Phoebe’s Story – How I was able to have a Vaginal Birth after my C-section


I got married to the love of my life in November 2012, and by the next month December 2012, I was pregnant with our first baby. I was 27 then, and he was 29. The pregnancy progressed without any major issues. One day in my 39th week, I can’t remember which day of the week exactly now, I was watching television with my DH, when I stood up to answer a phone call and I suddenly felt warm liquid dripping down my legs.

I was immediately confused.

We looked at each other in shock for a few seconds, before it dawned on us what was happening: the baby was coming!

I had been attending antenatal classes regularly, so I already knew what to do, and had my hospital bags packed and ready. We were out the door in a matter of minutes; the excitement of holding our first baby was thick in the air. DH raced down to the hospital and I was taken in for examination. Minutes turned to hours, and it soon became clear that there was a problem. I was not in labor of any kind. No contractions, No dilation, nothing. Since the water had already broken, and I still had a week of gestation to go, the medical staff on duty at the time decided it would be best to place me on bed rest till I reached 40 weeks gestation period. Being my first pregnancy, I had no idea what to expect and I trusted in the “wisdom” of the medical staff completely. We also did not think to call any of our parents to inform them about the situation. Looking back, I really thank God for His Mercies, because I narrowly escaped losing the baby.

I had been on bedrest for 72 hours when I began to notice that the baby was no longer moving as frequently as before. I called on a nurse to complain, and she abruptly asked me to stop worrying, and that I still had a few days to go till 40 weeks. I was getting scared but decided to hold my peace.

By the next day, the baby was hardly moving at all, and the few movements I felt were very weak. My DH came to see me on his way back from work and I mentioned my observations to him. He was about leaving to go home, when he overheard two of the nurses discussing, and they mentioned that the Chief Medical Director was in his office. This man was a close friend of my father-in-law, so we decided to take a stroll to his office just for a quick “hello”.

We got to his office said our hellos, and were about to leave when I felt a nudging to mention to him that I had been on bedrest for 4 days after my water broke.

Immediately the words came out of my mouth, he looked at me like he was about to have a heart attack.

“What did you just say?” he practically screamed out.

I repeated myself. To cut a very long story short, he examined me, and within the hour, I was being wheeled into the operating room for a C-Section. He was beside himself with anger at the younger doctors who had been attending to me, but that was beside the point at this time.

I was upset, scared out of my wits and weeping profusely. There was a risk the baby would not make it out alive. My DH was crying, maybe even more than me. We were both a mess. It was at this point he started calling our parents. The amount of yelling and screaming he received from his mom and mine was better imagined than experienced.

The operation was a success, and my baby girl came out very weak, but she survived. Praise God!

Then started the long road to recovery from the C-Section cut. I was almost immobilized with pain for an entire week.

I got pregnant for our second baby 2 years later. This time, I was determined to have a natural birth. The Pregnancy went without any problems but I noticed the doctors at the private hospital I was using somewhere in Ikoyi were insisting I would have to opt for a C-Section again. At one point I was told the placenta was low. Later I was told the placenta was no longer low, but my pelvic was narrow. Some weeks passed, and the issue now became that they were not sure of my due date. At this time my calculations showed I was about 36 weeks along. I was quickly losing confidence in them. I spoke with my Pastor and a prayer chain was started for me in my local Church. I was really determined not to have a C-Section, and I was convinced God would make a way for me.

At my next weekly meeting with the doctor, I practically begged him to consider me for a natural birth. He was quite rude to me and right there I decided to move to another hospital for the delivery.

My only option at this point was to continue with a Government Hospital and I quickly did that the next week, at 37 weeks gone! I was examined thoroughly and the doctors were convinced I would have a natural delivery.

I went into labor at 40 weeks 2 days and, to the Glory of God, I had my baby boy without a C-Section. We named him Precious Gift of God (Ugbede) in my language. Within a couple of days, I was already moving about all over the house, and attending to visitors. What a world of difference a natural birth has been!

If you are out there, and you are believing God for a natural birth, don’t give up. Unless you really have a life threatening condition that necessitates a C-Section, I will say keep trusting and believing and if possible get a second opinion from another doctor before your due date.

And that is my story.





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  1. Is this write-up not about the writer? If so, how come she has a little girl and two teenage boys, bcoz we were told her first child is a girl. Just wondering sha. As for the water breaking, how long can the baby stay conveniently without risks? And can’t one be induced to be dilated?

    • Hi Gemm, the title of the article says its Phoebe’s story, just that, it was written by Roselyn. To your question about how long a baby can stay in utero, after the water has broken, I will say,the sooner the baby is out of there, the better, because the amniotic fluid is quite important to the survival of the baby.

  2. Is having a natural birth after cs really worth the risk?? It’s a rather scary option for people to be trying it. People do that and either die with their baby after going through all the nine months of pregnancy and others also risk the life of the unborn child with so many deformities due to delayed labor or you could end up with a ruptured womb and you and the baby will be no more. Personally I don’t think it’s worth the risk to put your life and that of the child through that. My two cents.

    • I totally agree with you, Rashida. I’m not a fan of this at all. The uterus has already gone through trauma from the C-section, and then putting it through the additional trauma and exertion of pushing just isn’t worth it.



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