Pre-Seed: Magic or Myth?


I was such a novice when I first started this TTC journey that I didn’t have a clue what Pre-Seed was. I credit the online forum I was a member of for my crash program of all things fertility related. After seeing so many member community members rave about Pre-Seed, some even crediting it with their pregnancies, my curiosity was piqued. I had to find out more.

My husband and I had never really needed lubricants, which is possibly why it had never been a consideration for us. But as the more I read about it, the more fascinated I was. I read that saliva actually kills sperm, as a result of the bacteria in the mouth (interesting!). I also read that regular lubricants can create a barrier which could prevent sperm from getting to the cervix. I even read that some of these lubricants even have spermicide in them (all the more interesting!). On the other hand, Pre-Seed was supposed to be a sperm friendly lubricant that would actually mimic vaginal fluids, enabling the sperm to swim even better. For those who had a short supply of cervical mucus, Pre-Seed was the natural choice, as it was supposed to provide an even better medium for the sperm.

                         Preseed, Pre-Seed, Sperm, Friendly, Lubricant, Vagina, Cervical, Mucus, TTC, Trying, Conceive, Infertility, Fertility

Preseed, Pre-Seed, Sperm, Friendly, Lubricant, Vagina, Cervical, Mucus, TTC, Trying, Conceive, Infertility, Fertility

That was all I needed to hear! I was sold! Off I went to search for Pre-Seed! The search took a bit longer than I expected, as it wasn’t readily available in most pharmacies or supermarkets at the time. Anyways, I eventually found it. I was momentarily taken aback by how pricey it was (well, compared with what I had thought it would cost), but proceeded to buy a pack. I got home and ripped the box open. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting. Probably a tube of lubricant that could be applied quickly, before things got hot with my DH. Imagine my shock when I found, in addition to the tube of lubricant, a dozen applicators. Apparently, it wasn’t enough to just apply the lubricant topically, I would have to use the applicator for best effect. Hmmm….I knew this would be a problem. For my DH, aka Mr. Spontaneous, having to plan and time our sex was already bad enough. Having to introduce some more processes and procedures would be a total mood killer. And I was correct! The first time I attempted to use it, he gave me a confused look when I halted things to reach for my Pre-Seed applicator. And being the first time for me, I fumbled and bumbled with it, until we gave up and used it as a normal lubricant instead. Apart from maybe the fact that it made sex even more amazing, I’m not sure I used it well enough to help his swimmers. Subsequently, we gave up on it. The pack of Pre-Seed sat unused at the side of our bed up until the time the girls were born, after which I threw it away.

But, if used properly, I am in full agreement of the fact that Pre-Seed is no myth, and actually does help TTC efforts. Nothing can take away from the fact that it DOES help the male partner’s swimmers along their course, which is definitely a plus in TTC world. If, however, you are like me and don’t quite work well with applicators (I was never even able to use a tampon properly), then you could just apply it as you would your standard lubricant. It has been proven to be a much safer option than those other lubricants, and I dare say you also get the same level of sexual enhancement.

It definitely has my stamp of approval and a 5 star rating from me :good:

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  1. Hmmmn, starting clomid soon but we have been “trying’ to use the pre seed for a while. I can’t stand the applicator though so like you Nicole it has just been lying around.

    But with the clomiphene, maybe we’ll have to go back to it.

    Please, please still waiting for the clomid procedure +scan process post.


  2. I couldn’t stop laughing at this, I have been using it off and on for like a year plus(ttc for 3 years) secretly. Can’t bring myself to discuss it with DH. Although I know and hear it works.

  3. Yeah Preseed is good but be sure to read its side effects too. I used it sometime January/February when on a clomid cycle, though I didn’t conceive in that cycle, but I got confident with using it whenever I experienced Vaginal dryness.

    Last month I was scheduled for a HSG scan. Whilst the Speculum was inserted, the radiologists noticed some profuse vaginal discharge. I wasn’t even aware because I had no symptoms or discharge on my underwear. They cancelled the scan because of the discharge. Then they took a swab and did a culture, and the reports came back that I had bacterial infection. The Gynaecologist assured me there was nothing to worry about and placed me on some antibiotics.

    I have never had this before, so I began researching on the causes of this infection and came across some information online about Preseed. It can cause bacterial infection because it changes the PH of a woman’s Vagina. So this may have caused the infection.

    You may want to research further and maybe put a caveat so people are aware of what they are using.

  4. Hi adeola. Which of the groups dear? To comment in a group, you need to join it first. This you can do by clicking on the Groups tab,and joining any group of your choice.

  5. Hi Nicole,

    Yes the antibiotics worked, many thanks. I finally did the much dreaded HSG today and I’m so happy I’m done with it.

    Thank God, the radiologist helped to keep me calm. The pain was tolerable, felt like menstrual cramps as the dye was inserted. It didn’t feel as painful as many doctors or people have exaggerated it to be. But then again it differs from woman to woman.

    Thank God, that’s one less thing to worry about. Will be reviewing the reports with the Gynae later today, and then I’ll know the next line of action.


    • Oh that’s fantastic that you had the HSG, and that it all went well! Good luck dear! Please keep us posted regarding the results and what you intend to do next :good:

  6. Hello ladies…pls I need to.know which procedure has a higher success rate…iui or Ivf…I v pcos and.dh has low spermcount and motility.

    • Hi Jess. If your only issue was the PCOS, and there was no male factor, I would have said you could give IUI a go. But in this case, I would strongly suggest IVF :good:

  7. thanks so much for this article, please my mensral circle is irregular, how will i calculate my ovulation period.
    Best Regards.

    • Hello Abigail. How irregular is it? In your case, it might be best to use an Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK), as it might not be accurate using standard calculations.


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