Sisters Who Gave Birth 20 Minutes Apart Share Before and After Photos


You may have heard the names Corey Struve Talbott and Katie Struve Morgan last year, when the two California sisters gave birth within 20 minutes of each other. Their incredible story quickly went viral — for obvious reasons. And now, one year later, the sisters look back on the crazy day that made them both mothers (and Internet-famous) pretty fondly.

“Katie was at the hospital in labor and was expecting her sister to arrive, camera in hand,” Corey shares with Babble. “Little did she know that Corey would arrive in labor and leave a new mamma too. That’s two ready-to-pop sisters and one doctor. The doctor flew back and forth between delivery room and OR (where Corey was getting a C-section), and delivered both healthy babies.”

Pretty amazing, huh? And after one adventurous-filled year, the sister are back to show the world how their adorable daughters are doing with a gorgeous “Before and After” maternity shoot.

Corey tells Babble that the babies are named Ryatt Raegan and Indie Mae, and that the sisters decided on matching middle names to signify their closeness. But while Corey says she and Katie thought their girls would be about a week or two apart, “we never imagined them being twin cousins.”

According to Corey, the girls are healthy and happy, and definitely keeping the two sister mamas on their toes.

Both babies are doing great,” Corey reports. “They love to be on the move and they are partners in crime. They get together and play/entertain each other like they are real twins with a special connection. It is really cute to watch. They love to eat everything and are definitely not picky. They don’t walk yet but I expect it in the next few months. They actually stood the other day together for the first time.”

Last year, the sisters commemorated their twin pregnancies with a gorgeous joint maternity shoot by Brenden Boggs of So Cute Photo.


And this year, they’re sharing the photo for the first time, plus one more, now featuring their little girls, who just turned one.

“I personally love to plan and usually put it all together,” Corey says of the inspiration behind the photo shoot. “I had a vision to do the babies 1st birthday pics in that spot (just them) and Brenden said, ‘Why don’t we add you girls in and remake the maternity shoot?’ It just perfectly fell together and I found the #1 balloons that matched perfect.”

“Perfect” really is the right word for it.


I mean, how sweet is that?

As for how motherhood is treating the two sisters, it sounds like the first year was pretty great — especially since they had each other to guide them through it.

“We seriously say all the time how great it is to be moms together,” Corey tells Babble, adding that it’s extra convenient having a mom nearby with a child the same exact age. “It’s especially awesome because you have a back up in case you forget something everywhere we go together,” she continues. “It cracks us up, if I don’t have it, she does or vice versa. We also have a shoulder to lean on when babies have a rough night teething, growing or colds. It is special and we are grateful every day.”

Corey also tells Babble that the girls have bonded wonderfully, and are about as close as Corey and Katie are to each other.

“They literally have spent almost 100 percent of their lives together,” says Corey. “They do things within a day of each other or on the same day and it cracks us up. They have similar personalities and love playing together. They are besties for sure. They will have baby babble talk in their playpen hanging with dollies. It’s just adorable.”

It’s undeniable that Corey and Katie have an amazing bond, and are surely the best possible example for what a great friendship between siblings truly looks like. I’m sure these mamas can’t wait to see just what other adventures that await for Ryatt and Indie, now that toddlerhood is right around the corner!



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