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Stress affects all of us and it’s actually the silent killer, whether it’s derived from work-related issues, family worries or anything in-between. And as much as the Christmas period is fun, it can bring with it added stress, am sure you all can relate to this, Christmas was just some couple of weeks gone.

We all have busy schedules, pressing commitments and fast paced lives, so stress is never far away. Putting things in perspective and learning to combat the stressful moments that bring us down is key because let’s face it, life is for living and most importantly, enjoying

Today we are going to look at practical steps and top tips on minimising and eliminating stress that creeps into everyday life…

Take advantage of the mornings (be the early bird)

Cultivate the habit of waking up an hour earlier than usual so you take advantage of the day and are not in a rush. This will give you time to centre yourself and to prepare properly, whether that means having your quiet time, getting kids ready for school, planning your day, scheduling your meetings, preparing breakfast for the family, planning your outfit for the day, making a healthy packed lunch, getting your make up done, going for a run.  Studies show that early risers tend to feel less stressed, as you take advantage of the morning and plan ahead.

Eat well

A diet rich in alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruit will help to keep the mind and body calm. Start the day with a large glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice. Lemon lowers our levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.


To be able to properly manage our energy, at least 7 hours a night is key.  Sleep experts say if you go to bed earlier, wake up earlier and allow times for naps your body will thank you for it meaning less stress and increased hormone production, cell regeneration and brain wave activity.


This has to be one of the greatest antidotes to stress. If you can remember your sense of humour, even when things are going left, it can provide some instant relief and remind you that nothing is ever really that bad. Check out the funnies on Facebook, or call a friend for a good laugh.

Move your body (exercise, whatever it is just do something)

I can’t recommend this enough. Exercise is good for the spirit, soul and body. I hope all you lovely ladies have  made regular exercise as part of your new year resolution , exercise does the body so much good. My body misses it when I don’t exercise . Motion is emotion so move in whatever way you feel you want to, it could be Zumba, dancing, HIIT, strength training, brisk walking, jogging, yoga or jumping jacks just move that body. Movement releases feel-good brain chemicals that ease depression and anxiety.


We all have 24 hours in a day, make it count.  Get a lot of stuff done, hit the ground running, take advantage of the day. Think hard about what’s most important to you and what gives you the most back in terms of happiness and fulfilment. If you’ve been doing too much, remember that you can’t do everything; prioritise what’s most important and say no to the rest.


Get off social media (turn off alerts on your phone)

Guilty this is where I struggle as well, God help us all what were we all doing before social media we are all addicted to social media in one way or the other. What’s app, Instagram, Snap chat, Twitter, BBM, Facebook all these social media avenues have taken over our lives and bring us so much stress than necessary.   Sure, we all want to keep abreast of things and don’t want to miss out on the latest tweet, a new Instagram follower, face book notifications and so on and so forth but this could also be adding to your stress. We are constantly checking our phones and it distracts out attention so much, that we are unable to refocus back on the particular task we were carrying out before we checked that phone. If you find yourself constantly checking your phone at all times please do turn off all alerts and mute that phone, being on your phone at all times can actually leave you feeling drained and increase levels of adrenaline and cortisol.  Take some time off social media every day, breathe and relax.


If your life is all work and no play it makes stress much harder to handle. What do you love to do? What lights you up? Or better yet, what makes you feel like you’re ten years old again?! Life gets so busy that we forget to take some time out and do things that we love. When you’re planning your week, schedule some fun things in; hanging out with friends, travelling, taking the kids out for picnics, eating out, weekend away, spa days with girlfriends.

Learn to Relax

So many people that I speak to tell me they don’t or can’t relax.  We are always on the move there’s always something to be done that we actually end up burning ourselves out. But being able to relax yourself is a skill that we can all develop. Practise relaxation by listening to slow or classical music, take a warm bath you can read a book in the bath as well, have a massage, switch off all lights, light up some candles and relax.

Breathe Deeply


When we’re stressed we tend to take shallow breaths, but when we breathe deeply we send a message to the nervous system to relax. Start by placing your hands on your belly and as you breathe in imagine your belly expanding like a balloon. As you breathe out allow the balloon to deflate. Do this whenever you need to calm and centre yourself.

One thing at a time

If your never ending to-do list is overwhelming you – create two lists. One list has all the tasks you need to do that day and the other just has one thing on it – the task that you’re doing right now. That way, you can stay focused on that one thing. It’s a reminder that we only ever have one thing that we need to do; whatever we’re doing in the moment.


Have a blessed week everyone!!!!!


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