Sister, Sister 43: You Chose Her


It haunted me.

That Saturday night, I tossed and turned in bed all through, memories of the evening tormenting me. Eventually, I lay awake in bed, going from the highs of the memories of Jimi holding me…and telling me he still loved me…to the lows of suddenly feeling inadequate …comparing myself to the younger women that had called his attention. I replayed every word, every nuance, every facial expression in my head, driving myself crazy trying to interpret every single thing. Had he been sincere when he declared that I still had his heart? Had he truly meant it when he called me beautiful? Was there longing in his eyes for the younger women? Was there any flirtation between them? Had he had anything to do with any of them…or all of them?

Such was my emotional and mental turmoil for the rest of that day…and even into Monday. For the first time since I began my business, I missed a deadline and still wasn’t in the mental state to put anything decent together. As I apologetically requested a week’s extension from my client, I knew there was one thing I had to do.

I had to see Jimi. We had to talk!

As my eyes opened on Tuesday morning, I knew I couldn’t put it off a day further. But then, I found my angst replaced by uncontrollable nerves. As I drank my morning coffee, my hand rattled so badly, I spilled the contents of my cup quite a few times.. Somehow, I managed to have a shower…and then I stood before my closet, lost. All I could think about was looking nice and presentable for Jimi. No…that’s not true. I wanted to look better than nice. I wanted to look attractive…beautiful…desirable.

Alas, my wardrobe didn’t hold much promise for that, so I had to settle for a navy blue wrap dress, one I’d never worn and even still had its tag. I knew it was the right one, and when I wore it, I felt more feminine than I’d felt in months…years maybe. I took extra care with my makeup, and teased, gelled and tamed my hair into a sleek ponytail.

Satisfied, I set off for Jimi’s office in Ikoyi. Sitting in the toll gate traffic, I almost lost my nerve and toyed with the idea of turning around and going back home. What on earth was I thinking going to see Jimi? What was I going to tell him? What if he wasn’t happy to see me? What if another woman was there? What if?

But instead, I inched along, and hit my accelerator when I had gone through the toll, driving fast, to prevent me from changing my mind…because I knew that the only way to get out of the mental prison I’d been in for days…was to talk to him.

Parking my car outside the building on Norman Williams street, I smoothened my dress and reapplied my lip gloss. Satisfied, I stepped out of my car and into compound. I had barely taken a few steps inside, when I stopped dead in my tracks.

Jimi was standing by the entrance door…and with him was Dolapo.

Dolly had returned!

I felt the rage rise from my toes and surge all the way up to my body, as I watched them talking. So engrossed were they in their discussion, that they didn’t notice me, standing there, literally shaking with anger. It wasn’t until someone walked into the compound behind me, clanging the gate, that their attention was drawn to me.

And all three of us stood there, looking at each other.

It was 1996 all over again!

I stormed out of the compound and into my car, slamming the door so hard, my car actually rocked. I screamed and hit my steering wheel multiple times…angry, mad, furious…and devastated. I was devastated because it was such a déjà vu feeling; the beautiful Dolly winning over the handsome Jimi from the fat and unattractive Fola. Hadn’t that been the script 20 years before? And from the look of things, it was again the script 20 years later!

But what was most devastating? Neither of them chased after me. I sat in my car, waiting for either Dolly or Jimi to run out of the gate, desperately trying to explain the situation to me. But neither of them did. After about 10 minutes, Dolly sauntered out of the compound and into a waiting chauffeur-driven SUV. As she glided into her car, she looked in my direction, and the sly smile on her face made me realize she’d seen me…and was enjoying every minute of it.

As her car drove off, I was tempted to chase after it. I wanted to ram into her car, over and over again. Better still, I wanted to ram into her over and over again. I wanted to run her over, reverse, and run her over again, crushing every scheming, deceitful bone in her body.

But I realized my fight wasn’t with her.

Killing my ignition, I again stormed out of my car and back into the compound. Jimi had gone back inside, so instead of being able to lash immediately out as I’d hoped, I found myself losing some steam introducing myself to his Receptionist, and waiting to be summoned to his office. But I still had enough steam to keep my anger boiling hot, by the time I did eventually walk into his office.

“What was she doing here?” I demanded. “What is going on between you and Dolly?!”

Jimi looked from his table, looking weary and tired. “Why didn’t you tell me there was a recording, Fola?”

His question threw me off, and I was momentarily confused. What recording?

He reached for his phone, and hit the play button.

“He was here last night. Jimi. He spent the night?”

 “Yes, he did.”

“Folabomi…you’ve fallen in love with him again. I can see it in your eyes.” 

“I never stopped loving him. Jimi has been the love of my life for 17 years. But last night was a mistake. I can’t be with him.”

“Why not? You love him, and he clearly loves you!” 

“I can’t do that to Lekushe. He is a great guy, and he has been so good to me. He loves me in a way that I’m not sure Jimi ever can.”

“But is that enough? Do YOU love him?” 

 “I like him. I like him a whole lot. And I know that I can grow to love him…The love I have for Jimi overwhelms me. It doesn’t make me think straight! With Lekan, it will be a love that I can control…not one that will control me. 

I stood there, immobile, stunned to silence. I had pushed all memories of that recording to the furthest place of my mind, so it was the very last thing I was expecting to hear.

“Dolly showed up here out of nowhere, saying she had something for me. And then she sent this to my phone…” Jimi said, his voice weary. “I don’t understand, Fola. Why didn’t you tell me about this recording?”

“What difference would it have made?” I bleated.

“It would have made every difference!” Jimi shouted, taking me aback. “If I’d known you and Lekushe ended because you still had feelings for me, you think it wouldn’t have made a difference?!”

“Jimi, you walked me out of your house. You didn’t even give me a chance to speak!” I shouted back.

“Fola, why do you keep doing this to us?!” he yelled, rising to his feet. “Why do you keep sabotaging us every chance you get? Why do you think you can keep on toying with my feelings like a yoyo?! Every time I decide to put myself out there, to put my heart out there, you mess with me every single time!”

I was taken aback. “Mess with you?”

“You knew there was a tape that could have changed everything! You knew how deeply in love I was with you. You knew how much I wanted you. For crying out loud, I stood under the pouring rain for you. Yet there was this tape and…” he clasped his hands in front of his face and inhaled deeply. “And of course, there was Sunday. Against my better judgement, I opened up to you…again. Bared my heart to you…again. And you only ended up doing it…again! I keep letting you hurt me, and I’m tired of it, Fola. I’m not sure how many times I can take getting my heart broken by the same person.”

I stared at him, speechless, before turning around and walking out of the office, as if in a trance. I had descended the stairs leading to the reception, when a sudden wave of anger swept through me again.


Furious, I stormed back upstairs and into his office.

“Mess with you? You think I’ve been the one breaking your heart? Me?” I shouted, slamming the door behind me. “You self entitled bastard! You chose her! You chose her over me!!!”

Jimi looked at me, stunned, and it only infuriated me more.

“I keep sabotaging us?! Have you ever fought for us yourself? Have you?!” by this time, I was screaming so loud, I didn’t care. “If you wanted our marriage that badly, why didn’t you fight to save it? Why didn’t YOU fight for us?! When have you ever come for me, Jimi? I’ll tell you when. NEVER!”


“I’ve always just fallen into your laps…with little or no effort from you. When we hooked up in NYSC camp, it wasn’t because you came looking for me. I just fell into your laps! Heck, when we got married, there was no proposal or anything. I was pregnant, after all. I just fell into your laps!” I was shaking with rage by this time. “I travelled thousands of miles to look for you. After our separation, before the divorce was finalized, I came all the way to LA to look for you. But you’d already jumped into another woman’s pants! I had a front row seat as you went from Ava to Rosaline to Lacey to Courtney to Monica…and let’s not forget about your friend-with-benefits, Tamika! And then you got engaged to Clairice, and I had to watch that too! Then when I finally pulled myself together to move on…to try to date someone else…you decided that, hey now, I was worth having another look at after all. When we hooked up that night, you didn’t come looking for me! You were just in my house by chance, and it happened! I fell right into your laps! And even this past Saturday, it was a case of hey, I’m with my baby mama, let’s go to Jelili, why don’t we?”

I had never seen Jimi look as stunned as he did, but I kept on talking.

“When have you ever come looking for me, Jimi? Even that so-called declaration of love for me in the rain?! If I hadn’t come to your house that evening, it would never have happened! You were just sitting there in your house, and Folabomi did it again…fell into your laps! If I hadn’t come by the house that evening, would you have come looking for me?! If Lekan hadn’t been waiting for me, would you have felt strongly enough to chase after me in the rain? I bet you think that was some romantic gesture. Zero points for romance or even sincerity, Jimi! You stay there and say I’ve got your ‘mumu’ button because I haven’t slept with anyone else, whereas you’ve slept with a multitude of women across several continents! You’re nothing but a selfish, conceited hypocrite!”

By this time, I was spent, and we both stared at each other, deflated.

“You have never come for me, Jimi.” I said, after a while. “No…that’s not true. You have come for me. On Sunday, September 15, 1996, you did come after me…to tell me you had chosen Dolly.” I smiled sadly, awash with the fresh memory. “‘I like you. I like you a lot, Fola. But I think I’m in love with Dolly.’I looked at him, my eyes glistening. “Do you remember telling me that? You chose her.”


“Tell me why you didn’t take me back after Lekushe and I broke up.” I asked.

“I thought I was an after thought. Your second choice…” he answered.

I smiled and nodded, a lone tear rolling down my face. “Well, now you know how I’ve felt for 20 years.”

As I walked out of his office, I felt curious stares on me. No doubt, my shouting had roused even the most distracted architect in the building. But I was oblivious to all the stares. As I walked to my car, started it, and drove all the way home, I felt disconnected from my body. it felt like I was watching myself from a distance. It wasn’t until I got to my house, not until I was in the security of my bedroom, did I crumple to the floor in a heap. Whilst I felt lighter to have unburdened myself of the load and resentment I had carried for years…I also felt more heartbroken than I’d ever felt before.

It was well and truly over with Jimi.

I stayed in bed the rest of the day, feigning illness to Rire when he got back home later in the day. My despair was worsened by my very silent phone. I half hoped it would ring with Jimi begging and apologizing…asking for a second chance. But its silence taunted me…and depressed me all the more.

The next day, my staff, Efe and Ijeoma, rallied to my apartment so that we could get work moving on our projects, mainly because, for the first time ever, I was the one holding us back. When they saw the state of me, they offered to get things started, so that I could stay in bed, reverting to me only if there were any questions or clarifications they couldn’t resolve on their own.

I was drifting in and out of sleep, when Efe walked in. “Fola, your sister is here to see you.”

I looked at her quizzically. It wasn’t like Adun to drive all the way to Ajah to see me on a weekday.

“Adun?” I asked.

“No, I haven’t met this one before. She’s the pretty one I saw in that picture you…”

I was out of my bed before she had even finished the sentence. As I darted into my living room, it was just as I feared. Dolly was seated there.

“Hello Fola.” she said, smiling in a way that made me look small.

“What are you doing here?! How did you find my house?” I demanded. “What do you want?!”

Efe and Ijeoma exchanged a puzzled glance, probably taken aback by the tone of my voice, before politely excusing themselves from the room.

“My goodness, Fola. What did you do? Eat a house?” Dolly laughed, a sound that was rife with condescension.

I glared at her, looking golden and perfect, whilst I was there, looking anything but.

“Why are you back? Life was better when you were gone? Why have you suddenly resurrected like a ghost that just won’t go away?!” I demanded.

“If you’re asking why I went to give Jimi that recording, I think what you should actually be saying is ‘thank you'” she answered, looking me square in the eye. “You are a piece of work, Fola. You mean you couldn’t use that recording to your advantage? You mean you just threw your hands in the air in surrender, choosing instead to eat yourself into a state of obesity?”

“I’m not even as big as you once were, Dolapo. Or have you forgotten?”

She smiled. “Touché, Fola. Nice one, there. One goal for you.” she looked me up and down, and shook her head. “Yes, I was bigger, but I got myself together. It’s more than I can say for you.”

“Just get out of my house! I don’t even know why those girls let you in!”

“Let me guess. You were in your room, crying about Jimi. Boo hoo! Poor Fola. You seem to like that a lot!” she said, rising to her feet. “You are a piece of work! You are your own biggest enemy. Not me. Not anyone else. You! You and your pride!”

“My pride?!” I exclaimed.

“Nothing but pride, Fola! It’s pride that made you leave your marriage, instead of giving it a good fight. It’s pride that made you not tell Jimi about that recording. And it’s pride that’s making you lie in your bed crying, when there is a man out there, that loves you so much, it’s almost sickening!”

My mouth hung open in shock.

“You want to know the reason I came back? The reason I had to find Jimi to give him the recording?” Dolly continued. “Because in three years, I haven’t slept for one single night without it haunting me. When I destroyed your relationship with Lekushe, I thought I was getting back at you. I thought I was finally going to be happy after living a lifetime in your shadow, but it only made me feel so much worse!”

At this point, I had to sit down.

“Living a lifetime in my shadow?!” I repeated, stunned. “Dolapo, you were…are…the pretty one!”

“That never meant anything, and you know it!” she retorted. “You are the one everyone naturally gravitated to. The one people liked. The one people wanted to talk to.” she smiled sadly and shook her head. “After only three months with me, I already knew Jimi wished he’d picked you. I saw how his face lit up anytime he came to see me in the room and you were there. And I could tell how disappointed he was when you decided to move to another hostel. Apart from the sex, we really had nothing else to say to each other. And it wasn’t like that with you…” she took her seat beside me. “I didn’t break up with Jimi. Even after the whole school found out about my aristo moves, I begged him to stay. But he wouldn’t. It was almost like he was relieved to end things with me. I wasn’t surprised when he found his way back to you. What Jimi and I had was a fleeting physical thing. With you…it was so much different. And you’re a fool not to see it.”

By this time, my head was spinning, unable to comprehend what she was saying…or why.

“I would exchange my life for yours in a heartbeat.” Dolly said. “I would happily give up all this money and finery, to have what you have…a man who loves me uncontrollably and unconditionally. I would happily take your life…fat body and all!”

It was the that I noticed she didn’t look quite as flawless as she did in the magazines. Beneath her foundation, I could make out mild burn marks on her face, probably from all the skin bleach, and there were heavy bags under her eyes.

“Are you happy, Dolapo?” I asked, concerned.

She shrugged. “I got what I wanted. More money than I can spend. But I’m desperately trying to have a baby…a difficult feat, considering my husband hasn’t slept with me in almost a year. He has already moved on to my replacement, a pretty young thing with more boobs and ass than he can grab.” she laughed humorlessly. “But I can’t be mad, after all, I also did the same to his previous wife. I just desperately need to have a baby, so that I can secure my future. Without a child, he might not be moved to settle me the way he has settled his former wives.” by now, her hands were quivering with repressed emotion. “I’m desperate. I’ll be 40 next year, so I’m really desperate to have a baby. Who would have thought with how many times I got pregnant in the past, that I would ever be in such a situation? But here I am.”

“Have you seen a doctor?” I asked, overwhelmed with sadness for my sister.

She shook her head. “I’m afraid of what they’ll say. If it isn’t the abortions that have wreaked havoc, maybe the numerous STD’s have…” she inhaled deeply, as if to regroup, before flashing me a wide smile. “But no need to worry about me, darling. I’m a fighter. I always have been!”

She rose to her feet, and so did I.

“I have done my piece, so hopefully I can now sleep at night. I hope you are wise enough to do the same.” were her parting words, before she walked out of my house, her expensive chiffon dress billowing behind her.

I sat there, immobile, pondering everything she had said. I was saddened by her issues, but greater still, was stunned by her other revelations…revelations about Jimi’s feelings for me. But the more I thought about it, the angrier I got. So what was I supposed to do with that information? Go look for him? Go ask him? Fall into his laps, yet again?

No. The ball was in his court now.

The days rolled into weeks, but there was still no word from Jimi. The more the days went by, the angrier I grew. But I finally was able to shake off the funk, and get back to work. There was no point shutting my life down because of someone who had no regard for me. Well, not enough to fight for me.

By August, I had started mentally moving on from the whole situation, when I got a surprise phone call, from my former brother-in-law, Seyi.

“Fo-la-bo-mi!!!” came his smooth voice.

“Seyi!!!” I squealed, so happy to hear his voice.

“Madam, you no try at all! You just cut all of us off, like a bad habit!” he said, even though there was humour in his voice, I could tell he wasn’t too pleased with me.

“I’m so sorry. I really owe you for missing your wedding.” I apologized emphatically.

“As a matter of fact, you do! You owe me big time. I was really hurt that you, of all people, would allow something get in the way of our relationship. You know how special you’ve always been to me!”

I was too shame faced to repeat my usual lie, of work being the reason I hadn’t attended.

“I’m sorry.” was all I could manage, even though I meant it with all my heart.

“Anyway, you know I turn 40 on the 12th, right?” he said, reminding me of the fact that only 13 months separate him from his brother, Jimi. “Amina is organizing dinner for a few friends, and I’d love for you to come. Don’t worry. Mom and Dad are out of town, so you won’t see them.”

“Who says I’m dodging Papa and Mama Jay?” I laughed, even though deep down inside, I most surely was.

“You have to give me your word, Fola. Promise me you’ll come. I won’t forgive you if you don’t.” he went on to say, his voice indicating he meant every word.

“I’ll be there…” I promised.

So help me God!

It had been 5 weeks since the exchange with both Jimi and Dolly, and I wasn’t sure I was ready for another encounter with him. But I was done running away from my fears.

It was time to face them head on.

As Friday, the 12th, drew closer, I couldn’t help but panic. I tried to convince myself that I didn’t care, and would show up for the dinner party dressed as myself, but as the day approached, I knew I owed it to myself to look my very best.

So I went shopping for a new outfit, something that flattered me in every way, without compromising on my comfort. I also proceeded to watch about a dozen makeup tutorial videos on YouTube, to help me achieve the right eye brow shape and cheek and nose contours. By the d-day, I was good to go.

“You look a-m-a-z-i-n-g!” Adun exclaimed, as I dropped off Rire at her house. “I can’t remember the last time I saw you look like this!”

“She spent almost 3 hours putting on that face!” Rire remarked.

“And it was worth every second!” Adun said, suddenly emotional. “It’s like the old Fola is back!”

“I thought you preferred the new Fola!” I teased.

“I prefer a good mix of the two. I could do without new Fola’s trackdowns and Steve Urkel glasses!”

“Well don’t get used to the contacts! They won’t be here everyday!” I said, smiling.

But I could see Adun was more interested in the weather. “There’s a heavy storm brewing. Are you sure it’s safe to drive in this weather?”

I shrugged it off and decided to chance it anyway. Driving through the rain to the Italian restaurant on the other side of Victoria Island, I was tempted a few times to turn right back around, but I knew Seyi would never forgive me. Getting to the restaurant, even with the Receiver’s umbrella, I still felt the impact of the heavy rain, and was soon happy to be in the warmth and safety of the restaurant. There were already quite a number of people in the small room Amina had reserved for the night, and I found myself meandering through a throng of familiar faces, exchanging pleasantries.

“There she is!” Seyi exclaimed, upon sighting me.

As we hugged, I realized just how much I had missed him. He was more than an in-law to me. Seyi had become my blood brother, and I was so sorry for not having nurtured that relationship.

“You look beautiful!” he said, smiling at me. “There’s a little more of you, but still as beautiful as ever!”

“You’re too kind!” I smiled graciously.

“Fola!” Amina exclaimed, as she hugged me. “So glad you could come!”

I smiled at Seyi’s wife, noting with glee her prominent baby bump. I couldn’t have been more pleased for how his life had turned out.

Looking around the room, I was acutely aware of Jimi’s absence.

“He was here before, but left for the office to sort out an emergency.” Seyi said, leaning into me.

“I wasn’t looking for him.” I scoffed, trying to act casual.

“I’m sure you weren’t”, Seyi said, with a sardonic smile.

As we settled down to dinner, we had the backdrop of the pouring rain from the large glass wall facing the party. From where I was sitting, I found myself constantly glancing in its direction, anytime I heard the Receivers bringing anyone in with their umbrellas.

Midway through the meal, I finally saw him. My mouth went dry as I saw him walk through the gate, and huddle under an umbrella wth one of the Receivers. I smiled as I watched him tip the Receiver. That was Jimi for you. Ever generous. Then our eyes clapped through the glass, and for a moment, I couldn’t look away. After 20 years, he still took my breath away.

I eventually peeled my eyes away, as he entered the building and walked up to the reserved area. I deliberately didn’t make any further eye contact with him, to avoid having to exchange any pleasantries. But even without looking at him, I was suddenly out of breath…like someone had sucked out all the oxygen from the room.

Thankfully, it was time for speeches, and I was grateful for the opportunity of fixating on something else for a change!

Guests gave their rousing speeches, celebrating the birthday boy, and soon it was my turn. I kept mine short and simple, but managed to convey my love and well wishes, whilst making sure not to make eye contact with Jimi.

I was surprised when Jimi was skipped, and Amina went on to eloquently celebrate her husband, telling funny anecdotes of how he hadn’t wanted a party but had been arm wrestled into a small dinner. We all laughed as she recounted Mama Jay’s horror over having to miss the party, as a result of their annual medical vacation, and how relieved she had been to be able to plan the small dinner party without any intervention from her dear, but meddling, mother-in-law.

Soon, it was Seyi’s turn. He was emotional as he thanked all the guests, and got even more so when he thanked his wife, for being his rock and stalwart, his biggest fan and strongest critic, and for putting up with him. He also got emotional, thanking his brother and only sibling, Jimi, who had grown to be best friend, despite some hiccups in their relationship in their recent past.

“I also want to thank a very special person here today…” his voice shook with his rising emotion. “About a decade ago, I was not the person you see here today. I was steeped in drug addiction, and if she hadn’t been with my parents when they visited, I don’t think the old folks would have been able to cope with me. I would very likely have died. But instead, she stuck around, and made sure that I got medical help. Back in Nigeria, she held my hand through my rehabilitation, and once when I made an attempt to slide back into old ways…she was there to catch me…even before I even fell.” then looking at me, he raised his glass. “Thank you, Folabomi…my sister-in-love! The sister that I never had, favorite daughter of Papa and Mama Jay (sorry Amina)…and the love of my brother’s life!”

As he raised his glass, I found myself go emotional, especially over the last part of his sentence. I looked at Jimi, who was also holding up his glass. He raised his glass up to me, and I did the same to him. And then he took me by surprise by standing up.

“I want to wish my baby brother, Seyi, a very happy birthday! I know there’s just a year between us, but he’s still my baby brother. But at 40, I reckon he’s a baby no more!” there was mild laughter, and my stomach dropped when Jimi’s eyes found mine. “I asked Seyi and Amina for the chance to go last, and I’m glad they obliged me. I wanted to say something to a very special person here. My…former wife…the mother of my son…and yes…the love of my life.”

My heart did a double flip, as everyone in the room looked in my direction.

“If you ask her about the first time we met, she’ll probably tell you it was at a party in Unilag, sometime in 1996. But that’s not entirely true.” he smiled, his eyes still holding mine. “I saw her for the first time in April 1993, at a party organized by the Holloway twins. I found myself mesmerized by this 15 year old girl, burning up the dance floor, in her snake skin leggings, white tail shirt, and bowler hat. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. But I gave myself a smack up the head, for lusting after a little kid. I was preparing to go to Uni after all, I didn’t need to be obsessing after some kid. That’s what I told myself. Years later…I found her again.” he paused, and our eyes held, as the rest of the room listened with rapt attention. “I wish I could say the last 20 years have been rosy. I wish I could say that I never messed up…that I never threw away the best thing I ever had…that I fought hard not to lose it…that I never made any decisions I regret…but unfortunately, I can’t. Because I did all those things.”

My breathing was ragged as I listened, and I was shaking like a leaf, not minding all the eyes on me.

“Folabomi, I love you with all my heart.” he said. “I loved you 20 years ago…heck I loved you 23 years ago…and I love you now. I don’t know if this qualifies as chasing you, because if it doesn’t, I’m ready to do anything that will make you see that you are not an after thought for me, you are not my second choice…and you definitely aren’t just one that ‘fell into my laps’. I love you, and I am ready to fight for you this time. Fola…I’m not going to let go…not ever again!”

Tears were running down my face. I was speechless.

“A few years ago, I did something which I thought was romantic. I chased after you in the rain…to another man’s car no less.” he smiled. “You said I scored zero points because it was I wasn’t sincere or deliberate enough…”

And then he turned around and walked away, leaving everyone in the room looking around in confusion. I was just as stunned by everyone else by the abruptness of his exit.

I caught sight of him just about the same time as everyone else, and my hand went to my mouth in shock at the sight of Jimi in the pouring rain.

“I love you, Fola!” he shouted so loudly, we could hear him even through the thick glass.

I didn’t need any further prompting.

I made my way outside, defying the rain also. Upon getting outside, we stood before each other, 20 years of love, heartbreak, joy and pain standing between us…

But with one stride, he closed the gap and took me in his arms.

And I knew I would never let go of him ever again.

I had found my forever love!



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  28. Sister, Sister 28: Charmed
  29. Sister, Sister 29: Last Minute Snack
  30. Sister, Sister 30: Disrespectful 
  31. Sister, Sister 31: Force of Gravity
  32. Sister, Sister 32: Settle For Less
  33. Sister, Sister 33: Sweet Talk
  34. Sister, Sister 34: Breathless
  35. Sister, Sister 35: Consolation Prize
  36. Sister, Sister 36: Intoxicated
  37. Sister, Sister 37: Back To Business 
  38. Sister, Sister 38: There’s a Fire
  39. Sister, Sister 39: Being Enough
  40. Sister, Sister 40: Closure
  41. Sister, Sister 41: Friend Zoned
  42. Sister, Sister 42: Stuck On You




  1. Oh my! I’m not crying o..It’s like there’s dust in my eyes ??….The title of today’s episode almost discouraged me though.. thought they want to start their love triangle ish again…I’m so happy!. Big ups Jimi, Na man you be ?

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    Take away from this story, Learn to communicate and not jump into conclusions. Jimi loved Fola even before she knew him…..deep

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