Plus Size Pregnancy: What You Should Know


I have a cousin, Sena, whose two pregnancies I only got to know about, a few months to her delivery?  Why? She doesn’t show, she only gets bigger. I cannot remember how many times, I must have told her, how she needed to work on her weight or get on an exercise routine and she had looked at me like I had grown an extra head. Both times,  it was my mom and later my sister  who asked  me  if I didn’t know that my cousin was pregnant.

Aha! I felt so ashamed! After all the years of experience under my belt I still could not detect a pregnancy so far gone at that.  Less than eight weeks later I was called and informed of her safe delivery.

It even happened recently with a neighbour of mine. I see this lady every single day, yet did not realise she was pregnant.  I just noticed she was a bit slow but pregnancy was the farthest thing from my mind until one morning, when her husband informed me, his wife had given birth.

While one part of my brain was wondering how I did not know she was pregnant, the other part articulated the process of saying congratulations and asking about the welfare of the baby and new mom.

Coincidentally, I was not the only one surprised at the fact that the lady in question was pregnant, more importantly, that she was so far gone, as to give birth. My kids had loads of questions on why her bump did not show. So officially, I acknowledge that a pregnancy in a plus size lady or any size at that is not something I have eyes for.  I don’t know until I see the bump.

While I haven’t been plus size pregnant, my cousin has gone through the experience twice and shared what it was like. Sena said, the first time, she got to her clinic, her doctor had asked for a list of the meals and snacks she’s had in the last 48 hours and then went ahead to lecture her on the importance of a good diet. He gave her a guideline on the foods she should eat henceforth if “you want to have a healthy baby.”

She was even told to consider having her baby through c-section. That was her baptism of fire into plus size pregnancy.  She tried so hard to keep to the diet guidelines  but she fell off the wagon,  as her craving was truly crazy. Sometimes,  it was boiled corn with pear, another time, it could  turn out to be Agege bread with mayonnaise spread inside, followed by a chilled  bottle of soft drink, you know orobo size.

With Sena feeding on more of her cravings than healthy diet of vegetables and fruits, she grew bigger than her doctor would have wanted. So, she was tested for gestational diabetes, which thankfully didn’t show up in her tests.

In the end, Sean had her baby through c-section not because she was obese as the doctor described her, but because the baby was breech. The bad side to it was she never lost most of the baby weight.

The truth is according to Ob/gyns, plus size pregnancy is not so different from one in a smaller sized woman, only that the risks of complication are higher due to the weight factor. However, it is not a dire situation as often painted.

To what you should know if you are plus size:




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