Tayo’s Infertility Diary 20: High Street


May 22nd, 2008


My baby will be due on Tuesday, 24 Feb, 2009.

You can tell that I woke up feeling all great and optimistic! Oh yes, as soon as AF is over, the plan will begin!!! And here is the famous plan:

  • Up to CD10, SEX as much as like
  • From CD10 up to PEAK, BD every other day
  • On the days I get a PEAK, and the day after, BD at least once a day.
  • 1DPO until I get the BFP, have sex or look after OH, depending on how one feels!
  • I’m also using my CBFM, Vitamin B6, Folic acid, honey, and plenty of water

That was what I spent my train ride to work writing.

So, that was my frame of my mind all through the day at work, until I made a startling discovery. Scanning through my Junk Mail folder, looking for an e-mail, I discovered that I had received an invite from Cisco, to interview for the position I had applied for. My heart lurched when I saw that it was sent over a week ago…but thankfully, the interview isn’t until the 23rd…which is tomorrow!

Shite! The interview is tomorrow morning! And I am as unprepared as I could possibly be.

Switching into proactive mode, I pulled my best “I feel like crap” stunt, and left the office, right after lunch! Of course it means I won’t be going to work tomorrow. I just pray I don’t run into anyone at the train station, as the Cisco office is only a few stops before my office.

But you know what? Even if I do, I could hardly care less!


May 23rd, 2008

I had to wake up an hour earlier, to give me enough time for the commute. I got there about 45 minutes too early, and proceeded to have a cup of coffee at a nearby Pret a Manger. That was the best thing I could have done, as I desperately needed to unwind.

The interview was right on time, and went quite well too. I was surprisingly calm, and was able to even exude a bit of confidence. I just hope I get the gig.

Before noon, I was done, and since I had already called in sick at work, decided to spend my day shopping and laying about. So, I set off for Oxford Circus. I didn’t even care if anyone from work saw me! As far as I was concerned, I already had one foot out the other anyway!

I was trying on some blush samples at one of the beauty counters in John Lewis, when my phone rang. It was my sister-in-law, Natalia. I cringed slightly. I hadn’t gotten around to congratulating her yet. I answered the phone, and before I could even say anything else, she asked me where I was. A part of me wanted to lie that I was at work, but I decided to come clean.

“I’m buying makeup at John Lewis”

“I thought so. Look straight ahead”

I looked up, and saw her waving by the escalator. I was so grateful not to have lied, as that would have been a catastrophe.

After a hug, I had congratulated her about the pregnancy, and I could have sworn I saw a fleeting frown on her face when I did. She quickly changed the topic to joke about how we were both on the High Street, smack in the middle of the day, instead of being at work. I proceeded to tell her about my job interview, and she told me how she had just needed some fresh air. I looked at her quizzically.

“Is everything alright?” I asked.

With a deep sigh, she told me how the pregnancy was causing problems with her husband. It was unplanned, and he has apparently been trying to convince her to have an abortion. He thinks they already have a complete family, with their 11-year-old son and 9-year-old twin girls, and doesn’t want any more kids. By this time, she was in tears, and I knew that standing by an escalator was nowhere to have this conversation. So, we had gone to a bistro nearby, to talk better.

Keith and Natalia have been a couple since they were 14 years old. At 18, she had fallen pregnant with their son, and had given birth a few months shy of her 19th birthday. By 20, they were married, and at 21, they welcomed their girls. So, they had spent their late teens and twenties parenting. Now that their children have reached the age of minimal supervision, Keith was looking forward to finally being able to enjoy his youth. He had turned 30 a few months before his wife had, and had dreams of how he would use this new decade to make up for the last one. But alas, their birth control had failed, and fresh parenthood is now staring them in the face.

“I’m so sorry” Natalia had said, through tears “I know how thoughtless this is…to be telling you all this”. Yes, I knew Javier had told her about her TTC struggle.

I squeezed her hand, in assurance. “What are sisters for?!”

And I truly meant it.

So, we sat there all afternoon, with me giving her the assurance that she had made the right decision not to abort the pregnancy. I could see it in her eyes that her heart wants this child so badly. In time, she should be able to get Keith to see reason.

Well, at least I hope so…



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