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Israelis’ are leading in technology and innovation, in particular, designing numerous medical devices that have successfully assisted people around the world, and enhancing their quality of life. Just recently, a wearable user-friendly device for pregnant women monitors their late pregnancy around the clock; the doctor can then utilize this the data relayed from the device. The device, PregSense will put many women’s minds at ease; they can continue their daily routines, as wearing the device does not require frequent and long hospital visits!

Calming the Pregnancy Nerves

Pregnancy is a miraculous and special time in a woman’s life, many expectant mothers are naturally concerned about their unborn and follow strict recommendations by doctors or family and friends’ advice regarding the health of the baby and what influences (and affects) its development.

Many women may experience challenges during their pregnancy, some may be high risk of developing life-threatening conditions and thus require continual monitoring and long, hospital visits. This device aims to eliminate all concerns of the expectant mother and reduce hospital stays of high-risk mothers; specialists will be able to take immediate action if complications arise during pregnancy. The founder of the device explains that all mothers will be able to better connect with their unborn baby, reducing stress levels and bringing a sense of calm in the late trimester of their pregnancy.

How Does PregSense Work?

Designed by Nuvo Group, sensors embedded within an elastic harness capture data on the unborn baby (for example, heart rate) and the mother’s health in the late stages of pregnancy and over a 24-hour period – the sensors are safer than conventional ultrasound devices. Bluetooth technology (also attached to the PregSense device) can compile and transfer all this data to a smartphone and store it to specialist software, which is only accessible to the mother and her specialist. Soon to launch, an app that will present this data visually.

The soon-to-be-launched app will enable visualization of how the baby is positioned, for example, where the baby’s feet are in live time, its heartbeat and the mother can even monitor her sleep and heart activity.

Specialists can address any complications that may arise in pregnancy, far sooner. In addition, doctors would be able to predict more accurately conditions like preeclampsia and to intervene efficiently. Furthermore, doctors will not have to rely on the use of heavy hospital machinery like the electric fetal monitor (EFM) or cardiotocography (CTG) to monitor the baby’s heartbeat, with PregSense the doctor can trace the baby’s heartbeat remotely.

The device is due to launch near the end of this year at a cost of $250. By 2016, FDA-approval can further influence the usage of the device. The group are also responsible for creating another pregnancy belt device, Ritmo that was designed to create a bond between expectant mothers with their unborn and gently stimulates the baby’s movement with a safe musical device.

The Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at Herzliya Medical Center in Israel, offers outstanding services to all women, we value innovation within the medical domain. We fully assist expectant mothers in all aspects regarding their pregnancy, providing a warm, supportive environment tailored to your needs.


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