Tayo’s Infertility Diary 24: The Hen Night


June 6th, 2008

CD18 / 2PO

I am going to assume that I am 2DPO, especially if I ovulated when I think I did! So that means my blood work will be when I am 6DPO, and that isn’t too bad. I’m very pleased it all worked out in the end.

In other good news, the confusion surrounding Mateo and Pia’s wedding has been resolved. It looks like the couple got their way, and so Tuscany it is! Shame, because I was silently rooting for Naples. I think it would have made a much more romantic location, but hey…who am I to decide?

But checking out the exact location on Google, I started changing my mind. The wedding reception is to hold in an ancient castle in the town of Chianti, and the images I saw were mindblowing! I checked out the hotel options, and e-mailed the links to my Mother-in-law and Natalia. The men will go with whatever we decide.

Speaking of Natalia, even though we haven’t spoken since Monday, I texted her last night, just to check on her. Her reply showed she was happy to hear from me, and we agreed to see each other this weekend. As much as I understand her ‘reason’ for terminating her pregnancy, I don’t think it’s something I want to discuss any more, so I’m going to make sure we talk about everything but that.

Just as I was logging off, I got an e-mail notification for an interview on Monday. It’s one of the other job applications I sent earlier, and not one I’m too keen on, as it’s in another financial institution. But the truth is, anywhere is better than this hell hole, so I’ll definitely be going for that interview.


June 7th, 2008

CD 19 / 3DPO

I was rudely awoken at 1.30am by cats fighting and screaming outside! The sound gave me the creeps, and I immediately pulled the sheets up higher! Javier didn’t even stir. Maybe it’s the Naija girl in me, but the sound of cats at night are a no-no oh! I beg oh!

Thank God I was able to fall asleep again. The next time I awoke, it was 6am, and I felt quite rested. I had to pack my baffs, along with something to wear tomorrow, as I live too far away to start heading home after the hen night. So, I will be staying at my friend Anike’s. In years past, Solape’s place would have been the no-brainer place for me to crash, but alas, that is no longer an option. It occurred to me just how much I miss her! She might have shown herself up as a liar and a freak…but she was a really good friend to me.

Shaking off the blues, I decided to look at the bright side. Anike’s new pad in King’s Cross is very posh and swanky, and I know she’ll love to give me a treat. I’m going to miss my toy boy tonight, but thank God we don’t have to BD tonight.

My day went by in a blur. I made an excuse about having a hospital appointment on Monday, so that I can get away from coming to work. Technically, it’s not a lie, as I do have my blood work later that day. However, it will also give me enough time to go for my interview in peace!

From work, I set off for Anike’s, and we had so much fun drinking and gisting, that I didn’t start getting dressed for the Hen Night until after 9pm. She reluctantly agreed to be my plus 1, so we set off for the bar in Mayfair.

“These your smallie friends are not playing games oh!” Anike had retorted, as we walked into the very posh, and expensive, bar.

Frankly, I hadn’t expected any less from Adanna’s free loaders! I wouldn’t be surprised if, somehow, Adanna ended up footing the bill in the end.

Seeing all of the girls clad in the snug fuschia pink t-shirts, I was so happy I had decided to wear my own clothes.

“I knew you wouldn’t wear it!” Adanna had giggled in my ear, as we hugged “The t-shirts are so silly!”

I had to stifle my own agreement laughter, and instead lied that I thought they were cute. From the look on the girls’ faces, they weren’t impressed by my deviancy! Na dem sabi!

“Hiiiiii, Aunty Tayo!” the organizer, June, had shrieked “Thank goodness! We were beginning to think you wouldn’t come!” she rolled her eyes “But you should have bought our t-shirt sha! But no wahala! You still look good!”

Anike and I had exchanged an amused glance. Aunty Tayo sha! LOL! This was going to be an interesting evening.

And we weren’t disappointed. Unfortunately, the three years since I saw most of them haven’t been enough for them to do any growing up! The games were childish and more vulgar than they should have been, the cake was better suited for a pornographic magazine (I caught the fleeting look of shock and distaste on Adanna’s face, before she quickly replaced it with a stiff smile), and the girls were all literally falling over themselves to impress the bride. It was pathetic! But the worst was when the “stripper” showed up. I’m no prude, and I have been for a lot of hen nights in my life, with lots of strippers, but this guy didn’t get the memo that he was just a stripper. The way he was gyrating and rolling and thrusting his bits all over Adanna, it was almost as if he was hoping she would take him home that night. And her foolish friends were too busy laughing and enjoying the show, to realize that their friend was miserable!

Alas, I could only save myself, so after 2 painful hours with the clueless bunch, Anike and I had left, and headed off to another bar, where some of our other friends were. I’m almost glad that the wedding is in Nigeria, as it means I wont have to cavort with those girls again! Sheeesh! I love Adanna, but her friends are a no-no!

Back to the evening, we had so much fun at the several bars we ended up going to that night. I didn’t realize how much I missed hanging out with my friends. After a fantastic evening, Anike and I had staggered into her apartment, at about 3am, and had fallen asleep the minute our heads hit the pillow!

Fun times!



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