Success Story: Not Even A Unicornate Uterus Could Stop Me! 

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Never once in her life, did it ever crossed the mind of then 33 year old Nancy that she might not have the same womb structure as every other lady and if she had had a successful pregnancy before then, she probably would not have found out.

However, as with all things TTC, she was investigated for the reasons, she wasn’t getting pregnant and the outcome was mainly that. The solution proposed was that she goes assisted reproductive route and pray that it works and even if it works, she has to pray that her unicornate womb structure, would be able to accommodate the presence of a growing baby, at least until 36 weeks, when a scheduled C-section would be done on her.

Those were  not good news for the now mom of a 2 years old, a child she birthed on the day she turned 40 years old. Nancy is a friend’s friend, and I have never met her physically but, in her cycle of friends, which included an old friend, her infertility story is legendary.

She was a free soul, even though, that had been used to take advantage of her, she had not lost her soul and innate trust in mankind, or should I say womanhood. Nancy was the kind of person, who would sound an alarm and ask for help, whenever she needed it, trusting that people would come to her aid, much the same way, she had rushed to other people in their times of need.

Nancy was quite open with her fertility challenge, there she was, an older babe, newly wedded and no baby to rock or even a prospect in sight, since the last six months of her marriage. Aunt flo came according to her time schedule and it was bringing some more pain, as the months went by.

Of course, her friends offered solutions, they took her to some ‘doctors’, herbs places and such, but nothing. When, she finally went to see a proper fertility doctor and she got the results of the investigations done on her, she was devastated than before. This never occurred to her. For three days, her shop was unattended to, only her sales girl had the place to themselves.

What was she doing in those three days, you ask? She was fasting and praying with some of her prayer partners, for God to make the ‘cup’ pass over her. Firstly, she did not want to do assisted anything, IVF particularly and secondly, she needed a miracle, to change the shape of her uterus. How come, she had a malformed uterus, she wondered. She actually felt as though, she was some weird part of creation.

Perhaps, because there is already a solution to all that ails Nancy, she did not get the type of answers, she wanted from those prayers. Instead, she went back to her doctor, who started her on assisted reproduction anyway. She started with Intrauterine insemination (IUI) and it failed, woefully. Again, she cried, asking God, if He really intended she has a baby, why had the procedure has failed.

With her husband’s encouragement, they moved on to IVF, instead of trying IUI again and both of them had high hopes that it was going to work in the first cycle. Alas, it was another huge disappointment for them. It failed and everyone knew, her friends and family knew what had happened. In fact, all you needed to do back then was look at Nancy, to know that something “terrible” had happened to her. That is, if you ever laid eyes on her. She became an absolute recluse.

At that time, she did not want to try again, she said, the rollercoaster of emotions on the journey was too much. If only she knew, she was going to become a pro in the business. It was on her fourth cycle of IVF, with the last batch of her frozen embies, from the previous cycle, that she got pregnant.

All thanks to her husband, who had more fortitude than she did and knew his wife, really wanted a baby, even if she was acting as though, her life was complete without a child. He knew better and he kept pushing her. For her birthday, which she kept forgetting as the years went by, with no sign of pregnancy, he would gift her something a new mom would need. At first, it made her cry and her husband had to explain the reason, behind his gifts. But, she soon got the hang of it, and bought a box, where she kept all of those things. Having them consoled her that one day, she was going to use them. And she indeed used them.


For the last IVF, by which, she got pregnant, the two week wait had been riddled with pretty much the same worry and dilemma of whether to test or not. She managed to stay off HPTs, until her test day at the clinic. In fact, on that day, she could not stay back to get the results, as she had to rush off some orders, having been away from work for over a week on bed rest. There were plenty to do, so, as soon as the blood was drawn, she went off and then her doctor called her to relay the results of the pregnancy test, which was positive. Implantation that had eluded her for the past four cycles was finally hers.

Right on the heels of that thought, was, “my uterus cannot carry this baby to term.” Thoughts are so powerful that, those words were all she thought about for a long time. But she made it, not just to the 36 weeks, her doctor wanted, she went past it, into her 40th week and everything was fine. The baby started the process of labour by itself, 3 days after her due date and she went in for her c-section.

Every time, she remembered those negative thoughts, she laughed at her shallow faith and how she was unable to come up with a counter thought, but then, it doesn’t matter anymore. She got the perfect gift for her birthday after all and needed all the things; she had been getting over the years on same day.  

In the end, the shape of her womb regardless, everything was fine.

Sending loads of baby dust your way.



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