Shocked Mom Announces She’s Pregnant For The Sixth Time In Hilarious Manner


One of the best parts of pregnancy  is getting to share the news with friends and family. And thanks to social media, clever ideas for just how to announce the big news to the world are everywhere, making it easy to find unique and special ways to shout your joy to the world.

For my third and final pregnancy, my husband and I were actually shocked to get the news ourselves, because up until that moment, we were pretty darn sure we were done having kids. So to share the news, we posted a joke meme of Bob Ross painting an ultrasound image, along with the caption, “There are no mistakes, just happy little accidents!” (Get it?) My friends and family LOL’d for weeks in the comment section, and my belly grew surrounded by a world of people excited to meet the little person growing inside. To me, it was further proof that an awesome baby announcement can make things even more fun.

So when I saw a pregnancy announcement shared by Josie Wood on Facebook earlier this week, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing, thanks to both its humor and originality. Wood’s sense of humor totally nailed the kind of shock most parents feel when they see that little plus sign — whether or not they’re trying to conceive.  Because, let’s face it, learning that you’re pregnant is HUGE NEWS, no matter how prepared you are to hear it.

The black-and-white announcement features photos of all five of her current children, each sporting a surprised but adorable expression on their faces. (Well, save for her youngest child, who’s crying.) “Shut The Front Door!!! There’s gonna be 1 more,” the announcement reads — and man is it cute!


Wood tells Babble that her sister-in-law actually gets credit for inspiring the clever idea. “I had wanted to do the balloon idea originally but couldn’t find all the numbers we needed,” she says.

With one more on the way, Wood says that she’s excited, but also incredibly tired. And honestly, who wouldn’t be?!

“I’m 8 weeks pregnant with baby #6 and to be completely honest, I’m exhausted,” Wood shares. “Trying to manage all the duties of a stay at home mom, plus trying to keep five kids under the age of 8 all entertained … [and deal with] the beautiful nausea symptom during pregnancy is EXHAUSTING! Some days I don’t know how I make it out alive.”

As a mother of two rambunctious boys and an infant daughter myself, I’m in awe that this mama is wrangling five kids, plus one more on the way. But it’s pretty clear that the love is flowing along with her growing fam. After Wood posted her announcement, her friends and family cheered her on, and also let her know just how big of a kick they got out of her announcement.

“They loved it!” Wood shares. “I had a lot of compliments as well as congratulations.”

As she well should!


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