick with worry over that girl! There is something going on, but all of you are determined to keep it from her!”

I sighed deeply. No way was I going to let them rope me into this!

“Is she ill? Does she have cancer?! Is she dying?!” my Mom demanded in agitation.

My mouth dropped open, and I didn’t know when I burst out laughing. “Cancer sha?! I didn’t realize just how active an imagination you two old women have!”

“Then why has she been acting all secretive, and looking so gloomy?!” Mom demanded.

“Mom, please leave Natalia’s story abeg! It doesn’t concern you…and it doesn’t concern me either. When she is ready, she will let her family know what’s going on with her.”

Walking up the stairs to my room, I actually thought about Natalia and her situation. It has been a week since Tuscany, and there doesn’t appear to have been a change in the Natalia and Keith saga. I probably should give her a call, to see what’s going on.

Before going to bed, I logged on to Facebook, and saw an update from an old friend. Apparently, she is 19weeks pregnant! She found out she was pregnant when she was 13 weeks, and it was unexpected as she had been on the mini pill. The only symptom she had was a raging thirst!

Na wa sha! Really a case of some have food…

We didn’t BD tonight. Javier did ask if I wanted to, but after hearing my friend’s update, I wasn’t in the mood at all!

Ah well!


June 30th, 2008

CD 12

We had two awesome BD sessions yesterday! It appears the Tuscany magic is still with us!

I got a Low reading on my CBFM, which was surprising, as I thought it would change to a High by today.

Just for a laugh, I asked Javier to check my CP last night, so he knows what’s going on. I’ve checked the last 3 nights, and it’s been high but firm. As expected, he couldn’t find it, but it was fun seeing him checking so seriously.

Mom leaves for Nigeria the day after tomorrow. Ugo leaves a week from today, and I’ll be leaving on Wednesday, the 9th. I booked my ticket over the weekend, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to cram in some fun and excitement in those 10 days, and it won’t be all about Solape!

If all things work out, I will get my BFP whilst I’m there!

Knock on wood!



For the TTC Newbies

BD = Baby Dance

BFP = Big Fat Positive

CBFM = Clear Blue Fertility Monitor

CP = Cervical Position


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