Our Favourite Celebrity Bumps!


We recently came across a #TBT post a popular Nigerian musician posted, on her Instagram timeline, showing her gorgeous baby bump, when she was pregnant a few years ago. Apart from getting us all broody and longing for a baby, it got us thinking about some of our favourite celebrity bumps, in the last few years…and this is the list we came up with.

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15. Nadia Buari


How many of us didn’t get butterflies, seeing this beautiful bump picture of the gorgeous Nadia Buari (aka “Skittles”….or is it “Space”?). News of the birth of her twins took us by surprise, but this picture, shared after their birth, was heartwarming! Definitely one of our favourites :heart:

14. Veronica Odeka


Celebrity Stylist, Veronica Odeka, took pregnancy style to another level. She managed to combine effortlessly being stylish and trendy, with being comfortable enough to accommodate her growing bump. She definitely stayed true to her craft!

13. Mercy Johnson


Mercy, Mercy! In this birthday picture, she made pregnancy look so effortless…and beautiful! And less than a year after her 2nd baby, she looked damn good! Pregnancy definitely suits her!

12. Adaeze Yobo


The fabulous Mrs. Yobo…ever on point! How many of us would be able to rock those heels with a bump that size? She didn’t allow her pregnancy get in the way of her fabulosity…not even for a millisecond! Hot Mama!

11. Kaffy

Kaffy 1

Celebrity dancer and fitness guru, Kaffy put a lot of us to shame with both her pregnancies. Those images of her dancing away vigorously, at Peter Okoye’s wedding, with her large baby bump, were epic proof of this woman’s phenomenal fitness. And of course, she sprang back to shape in record time, with both pregnancies! Amazing!!!

10. Omawumi


Our beloved, down-to-earth Waffi babe! She carried her second pregnancy with so much grace! Who can forget that beautiful cover for TW Magazine? She was a vision of loveliness in that picture! One of those women for whom pregnancy was specially made!

9. Simi Esiri


Simi’s entire pregnancy was a slam dunk, when it came to her fashion. But this picture from her baby shower is our favourite one of her. Yes, yes, she is pictured with another hot preggo mama, Tiwa Savage, but with the gorgeous pastel dress, and rose tiara, she was a vision of loveliness! Ethereal and regal! Beautiful!

8. Chidera Adiele


Nollywood actress, Chidera Adiele, broke the internet with her bump pictures. The raging debates on all the blogs were epic, with some people bashing the nudity, and others applauding it. We loved the pictures! They are such a celebration of the beauty of a pregnant woman’s body! They were also tastefully done, and something she should be proud of. Beautiful pictures!

7. Caroline Danjuma


With her third pregnancy, Caroline positively glowed. She made you actually want to get pregnant right away. Beautiful and graceful to the very end!

6. Annie Idibia


With her second pregnancy, Annie still kept it trendy…and real! There is a picture of her, bare faced, and with her bare bump, that we fell in love with. We wish we could have shared that picture instead, but couldn’t get one with a high enough resolution. She made pregnancy look beautiful…and her gorgeous girls are the perfect products of those pregnancies!

5. Damilola Attoh 


The beautiful Damilola! We didn’t expect any less from her, in pregnancy. Every picture of hers was beautiful. She carried her pregnancy with beauty and grace, and looked amazing all the way through!

4.  Dakore Akande


Gorgeous Dakore didn’t miss a beat, especially with her second pregnancy! She kept it trendy, as always, and remained her ever beautiful self, and our red carpet darling! Beautiful!

3. Tiwa Savage


The phenomenal Tiwa Savage! There were too many gorgeous pictures of her pregnancy to choose from! From the earlier one of her with Simi Esiri, to many others which showcased her flawless pregnancy style! But we chose this one from her bridal shower. About to pop any day, but still looking drop dead gorgeous!

2. T. Y. Bello


T. Y. shared a number of pictures from her pregnancy, about a year after having her twin boys…and they were definitely worth the wait! One of those lucky women who didn’t gain an ounce of weight any other part of their body, except the growing baby bump. She glowed from the inside, and one couldn’t help but get emotional, seeing the pictures. This one was our favourite :heart:

1. Stephanie Linus 


The Queen! This picture, by none other than T. Y. Bello, was EPIC!!! It pretty much blew away all its competition. We are really short of words with this picture, as it is just pure perfection! 10/10! 100%! Definitely our favourite celebrity bump picture…for now 😉

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