Surprise! Triplets After the 1st IVF Cycle!


It was a nervous wreck of a woman who sat in the waiting room of the fertility clinic. It did not matter that her husband practically had her on his laps, in a bid to make her calm down and stop unsettling herself. She knew that if the test indeed confirmed that she was pregnant, her worry would not do her baby any good, but she could not stop worrying.

Turia* had plenty of reasons to worry. This was her sixth year of marriage; her in-laws were on her neck, her mother was wondering if her husband was not the one with the problem, their church was praying that the Lord would bless them with fruit of the womb. It had all gotten too much for her.

After a failed IUI, they saved for a cycle of IVF, and this was it. They just had to get pregnant. She wailed in her heart to God, “€œLord, I can’€™t deal with any more bad news! You just have to do it this time around! I have waited enough! I have learnt any lessons You have tried to teach during this period! Give me a baby please!!!”€ Her heart cried out to God.

Eventually, they went into the doctor’s office, and he informed them that they were indeed pregnant. They were ecstatic and overjoyed by this news, and were on a high from that moment, right up till their next appointment two weeks later. When the scan showed what appeared to be 3 gestational sacs, indicating triplets, they were stunned. It took a while to sink in. Apparently, of the four embryos that were transferred, three had survived the transfer. Wow! She had prayed for one, and here she was with three!!!

She felt like she was in a dream. She would never have minded having one baby at a time, but to have triplets!!! That had to be the ultimate show of God’€™s strength to her. It meant she would have her family all in one fell swoop. No return trip to the labour ward, their sex regardless.

You see, Turia and her husband were staunch Christians, who believed in God with all their hearts. Left to her husband, they would still be waiting, as they had waited for the first three years of their marriage, with no results. They only started seeing a fertility doctor when it was almost four years into the marriage. That was when it was discovered that the shape of her uterus meant her husband’s swimmers always had a really tough job getting to the eggs. This was why they had opted for assisted reproduction.

Even the fact that the embryos were going to be fertilized outside the body rubbed her husband the wrong way, as he thought; they were playing God with their lives. She was able to talk him around, and now here they were…with what they longed after the most, a baby in triple dimensions.

The news of their pregnancy was one they joyously shared with their close friends and family. But they did not tell anyone it was a multiple pregnancy. In fact, no one even asked them if they were having twins, as people often joke with pregnant women. The people they told were just so happy that they were pregnant finally…no one even asked the sex of the baby, or wished it was a boy. The important thing was that they were pregnant, and that was it.

As the pregnancy progressed, they talked about having the babies outside the country and arrangements were made, and it worked out well for them, as they were both able to travel out of the country when she was in her fifth month of pregnancy, with the understanding that her mother would come to join her soon.

After seeing that she had settled in with her doctor, and all other logistics had been taken care of, her husband came back to the country and her mother went to join her. On the day she was scheduled to give birth, even her mother was in for a surprise. When they took her to see the babies, 2 boys and a girl, she rushed to the first one, only to be introduced to the others, she looked at her daughter and said, “You kept the fact that you were having triplets secret from even me your mother? Hmm! I will forgive you, only because, you have made me a Grandma of triplets.  Turia merely smiled, all she really wanted to do was call her husband and start the conversation with his new title-Daddy triplets.

Caring for the babies was work, and very overwhelming at that! Both mother and grandmother struggled with the burden of caring for three babies, and Turia looked forward to going home and having more hands to help with the kids, like her younger sisters…and even paid help.

When, eventually, they came home and visitors started coming to see them, they were always filled with awe. From childless to parents of triplets! That was a pleasant surprise for most people. Just as it was for the parents of the babies, and there were more hands to help with the babies.

Having multiples was never on Turai’s radar when she was trying to conceive. In fact, she had heard stories of the failure rate of IVF in the first cycle, and even her doctor had tried to prepare her for this possibility. They had agreed that they would transfer five embryos, to increase the odds in her favour, but they had kept their expectations pretty conservative, hoping that at least one of the embryos would lead to a pregnancy.

During the calm moments, when the babies were asleep or in a playful mood, she would emotionally sit back and watch the wonder before her, remembering how, only recently, she had longed for the sound of one baby filling her house. When their 3 cherub faces stared back at her…her daughter a replica of her husband, one of the boys a replica of her, and the other boy a perfect blend of herself and her husband…all she could do was marvel at the glory of God in her life!

Of course, there were the stressful moments…especially financial. They were yet to fully recover from the high IVF cost, before being hit with the need to purchase 3 cribs, 3 strollers, 3 car seats, 3 high chairs…indeed, almost 3 of everything! She had shipped what seemed like a truckload of diapers and wipes, but even these had been quickly exhausted, leading to the need to spend more than she had budgeted on buying them locally, and not to mention the baby food, additional clothing, and other requirements! They had had to readjust their lives radically, and put their house building project on hold, to be able to cater to these costs. But even with the financial stress, all it took was one look at their babies, and it all melted away!

It ended well for Turai and her husband, and gives hope to other trying to conceive moms.

Blowing some well needed baby dust for the journey!




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  1. waow, waow I wish I was the one sharing this testimony. But truely I am happy for her knowing what it takes and what u goes through when trying to conceive for. I am five years down the line and I am still trying.



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