Stop Stressing: What Your Lady bits Look Like Won’t Matter During Labour


You know, a time comes during pregnancy when shaving your pubic hair (if you are used to it) becomes a luxury, a time when feeling your way around comes with heartfelt prayers that you don’t draw blood. Why? You can’t see a thing from the bump downwards. That’s the life mehn!!!

You only get to see your feet and legs, when propped up. And from numerous to-do lists for the ninth month that I have read, painting your feet tops the list, as your feet needs to look good considering it will occupy a vantage position during delivery, in the stirrup-like thing. At least, you shouldn’t be bothering about your feet looking messy at the same time as contractions are dealing with you. Okay, I will not lie, it would not matter if the paint on your toes have chipped to the middle of your nails. No it won’t.

But there is one part that you might care about, but won’t be able to address well. That is your lady bits. I mean, your doctor, and nurses and, God forbid, any random doctor can pop in and he/she takes a look as well, to see why baby is taking so long, or to see how dilated you are.
I know I was, the first time around. And at this stage, there are few people you can call on to help out with shaving the forest growing down there. Only one person, that’s the oga at the top, the one who helped to create the baby in the first place is the only one who can help you shave, that is if he is obliges, or you just do it yourself, not minding the blood from navigating blindly.

I guess I have been lucky in that regard, compared to a friend who shared the hilarious reaction of nurses to her shaved lady bits while she was in labour. Temmy told me how, a few days to her due date, she had asked her husband if it was a good idea for her to shave her pubic hair. Typically of men, he had been non-committal. In the end, she had told him she wanted to shave, as it was starting to itch. More so, she had read it could be a hiding place for bacteria that could affect baby.

So, she cajoled her husband into shaving her clean. He used his shaving clipper and the result had been a source of serious mirth for the nurses. And she noticed it took a lot for the doctor to keep a straight face. When she told them it was her husband’s job, they ladies had reeled in more laughter and she kept wondering what her husband had done. He did not even allow her use a mirror to get an idea.
It soon became clear that oga had sculpted the hair down there after she gave birth. When she eventually saw it, she had laughed, until her still aching body cautioned her. That was the last time she allowed him near her lady bits with a shaving stick.

In the end, it does not really matter whether you haven’t shaved for the duration of your pregnancy, or you did the day before your due date. Because you have no idea, what’s going on down there, so you might as well leave it be.

Secondly, you will have many things on your plate to fry during labour. You will only think this lady bits business is important when you are going through the experience for the first time. By the time you have been there at least once, you stop caring about who is looking at your lady bits or the busyness of the labour ward. You definitely stop caring about what your pubic area look like. Your focus would be on the baby coming and how to survive the pain.

The best part of all is that, it would not matter if you are shaved or not after birth. Everything looks like a war zone afterwards, but don’t worry, it will go back to its usual shape, after a few days.


I asked a fellow mom, who is a nurse, if it was important or not to shave. Ladies, she dismissed it out of hand, completely. She even says, she sees some of that in her line of duty, but it is not important, even though she shaved both times she had her babies. Her words were, “No, you do not have to have your pubic shaven for delivery. In fact, medically, it is preferred that you don’t, and if you do, then it has to be done at least 48 hours before your childbirth, due to risks of infections. But good luck with getting the timing right, when you don’t know when labour will set in!”

From her experience, she said, she was adamant of being clean & fresh down there, so shaved right before going to the hospital to be induced, as she was overdue, but her doctor said, she needn’t have bothered. In the end, she wished she hadn’t too, as the combination of the itching from hair regrowth and healing was very uncomfortable.

With her second pregnancy, she couldn’t even reach down there, because she was huge, but still wanting to be “hygienic”, so she had her DH do the honours. She got the same uncomfortable feeling all over again. Anyway, that was her last trip and it doesn’t even matter again.

She added that most hospitals will not shave you for a vaginal delivery, but will shave your bikini area (lower abdomen / pelvis) if you are having a C-section, which I think that’s fair enough.

The point of this article is simple, if you are the “hygienic” type, then continue to be your good self, but if you think for once, that it matter, whether you shave or not, then you need to let it go. Stop stressing about it. You will be too busy, pushing and worrying about the person coming out, than the place where it will pass through.

So save yourself the premature grey hair and have a ball. *winks*


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