Not All Pregnancies Are The Same!


There are general symptoms of pregnancy like nausea, cravings and tiredness. Most women might feel all these at different times and stages in their pregnancy journey, but no two pregnancies are ever the same.

When I first got pregnant, I had no idea that I was pregnant. I missed my period but back then, I had been missing my November period for three consecutive years, so that was not a big deal. I did not feel anything until I was almost three months gone, and my stomach had started to protrude. That was when it dawned on me that I was pregnant.

I really had no issues; no craving, no nausea and I was eating healthily, nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, for my first pregnancy, I was in blossoming health. I was radiant with the pregnancy glow. All the acne on my face disappeared, and for once the first time in my life, my oily face was not acting up. This effect lasted for months after I gave birth.

However, by the time the second pregnancy came along, I was a different person entirely. As I awoke every morning, I would first of all have to greet the toilet bowl good morning, emptying the remains of my dinner, and still have dry heaves for moments afterwards. After about 30 minutes, I would then be ready to attempt to face my day, despite feeling incredibly tired already.

As for cravings, which I still get a hit of once in a while, I had a dangerous craving for this chalk-like substance called ‘calabar.’ I just could not get enough of it. No matter how often my husband told me how it dangerous it was, it just never mattered. He would buy grapes and apples, like he did when I was pregnant the first time, but it just never worked for me. All I craved was calabar!

This time around, I was not a fine girl no pimples at all!!! My acne came back with a vengeance, and my face was always oily. And I was big, as in BIG. I think by the time I gave birth, I could not see my feet whilst standing. And you can forget about pregnancy glow. I had rashes from heat, in both the explicable and inexplicable parts of my body. That was my case.

For a friend of mine, until the day she has a pregnancy test, confirming her pregnancy, she shows no symptoms of pregnancy. It does not even matter that her stomach is protruding. But once it is confirmed, she starts to spit (the kind that actually requires you to carry a spit cup around), and has all sorts of ailments, some of which she is even hospitalized for. She is so tired all the time, the kind of tiredness that nobody needs to ask about, as it is glaringly obvious on her face. However, once she gives birth, she regains her strength and is like a raging bull. And all the ailments that have plagued her for nine months disappear in a puff of smoke.

For Yomi, who had twins after having two boys, the major difference for her was that, she felt as though she was being torn apart inside, when the babies started to kick. They often chose odd hours for their uterus gymnastics, like the middle of the night, making it impossible for her to get any sleep. And then in her 36th week, she almost fainted in an attempt to stand up without support. She didn’t feel this way with either of her two prior pregnancies. In her opinion, this pregnancy was different because she was carrying twins. And she just might be right.

From her previous experiences, pregnancy was a breeze. She would be hale and hearty, with only the most modest bump, not the one that announced her presence before the rest of her came through the door, like she had when she was pregnant with the twins.

In the end, all that is important is the fact no two people’€™s pregnancy experience will be the same. In fact no two pregnancies of the same woman would be the same. So, let go of the stereotypes in your mind and deal with whatever YOUR pregnancy brings to you, whilst praying for it all to end with a healthy baby…or babies!

I’€™m blowing more baby dust your way as you enjoy your pregnancy… if you can 😉




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  1. Please ladies how do I manage my every minute tiredness? I am in my 8 week and I am always very tired to the extent that I can’t even do anything aside bathing and eating.



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