Ipheoma’s Surrogacy Diary 19: OHSS


Today was just filled with drama for me! It started off with the regular early morning devotion and school run. I was still settling back home to start working when my phone rang and a friend of mine was on the other line..she was frantic. Please when you donated egg, did anything happen to you?! She said, the minute I said hello! I was taken aback and replied no, before asking her what the matter is. It’s Isioma oh! She is having serious pain in her chest and tummy and complaining seriously. She is also throwing up. Immediately she said that, I had an idea of what she was talking about but I went on to ask what happened to her? Where is she now? to which she replied she is already on her way to the hospital, I put her in a cab but I couldn’t go with her because of work, can you meet her there? She asked, adding I don’t want her to be alone.

I really didn’t want to go and I would tell you why. About two months ago, I stopped by my friend’s house to drop some stuff and just say hi. We were talking about different issues when her younger cousin who stays with her jumped into conversation and asked me if I knew anything about egg donation. I replied yes and she started to ask me loads and loads of questions, which I answered, but when I felt she was very interested in donating her eggs, I asked her what her intentions were and she said she wanted to buy an iPhone, that she was tired of using Blackberry!

Fear gripped me! iPhone! I then explained to her the long process involved and painted likely scenarios that her would-be recipient would probably be in. Frankly, if you are not donating eggs for the sole purpose of helping a sister out, you should never do it, but girl was adamant. She said her phone needed an upgrade and asked me for the agency I used, which I refused to tell. I tried scaring her by telling her how you have to self-inject on your shots and the long duration of time you stay on medications. I thought I had passed across a message to the young lady and that she had dropped all thoughts of that..until today. Nobody even told me when she went ahead and started the process, or even when it was completed.

And now, Ada wanted me to go play guardian over her eighteen year old cousin that just wouldn’t listen to good counsel. That’s the annoying thing about being a working from home mother..everyone just assumes you have time on your hands. Ada, I am working biko. Take excuse from work and go with her, after all Today is Friday and workload is much less. That only led to begging and more explanations from the other end, until I finally succumbed and agreed to go. Only problem? The hospital she donated in was on the Island and I stay on the Mainland…but I managed to get there in good time. I had never seen a case of Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome myself but this one was really bad. She looked sickly, bloated and in serious pain. The nurse I asked couldn’t explain why she had severe OHSS but figured she wasn’t taking enough water after her procedure to help the built up fluid pass away. I asked how many eggs they retrieved from her follicles and she said twenty! Well, that is more than enough for the recipient to get through with her IVF; by God’s grace. Silver lining!

I ended up staying at the hospital’s recovery room with her for a couple more hours before she was discharged with drugs and more instructions. As we sat in a cab going to Ada’s house, I asked Isioma if the pain was worth it and she shook her head. The poor girl was crying and saying she couldn’t imagine that she went through all of that, just because she wanted to change her phone. I held her shoulder and told her that egg donation was a welcome idea any day, but the motive had to be right. She nodded and said she was going to give the money to a Sisters of Charity Orphanage close to her. There were children who needed food and clothes, more than she needed a new phone. That was the highlight of my day!

Of course, in the middle of all of this. I had no time to make a pineapple smoothie, so I would do so tomorrow.

I look forward to a beautiful weekend with no drama.


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  1. @ipheoma that is true egg donation should always be done for the right reasons. I have donated twice, true you do get compensated. I just like hearing the news that the recipient got a BFP. It’s good for the soul to help a couple with their journey towards been parents. In South Africa they do try by all means to control OHSS they take it very seriously.

  2. My dear, I think the hospitals here try as well, but the donors don’t adhere to instructions. Even then, you just never know. Egg donation is such a beautiful gracious action that I hate when it gets flawed by bad intentions. God help us all @jtakshoniwa :hugs:


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