Ranking of Fertility Clinics – Update


When it comes to people’s perception of fertility clinics, there are lots of opinions and emotions out there. The honest truth is, it’s a mixed bag of good and bad experiences, however for all our sakes, it is essential that the good outweighs the bad.

And that is what this post is really all about; helping TTC couples with fertility treatment decision making by providing them with personal experiences from different sources.

We have personally visited almost all the clinics listed in this ranking and our members provided the other input from their experiences at the other clinics.

The ARK Klinic, Lagos

It is a pleasant experience to visit the new facility of Ark Klinic. It’s so welcoming, and we didn’t know you could do so much with the colour purple but their new facility proves it. It’s a nice and quiet atmosphere, and the coordination amongst their staff is obvious. The only downer is you might experience some waiting. But while you wait, you can feed your mind with the inspirational and uplifting quotes everywhere. It’s such a beautiful addition and a nice way to distract patients.

And when it comes to the most important part, i.e. treatment, most of our members have had successful treatments, and for those that haven’t, they have the best follow-up system of all the hospitals we have reviewed. They offer cutting edge treatment, as they remain on top of the most recent advancements in fertility treatment.

Dr. Yemisi Adeyemi-Bero is the Clinical Director, and we are so much in awe of her! She’s truly amazing. Her calm personality puts you at ease as soon as you’re in her presence, and having gone through infertility herself, you feel like you’re talking with someone who truly understands you. Her medical team is also awesome, and her doctors go out of their way to make their patients feel special.

Another upside for us their emphasis on spirituality. They don’t pay lip service to the fact they place God first in everything, and it is evidenced by their Hannah’s Room monthly fellowship.

The only downer…you might expect to pay a bit more for your cycle / treatment.

TFC Rating: A+

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Georges Memorial Medical Center, Lagos


Now, this is another clinic that has undergone some physical refurbishment in recent times. The place feels more open and friendly. It is however a very busy clinic, and when the crowd descends, you might find yourself standing.

And for success rate, we have had 100 percent pregnancy with all of our members who cycled there. 100 percent. No joke. Today, all those ladies are cuddling their own babies and thinking of number 2. That is just enough testimony that they are doing something right.

Dr. Faye Iketubosin is the Medical Director, and so many have attested to his warm and paternal way of treating his patients, and making them feel much at home. He always explores every option possible, and is not one of those doctors to immediately recommend IVF, just for the heck of it. And as the head of the fertility regulatory board in Nigeria, you just KNOW you are in the best of hands!

The only downer is that he was away a lot in the previous year or two, and some of the other doctors who took his place…well, let’s just say there were mixed reviews about them…and not mostly favourable.

However, Dr. Iketubosin has addressed that now, and Georges still remains one of the hospitals we will always refer our patients to. Always.

TFC Rating: A

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Olive Branch Clinic, Lagos

You can’t take it away from Olive Branch. It’s a great clinic, with state of the art facilities. Their Medical Director, Dr. Emeka, is also one of the very best there is. Some of our members have achieved decent success here.

The ambience at the clinic is topnotch with attention given to even the smallest details, and the staff members are friendly and courteous, which surely counts for something.

Our only grouse still lies in the off-hand and perhaps even flippant attitude of the Medical Director. If you’re looking for a doctor who will pet and pamper you, then he is not the one for you. But if you’re only interested in a doctor who will give you the facts and treat you with no sentiments or strings attached, then you could try them.

TFC Rating: A

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The Bridge Clinic, Lagos

The feel of this clinic is awesome. It feels more like a resort type of space than a fertility clinic, with smartly dressed staffers. They pay attention to detail, and the follow-up here is commendable. They are very professional indeed. You can be sure of getting very good treatment here.

Quite a number of our members have cycled here, but with mixed results. Some have been successful…and others haven’t. But this is to be expected with most clinics, as 100% success isn’t guaranteed. The major complaint of our members has been with not getting very personal care. But given the number of patients this clinic has, it would be difficult for them to provide personal care to everyone. But from our interaction with them in the latter part of last year, they are working towards rectifying this.

TFC Rating: B+

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Nordica Fertility Center, Lagos

This is one of the most popular clinics, and a lot of TTC couples have passed through them; some have had beautiful experiences…and others haven’t (like our very own Nicole). They still pay more attention to media hype and awareness than their service itself, which leaves a lot to be desired.

The good is that they are moderately priced. So…if your budget is tight, you might want to consider having a chat with them. But insist on being treated by Dr. Ajayi himself…as their other doctors…well, let’s just say they haven’t done much to encourage our confidence.

TFC Rating: C+

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Trucare Fertility Clinic, Lagos

We visited this clinic twice. The first time, we got there minutes after 5pm and they had closed. That was somewhat disconcerting. However, the next morning, we went there again and they were opened and very busy, perhaps as a result of their promos, which not surprisingly, they are always running.

Their name is synonymous with fertility treatment promos and no success story to back it up.

And this is where we have something to say. If their treatment is as great as it is, they wouldn’t have to run promos and discounts all year long. A good clinic can always depend on its reputation and success rate to attract new customers. So, until this changes, it’s a no from us!

TFC Rating: E

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Lifeshore Fertility Clinic, Lagos

It was the name of the doctor that preceded the clinic, in this instance. Someone first mentioned the doctor’s name earlier this year as a very good Gynae, but when one of our gentlemen members started to rave about this man and how he had not only helped him and his wife to achieve a pregnancy but also provided ante natal services for the somewhat high risk pregnancy, we started to pay attention.

He was literally bragging about the doctor, and men rarely do that. We just knew there was something special about the doctor.

However, our visit there revealed a tiny fertility clinic tucked into a more popular and busy clinic. While the rest of the main clinic buzzed with lots of activities, there was not a single patient in the reception area of the IVF clinic. And for a clinic that has been in existence for almost three years (since December 2014), we were expecting more…but that was it.

However, if ambience is not what you are looking for, then you can check this place out.

They IVF clinic itself works from 8-4pm daily and on weekends, when they have procedures to do but it is not a 24 hours clinic. But considering that it’s inside a clinic that’s open 24/7, it’s safe to say, it is open 24 hours.

On a last note, they don’t have a resident embryologist or IVF specialist; the two practitioners come in based on need.

TFC Rating: C

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Medical Art Center, Lagos

If there is anything different about this clinic, this time around, it’s their concerted approach to marketing their services, including their detox program. It hasn’t had the best of publicity in recent times, but it has managed to stay in the consciousness of people.

We have had at least one success story from them via one of our members, who recently gave birth to twin boys, and we are expecting God to use them to give our other members another BFP soon.

They are pricey and have turned their detox facility into a part of the whole fertility treatment business, and honestly, that just puts unnecessary pressures on TTC couples.

TFC Rating: C+

Please drop a comment if you agree or disagree with our review.


Kingswill Specialist Clinic, Lagos

Apparently, this clinic has grown so much that they have an annex where they carry out all their fertility treatments.

As you walk into the IVF annex, you are greeted with walls filled with photos of babies and the clinic’s MD, Dr. Kingsley Onwuzurigbo, holding babies resulting from IVF cycles done at the clinic, from singleton to twins and even triplets, and some of the babies were actually foreigners.

The pictures were so many, that it served as a conversation starter. The clinic opened in 2012, and in that time, it has so many IVF cycles resulting in the birth of the many babies lining their hallway.

As at the time of our visit, Dr, Onwuzurigbo was reportedly out of the country attending a seminar, but we met his very friendly staff at both locations.

Apart from the fact that a few of our members have given great reviews about the clinic, and the doctor especially, he was given the thumbs up by Dr. Iketubosin of Georges Memorial, whose opinion we highly value.

The only downer? Its location. Especially with all the road works on that side of town, not to mention the tanker driver brouhaha, journeying to Festac is not an easy feat!

TFC Rating: B+

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Roding Fertility Clinic, Lagos

This is what you can label one of the most nondescript clinics here in Lagos. Nestled somewhere in Lekki, Phase 1, they didn’t leave too much of an impression the first few times we visited. But all this changed when we started hearing all the glowing testimonies from the clinic. Apart from the fact that they are the gracious partner of the Ibidunni Ighodallo Infertility Foundation, and all the amazing things it is doing for TTC women, a few of our members got amazing results there, including a friend of the house who got her gorgeous twins there.

But alas, just as we have heard great stories, there have also been some not-so-great stories that have put a bit of a sour taste in the mouth about the clinic. But overall, it’s one we’d recommend checking out.

TFC Rating: B

Please drop a comment if you agree or disagree with our review.


Hope Valley Fertility Clinic, Lagos

The clinic doesn’t still look inspiring from the outside, but efforts are being made on the inside to make it look more appealing. However, it cannot be denied the fact that the doctor there takes his job seriously.

The other female doctor there too is empathetic. If you are looking for long years of practice, and an average track record of success, then this is the clinic for you.

TFC Rating: D+

Please drop a comment if you agree or disagree with our review.


Gynescope, Port Harcourt

Now, this is one of the top clinics in the city of Port Harcourt and many of our members have different experiences with them. One said, “The doctor is very good and is so open minded, and doesn’t mind trying different routes with you. I actually flew from Lagos to the clinic, several times, just to see him.”

On the other hand, when I suggested the clinic to another woman, she went, “Is there no other clinic in Port Harcourt? Because, I’m never going back there. They just treat you shabbily after a failed cycle. They don’t call; they just forget and move on to the next person.”

Two women, two different experiences. So the ball is in your court.

TFC Rating: C

Please drop a comment if you agree or disagree with our review.



Nisa Premier Fertility Clinic, Abuja 

This is one of the top clinics in Abuja for assisted reproductive treatment. It is on the pricey side, and the success rate doesn’t necessarily match up.

However, they have a strong reputation when it comes to IVF and other ART procedures.

TFC Rating: C+

Please drop a comment if you agree or disagree with our review.


FertilAid Abuja

Now, the doctor who runs this clinic is a doctor well known for his attention to details and patience. All our members that have used the clinic attest to his expertise and the success rate is also impressive, most especially for older moms.

The only negative is that he seems to be the only doctor handling a large number of patients, but none of them seem to be complaining.

TFC Rating: B+

Please drop a comment if you agree or disagree with our review.


DIFF Hospital, Abuja

From surrogacy to IVF to other ART procedures, DIFF has made a mark of excellence for itself.

It has a very impressive success rate, as many members who have cycled there have gotten positive results. It also has very professional doctors, with impressive ART expertise.

That said, they are pretty expensive, and could set you out of pocket quite significantly!

TFC Rating: B

Please drop a comment if you agree or disagree with our review.


We will keep updating our reviews, based on feedback from you, our dear members. If you would like to participate in our ranking survey, please indicate in the comment section.


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  1. Hi Fertile Chick. You guys were generous with Olive Branch- Dr Emeka talks too much and is a celebrity doctor IMHO. He is also ridiculously expensive compared with others and jacks up the prices for surrogacy etc. He is a B at best.

    On another note – this site is messy to navigate from a mobile phone. You guys need to look into this as it stops folks like me from visiting frequently.

    • Hello Ms Mo, whatever rating Olive Branch Clinic got was as a result of feedbacks from patients who shared with us their experiences at the clinic. Thank you for your feedback. Could you please clarify the issues you have with the mobile version of our site?

      cc: @nicole

    • I think DR Emeka’s rating should even be A plus. Where does he have time to talk too much. I don’t have any bad experience with them and they r very professional. I v cycled with them twice and it both resulted into BFP. Also I m not a celebrity and they attended to me well.

      • Will like to talk about Fusion nest at omole. My dear it’s a no go Area for IVf, after a failed cycle with them no call or explanation you are just on your own. They are only interested in your money with there so called promo. Pls don’t waste your money with them, visit a reputable clinic where there consultant is always available.

  2. I believe your rating should be based on success rates and professionalism. Location for me is a zero. I’ll give Kingswill hospital an A+. I’d been to some of the Island-based clinics including Olive to which I’ll add lack of attention to details and commercial- orientation. It’s unfortunate you did not meet Dr. Onwuzurigbo. Did you get any client feedback on him? Did you find out that most of his clients had been to all these so-called Ivy league fertility clinics with no results? People even fly in from the U.S. I had a co-patient that came in from the US after many trials. Did they also tell you how much he cares about his patients? Even when he’s himself ill. It’s a calling and a passion for him, despite that he charges so little. My experience of Kingswill Hospital is nothing short of wonderful- a family of caring people who follow up on you all the way and walk that nervous journey with you. I think your blog in helping women achieve this very crucial goal of having healthy babies should dispense with the Nigerian mentality of “if it’s not expensive then it’s not good enough”. I was weaned off that mentality by Kingswill Hospital. Definitely an A+!

    • Abiola, thank you for this feedback. It’s highly welcome. Asides visiting the clinic, we actually spoke with patients of Dr Onwuzurigbo, who are our members. They were the ones, who actually brought him to our attention and also commended his work.

    • Abiola is absolutly correct. Kingswill specialist hospital deserve an A+ rating. Their success rate is unmarchable. What counts to me and to majority of people having fertility issue is not really the location, massive of media advert etc but achieving result with just a cycle. This is a common occurance at Kingswill specialist hospital. Where you come with a gloomy face and within less than two months you are going home as the happiest couple on earth because pregnancy has been achieved. At Kingswill you are not asked at the onset to pay for two cycles of ivf because the first will fail which is very common with the so called high profiled ivf centres in Lekki and Ikoyi area. I have tried out these other centers and Kingswill specialist hospital and I attest that at Kingswill, majority of the couples that come there go home very happy at first trial than in other centers. My first success result was at Nodica though but few people achieved same with their trial like me there but at Kingswill, a lot of people achieved success at first attempt with them same way as I did with them. Also the personal relationship between the MD of the hospital Dr Kingsley, the staff and the patients is very heart warming. To me Kingswill is the best. Again no hidden charges and treatment is very affordable.

    • Hello Abiola and all those who recommended KINGSWILL.

      Can you kindly give a price range for IUI and IVF at KINGSWILL? Also, do they do IUI/IVF for singles with sperm donor?

      Thank you.

  3. Hmmmmmm Abiola is so so correct and accurate. I really don’t want to expose Dr Onwuzurigbo too much cos I want him all for myself. Lol. Do you know how high his success rate is? Very very high. Look once you have a failed cycle with him, the next one is almost free. The man is just too passionate and caring.
    I was still there last week and guess what? I saw 6 people dancing and bringing him gifts cos of their bfps.
    I also like the location cos I can do my ivf on a quiet and secluded place where no one will see me.
    He is just too much hence he also deserves an A+

      • For me kingswill is a top notch. I have been to most of the so called top fertility centres.. I go lt no result. I had 2 failed cycles with Georges and no decent explanation no follow up call. With Kingswill hospital they are not after paparazzi but result. Thank God for directing my steps to Kingswill.

  4. Kingswill Specialist Hospital deserves A+. Success rate there is very high with outcome of multiple birth (Twins and triplets) and more of boys.God has been using him to bless families tremendously.

    He’s a man who has the fear of God and understands the pain of couples trying to conceive.He reasons with his patient and prays with them.His piority is not money but rather interested in successful outcome of his patient’s procedure.

    He charges about the lowest price and yet has the highest success in multiple birth.He does not believe in media hype,but rather believes that his success rate should speak out.

    His treatment is very simple and fast before you know it, your transfer is done.

    There’s a foundation which uses his hospital and I must say the success is great.Eventually every woman from the foundation who has visited the hospital has come with success story only few among them repeated twice and they achieved a positive result.

    The location is perfect.It’ s very quiet and secured.

    God bless Dr.Kingsley Onwuzurigbo

  5. I totally agree with the feedback on The ARK. They are definitely God focused. They actually had a praise and worship for me on the day that I had my BFP! I wept…first because God had answered my prayers but I was also overwhelmed by Dr Bero and her staff’s humility. The place is top notch yet here they were acknowledging that any successes they achieved was not of their doing. I was referred to an OBGYN at 12 weeks and it seemed that was it with The ARK. Can you believe they called me months later? I think I must have been 20 or 22 weeks to ask how me and baby were. Fantastic place!!! They are definitely ALPHA assisted.

  6. What about Medimax clinic Abuja? I’m beginning my cycle today there..my very first!! pls put me in your prayers..

    Gynescope ph told my friend her egg was depleted sometime in 2013 or so.. She refused to lose hope.. And went to Save a life mission hospital,ph. They worked on her and hubby with surgery and Proxeed supplements respectively.. She had a girl In Feb 2015 and boy January lastyr.
    Review save a life mission hospital,ph pls.

    • Sending you plenty of babydust Stephanie as you start your cycle. We will definitely be praying along with you. We will keep an eye on the clinic you suggested but why didn’t you use them?

      • Thank you so much.. I need those prayers as my egg collection likely date is not rhyming with my hubby’s schedule who works in Bayelsa every 2wks..
        Save a life mission hospital charge 2M for ICSI which is way above our budget and refused to do any promo all year round.. Again They do only ICSI which is good but In quarterly batches

        • Hello Stephanie. Most clinics do IVF +ICSI these days. I must say that the clinic’s rate is quite high. Regarding your egg collection date, is there no way around it for your husband to be around? If not, they might have to freeze the eggs and fertilise when your DH is around…at an extra cost, I’m sure. All the best dear.

  7. Care women’s clinic in portharcourt is a mess and expensive for nothing. You are completely ignored when your cycle fails. The doctor won’t even reply any message, the worst is he will read and ignore just because he has collected your money. I won’t recommend it for anyone because their follow up is nothing to write home about. I will try kingswill. Thanks for this platform.

    • So sorry you had a bad experience with the hospital, Lizzy. Thanks so much for your review. It will be sure to help many. Kingswill Hospital is a good one. Wishing you all the best hun.

    • You are so right, care woman hospital isn’t good at all. I personally advise women in PH considering IVF to leave this PH fraudulent Dr. who don’t know about IVF and go to Lagos or Abuja for their procedure.

  8. Hello.
    Thank you so so much for the good comments and information. I appreciate so kindly fertility chick for the good works. God bless you.
    Please, I would like to confirm the cost of ivf with kingswill hospital.
    Also, what are people’s comment about fusion nest ikeja and Ayomide women clinic in osun Thank you kindly.

  9. Hello, good morning please i need the best place for ivf treatment in Lagos, with very good success rate and at an affordable price rate too,i don’t care about the area or building, all i need is the truth about there reviews,cos have been made to understand reviews are mostly hype, i really need your advice, would like to start next month. Thanks

  10. From the review here i always thought kingswill is the place to be, i highly praised this hospital to my husband.But i had opposite experience. Very opposite review of kingswill. The Dr kingsley is so unfriendly and mean with very rude nurses except some few. Cycling with them for the very first time.
    He seems to be taking advantage of his gullible and nerve patients knowing they know little or nothing of the procedure.

    Patients that intend to ask questions receive a very rude reply, he even shun some.

    No follow up after egg retrieval, Will not communicate how many eggs retrieved and fertilization update.

    The man had to tell me that my day 5 embryo was not doing well on the day of the transfer after taking leave from work and all the preparation i made. I asked him why he never called to discuss this with me before this date? He said that as at day 3 the embryos were fine and that he just discovered this morning. So why didn’t he transfer on day3.
    I’m so believing God for miracle sha.

  11. Dear Nicole, I read this blog when I was deciding on which hospital to cycle with. Your blog informed my decision to go to George’s as you rated them A+ & it’s closer to my location but I must say I am not very impressed. At the beginning, everything seemed okay until the day of the transfer which I was told had to be done by the MD, Dr. Faye Iketubosin. I was told to come in by 1pm for the transfer and was not attended to till 7:35pm. 6hours 35 minutes wait and no one was saying anything reasonable to me. When he eventually showed up which was my first meeting with him, he said he had emergency surgery and I wondered what emergency surgeries would take that long. For such delicate processes, there should be other hands to help since he seems that be very busy. He was not apologetic & was as if he was doing me a favour after paying such a huge amount to his hospital. I was really disappointed and now my cycle has failed, I keep wondering if the delay to transfer could have contributed to the failure. So my experience at George’s was a bad one especially in the hands of the MD. I would not recommend anyone to go there.

    • Wow, Mrs. A. I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience at George’s. I know in recent times, Dr. Iketubosin has gotten busier. Truly sorry about your experience and also for the failed cycle. Sending you big :hugs:

  12. Oh I most also say there’s no follow up whatsoever at George’s except it’s done for ‘special’ patients which I did not experience. You’re on your own, no explanations except you ask the necessary questions. I regret cycling with them.

  13. I’ve been reading all the reviews commending kings will hospital in amazement until I saw Motherof3’s review then I realized I wasn’t crazy. Kings will hospital was the most unpleasant experience for me. If he was nice to you, maybe you are from the same tribe or have something in common but if you want to talk of mean, rude, uncaring. Insensitive, then Dr Kingswill is your man. In my 4 months of going back and forth all the way to Festac, the stress, the emotional trauma, the pain from injections, not once did Dr Kingswill ever ask me ‘How are you?” You would wait at the reception for hours just to see him simply because he is the only doctor and every thing.. I mean everything has to pass through him. The day of my embryo transfer, he didn’t even look at me, he backed me all through till I lay down. This was after he called me a day to my transfer telling me that he wasn’t confident transferring my embryo. I asked him Dr is there anything you’re not telling us? He said no but he just wasn’t comfortable transferring 1. It’s been 20 days since the transfer. No call to follow up with patient. Nothing! You can’t even ask him questions about your own body or the drugs he’s recommending. He’ll pick offense. I experienced OHSS during retrieval. It was so serious they had to drain fluid from my ovaries. I was in serious pain during the procedure and the Dr was seriously shouting at me saying that it wasn’t painful. Haaaaa! I would NEVER refer anyone there.

    • Wow. So so sorry about your experience. That sounds awful. Reading it reminded me of the awful experience I had with Nordica, and I can totally feel your pain. No matter how many patients these fertility doctors have, they need to learn that nothing should get in the way of that one-on-one relationship with your patients. So sorry about your OHSS hun. Sending you lots of hugs and prayers for a better outcome next time :hug:

  14. Please DO NOT go to Kingswill Specialist hospital. The Dr and staff are very rude bunch of people. Booked an appointment after reading reveiws here and this man kept hubby and I waiting for over two hours after taking leave from work and no appologies whatsoever. Infact they act like they are doing you a favour. Thank God for my husband that doesn’t have time for rubbish, he insisted me leave and never return. Well, that was the best decision ever becos after reading motherof3 and BTuyi’s review I can only imagine what I would have gone through there.



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