Six Guilty Secrets of Pregnant Moms


We all have secrets. It is either they are too embarrassing to admit to doing it or too private. I guess that’s why it qualifies to be called secrets.

For pregnant moms however, regardless of the fact that pregnancy is a human occurrence and happens globally, there are secrets that no pregnant woman would own up to, due to either of the two reasons mentioned above.  While the secrets women keep when pregnant are different, they are still the valid. These secrets can include the fears and anxieties they have about being pregnant and becoming a mom to the amount of food they consumed in a day (truth be told, those cravings are no joke, and sometimes pregnant mamas aren’t proud to admit they haven’t stopped eating since they woke up).

While keeping secrets is totally an expectant mama’s right and the information that she conceals is totally up to her discretion, there are some things that she shouldn’t bother hiding. Here’s a look at some totally innocent secrets that pregnant women keep, but needn’t bother.



  • She isn’t taking her vitamins



I have never been very good at popping pills of any kinds, and even though I went about with my medicine bag most of the time while I was pregnant, I skipped them more times than I took them, because I was in a rush or forgot.

It’s bad and every time I was asked if I took my vitamins, of course, it was a yes. “Why else, was I eating so much?” The only time, I was sure to take it was after dinner and that was because my husband would ask me about it.

Meanwhile, prenatal vitamins can increase the symptoms of nausea in some women; something that’s almost always a part of an average pregnancy but it doesn’t always cause this side effect for all women. While no one had admitted it to me, I’m almost certain I wasn’t the only one not taking my vitamins as at when due, while pregnant.

It’s so easy to forget to take them, especially those that she isn’t used to taking. Add pregnancy brain on top of it, and you are on track to say pregnant moms may forget to take their prenatal vitamins. And they may not disclose this information to their doctors, who will always ask.



  • She is leaking!



I’m sure you see why this one is a secret. It is not exactly the type of information you share over coffee with friends.  But the honest truth is a woman’s bodily fluid levels increase significantly while pregnant. Something has to keep that baby afloat. Okay, not only afloat, but to serve as cushion for the developing embryo.  The pregnant woman also has a higher blood volume to support her baby. And those are just two ways that fluid levels increase!

Because of all of these hikes in fluid levels in her body, it’s not unusual for a pregnant woman to experience some type of discharge down there.  This discharge can range from watery to white, or it may be tinged pink. While this discharge of fluid may be concerning for the pregnant mama, it is something that she probably feels uncomfortable talking about because, let’s face it, discharge is never a highlight of a conversation.

However, pregnant moms shouldn’t keep this discharge or accidental leaks a secret. This is something that she should definitely report to her doctor. While the chances are high that everything is perfectly normal, there is the off chance that it signals something that her doctor needs to know about.



  • Doctor’s appointments bring on the nerves



For me, doctor’s appointments often brought out mixed feelings in me. On one hand, I would be happy that I had another opportunity to have a doctor reassure me that everything was fine, but right on the heels of that thought would come the thought, “What if the doctor finds something wrong?”

No matter how much I banish the thoughts, they would always come. My anxiety level wasn’t that high when I was in my first and second trimester, when the frequency of my visits was low, but by the time it became twice a month and then once a week, I was a ball of nerves. It wasn’t helped by the fact that my consultant the second time around kept asking me if I was sure I was carrying twins and kept sending me for ultrasound scan. Frustrating it was.

However, I went for all my appointments. There were too many people who knew what date I had to go, so I got calls at the end of the day, “So what did the doctor say today?” I never for once admitted to being afraid of going for my ante natal appointments. But I have since realised I wasn’t alone.

One of my pregnancy buddies never used to bring a urine sample, which was often tested for protein. The nurses would complain, but her perfect excuse was that she had done it at home and knew she’s fine. It was after we had all given birth that she owned up to the fact of being afraid to drop her sample, lest they find protein.

What prompted her lying trend was the way she saw nurses react to a woman with protein in her urine from a routine ante natal visit, that patient had turned into a high risk patient in the twinkle of an eye and she was admitted into the hospital immediately. Not wanting any of that drama, she never bothered with the test. I just thank God that with her, everything was fine.


  • Not drinking enough water



One of the first things to go, when I realised that my potty breaks were getting too much in the third trimester, was water. Now, it did not mean that I did not still find my way to the toilet often, it just meant I was dehydrated, which isn’t good for a pregnant woman.

The recommended average intake of water for a pregnant woman is around 2 litres but many moms don’t always quite make it, especially in the first trimester when they may throw up a lot.

Although not taking the daily recommended amount of water will not always have an immediate effect, dehydration can lead to more severe Braxton Hicks and labour later.

That’s where diluting the taste of water comes in; try mixing water with fruit juice, lemon or ginger slices. The zing in the fruits will take the edge off your nausea, during the first trimester and keep you drinking in the last trimester. So, it’s a win win.



  • She was disappointed by the gender of the baby



Someone like me shouldn’t even be talking about being disappointed by the gender of my babies. I mean, I got the best of both worlds. However, I will admit that I had hoped that I would have babies of same sex the second time around. And when my second twin refused to stay in any position that would enable the radiologist determine her sex, in between my worry, I hoped that she would be the same sex as her brother. Hmmm, nothing of such happened.

The gender of the baby is something many pregnant women want to know; however, finding out that she’s having a girl when she really wanted a boy, or vice versa, can be a little upsetting.

From the moment a woman finds out that she is expecting, she starts to envision what life is going to be like with her little one. No matter what she says, she’s either dreaming of dresses or overalls (yet another secret that pregnant women keep.) When she finally finds out what she’s having, for many women, the news can bring on joy or upset.

Of course, she isn’t going to admit that she’s disappointed if she finds out she’s having a boy and she wanted a girl, or the other way around. She’s going to keep her disappointment a secret like a true champ.


  • Childbirth is scary



Both times I was pregnant, one of the few things that kept me awake at night was giving birth. My head was filled with lots of thoughts about the pain, as described to me and later as experienced. It wasn’t an experience I looked forward to but I knew it was one that I had to go through and one I could never admit being afraid of.

Like a soldier, I had to face it and keep moving. And that is what most pregnant women do, after all, women since centuries past have been going through it and coming out with their babies, so it normal.

While these are just a few secrets, I’m sure, there are still plenty there. You could help me out by telling us your own secrets. Who knows, it might not be that bad after all.  Just drop a comment.

Cheers to all our pregnant mamas and their “secrets”.



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