Painful Periods & Infertility?


Most of us get cramps. All of us hate cramps. And sometimes, awful cramps are just what’s standing in the way of you and your baby…only you probably don’t know it yet. I first heard about endometriosis a few years back when a family friend was diagnosed with it. Tonia* had done everything possible to ease her menstrual cramps but to no avail. During her teen years, her cramps were so bad that if it started in school, she would spend the rest of the day at the sick bay, or have to call for someone to come take her home. She took enough ibuprofen to make her father scream about her damaging her kidneys. Yes! the pain was that real. She missed many events and exams, on account of her very painful cramps, but no body bothered much about it. We all felt she was just unfortunate to have cramps in overkill, and prayed that as she grew, it would ease out.

And then, Tonia gets married and starts her TTC journey. Often times, she would joke about looking forward to her nine month break from menstrual cramps. At this stage, her cramps were still really bad, that even her employers had to give her days off every month, to prevent her from reeling on the floor in pains at the workplace. After a year of actively trying, she and her husband went to see their doctor. Eggs were fine, sperm was fine, but she had an endometrium cyst that prevented the sperm from getting to the egg. Further medical examinations were carried out and Tonia was diagnosed with Endometriosis, as she opened up to her doctor about her severe cramps during her period as well as how painful sex was for her, no matter how gentle her husband tried to be.

It was such a good thing that Tonia went to the hospital early and opened up to the doctor, because she just always thought it was her fate in life not to enjoy sex, and to be cursed with a terrible period every month. Most women who have endometriosis start seeing the symptoms fairly early, but these mostly go unchecked. In Tonia’s case, whenever her period got so bad that she had to be taken to the hospital, the medical caregivers would simply give her an injection for the pain, place her on bed rest, and then send her home. People are still so oblivious to the fact that painful cramps can be a potential sign of infertility issues. Or probably, the doctors just felt she was too young to bother with infertility and should wait until she was ready to have babies before getting properly checked. However, I believe if she had been diagnosed earlier, she would have gotten treated and probably had her baby sooner.

Luckily for her, her condition was easily treated with  a laparoscopic surgery which is a minimal invasive surgery that had the doctors inserting a video camera into Tonia’s body and scrapping out the endometrial cysts. A few weeks after the surgery, Tonia’s period came, but it wasn’t as painful as before. A few aspirin pills put her in a good enough condition to go about her normal life. She took a small break from active TTC and a year later, was delivered of a set of twins.

Sometimes, the keys to our happiness are lurking just around us…you just have to look around and grab them! God speed to us all!




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  1. This is a timely post for me. I have been having cramp since yesterday, something I have not experienced in a long time, it is definitely felt like something from my pre-pregnancy days. Those were the days that I would roll on the floor in pain and sleep in the clinic of my university, instead of attending classes.
    I remember one of the nurses telling me, that I should have kids early to alleviate the pain. How does that work anyway? I have kids now but the pain since yesterday caught my attention. I’m thinking, its my diet in the last few days; sugary drinks and all.

    • Yes @oluwakemine I have noticed I get cramps when I indulge in sugary food just before lady red shows up. Sorry about the pain dear. I don’t think it means anything other than the sugar you took

  2. I used to have those killing pains during my pre-pregnancy days. It contiued till last year before I took in. The pains were usually so bad that my husband will stay awake throughout the night to console me as I roll and cry. I remember my mum and one elderly woman telling me that they can prepare herbs for me to stop the cramps but they fear that it’s not a good time since am not married yet. Their reason being that the herbs will make me very fertile, and just one touch and I can get pregnant.
    My mum promised to prepare the herbs for me cause she claims that those cramps are a sign that conception could be delayed. Eventually I had no need for it cause I took in immediately after I got married.

  3. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis cysts on both ovaries and have been TTC for almost 3 years now. I don’t get painful periods every month and sometimes the period is totally pain free only for me to have cramps after my period. I have been told I need surgery but DH doesn’t really like surgery, so we are looking for alternative treatment. Are there any other forms of treatment other than surgery?

  4. This is me right now. Very painful at the moment, don’t really know what to do. The pain meds don’t work again and I usually get ulcer when I take them. Endometriosis has messed up my f.tubes even. Been ttc since 2014, seems Ivf is my only option.

    My problem ; blocked tubes plus endo

  5. Sorry @Ivie, endo is a painful beast. Your body has become accustomed to the drugs, that most likely why they are not working again, but ulcer? You might need to see your doctor.
    When are you starting your cycle then hun?

  6. Trying to save up cash while at the same time scouting for affordable Ivf centre with good success rate, preferably in south south or in south East. Most likely Nov /Dec

    My Dr had recommended I take Danazol for the endo but It gonna suppress ovulation and I have this little hope inside me telling me I may conceive before Ivf money comes through. lol ?

  7. Pls i just found out today about endometriosis from ur update ma,i have been having pains since i started menstrating and it used to be very severe,back ache/lower abdominal pain,body hotness and vomiting sometimes ,den i was told it is called ‘ifibe’nt much attention was paid to it,whn i was in higher institution i do go to school health centre and the doctors/nurses will give me injections/painkiller drugs,i never took it serious until i got married last year……up till now have not bn able to conceive……we went to laboratory for test n we were told its infection and have taken drugs for infection still we are hoping for God’s miracle

  8. Endometriosis has kept me TTC for 8years plus now and it’s the worst thing dat can happen to a young woman. Too bad my mum was not aware of this monster in my teens and when I was caught unawares with MP and no painkillers in the house, I would be rushed to the clinic and given an analgin/ novalgin injection and dat was how the problem kept on being oppressed. Did a round of danazol dat lasted 7 months in the beginning but couldn’t continue with the treatment, had a failed IVF and don’t think I can go through the rigours another time amongst so many other corrective treatments. I have resorted to intensive prayers and dats the direction my spirit has settled for. The scars and the heartbreak can be overwhelming but thank God for GRACE…

  9. I use to have those pains earlier but it stopped after series of test and HSG, but now in my last few mensuration a week before I usually feel nausea, and abdominal pain underneath and my flow as drastically reduce it use to be 5 days but since last year it reduced to 3 but for 3 month now is just about 2 days.

    • Dear Bilkis, so sorry about all the troubles you’re having. Have you ever had a hormonal assay done? To check out your hormones? And has your husband’s sperm count been boosted now?

  10. I have a child already but I have been trying to conceive nor for at least 3 years, nothing is happening,my husband and I had treated infection, low sperm count , I have even had HSG and on medication for months yet nothing happens.



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