Tayo’s Infertility Diary 23: The Dress versus the T-shirt!


June 4th, 2008

I had to feign surprise, shock, and sorrow, when Javier told me about Natalia’s ‘miscarriage’. I guess that’s what she’s decided to tell her family…and I suppose that’s understandable. I thought about our talk yesterday, and I know that I truly am not in the best position to judge, because I didn’t lose my youth to parenting.

But if I’m to be honest, the person I worry about is Keith. I’ve never told anyone this, not even Javier, but Natalia’s husband has always given me the creeps. When I met Javier’s family for the first time, I had caught him staring at my breasts one time too many, and he had also made a few crude, and borderline racist, jokes. I brushed it off, but over the years, I have caught a few inappropriate looks, gestures, and comments, directed not only at me, but to other females around. In fact, I remember the first time we had met Mateo’s fiancée a year ago, I saw Keith lean in to whisper something in her ear, and the woman had gone bright red. I can bet all my money that he told her something lewd.

I just hope that he is worth the sacrifice Natalia has made, because despite what she said, I don’t think she would have aborted that baby if he hadn’t made her. I just hope she doesn’t live to regret this decision.

In other news, I got a Peak on my CBFM today! It’s very likely I’ll ovulate today…or maybe I already did last night? Whichever the case, I’ve got my bases covered like a blanket! Javier and I BD’d last night, and you can bet your tushie there shall be more BD tonight! Oh yes, sah!

Even though I’m still feeling bloated and podgy, I decided to treat myself to a new outfit for Friday’s Hen Night. I decided to go straight to the store I had in mind, and not risk getting side tracked by any baby or pregnancy stores in the mall. For an even juicier treat, I decided to splurge a little, and went to a very high-end store. The kind of high-end that would require me hiding the receipt from my husband! I spent the equivalent of 1-month’s pay check on a slamming dress, and drop-dead heels! Infertility can not turn me into a dry babe, no matter how hard it tries!!!

Looking forward to Friday now!


June 5th, 2008

You can imagine my annoyance getting to work, only to see an e-mail from the organizer of the hen night, telling us to pay for t-shirts to wear on the day. I actually laughed out loud. Who and who will wear t-shirt?! After I have blown a fortune on my outfit, I will now come and pay £30 on some silly t-shirt. Not me oh! Jokers!

I’m not even surprised that the organisers are so disorganized! Even though I love the bride to pieces, I have always thought her friends were rather…how do I say this, without sounding rude…vacant! Empty headed! Nothing in the brain! Adanna and I had been in the same class in Grad School. Considering I was one of those people who didn’t decide to get a Masters degree immediately, and she was one of those people who signed up for it a few months after getting her Bachelors degree, I was a few years older than her…seven years, to be precise. But we had bonded immediately, because not only is she incredibly smart, she is one of those people with a perfect heart of gold. Always smiling, always eager to help, and generous to a fault! These qualities endeared her to everyone…including a lot of hangers-on and leeches!

As her father was a former Minister back home in Naija, she had quite a lot to spend, and these leeches were always there to help her spend the money! I was always sure to walk away when her ‘disciples’ descended on her. They were never too far away. As soon as we stepped out of our classroom, they would surround her from nowhere, and drag her off for some mindless activity or the other. As they were not my mates, I kept my distance, but one time, I couldn’t help but give Adanna words of warning about the fair-weather friends she surrounded herself with. Her response had endeared her to me even more. She told me she knew they were only around her because of what they thought they could benefit, but she didn’t mind, as she had enough to share, and she wasn’t foolish enough to think she could lean on them if the chips were ever down. She had only a handful of friends she could trust, most of whom had known her when her parents were struggling lecturers in Unilag. So, she was happy to entertain herself with these new ‘friends’. That day, I doffed my cap for her. And the next time her crew descended on her, in their long weaves, bleached skin, fake accents, and ridiculous state of overdress (prancing around campus in 6-inch heels), I was confident that she knew what she was doing!

So, T-shirt ko! V-blouse ni! I’m going to show up looking like a million bucks! I’m kuku not their mate!



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